President Trump Collapses, Hospitalized, After Rep. Maxine Waters Says She Will Boycott Trump Totally



President Donald Trump has been hospitalized following the shocking news that the one great true love of his life, Maxine Waters, has cut off all contact with him.

The president’s doctors tell saboteur365 that the president is resting comfortably, but that the shock of being rejected by Waters will impact him forever.

In a televised news conference the president’s team of doctors report that Trump repeatedly mumbled “grab her by the p*ssy” before being sedated.

One source within the medical community, who cannot be named, claims that President Trump will resign and move to Russia to spend a month hunting and fishing with best bro President Vladimir Putin as part of his recovery therapy. A second source confirmed that Trump will likely move permanently to Russia and run for the Russian presidency once Putin retires.

Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) — Rep. Maxine Waters doesn’t expect to pose for a photo with President Donald Trump anytime soon.

In fact, the California congresswoman plans to boycott any meeting, event, ceremony or public event with the president, at the White House or even in her home district of Los Angeles.

“I don’t see myself meeting with him, sitting down with him, believing anything he would say or even respecting anything he would say,” Waters said sternly to The Associated Press. “It would not be honest on my part to go to any ceremonies with him or to pretend I am having a decent conversation with him.”

And if Trump personally invited her to the White House for a conversation? “I wouldn’t go,” she said emphatically.

Waters has served in Congress for a quarter-century. Now she’s turned into the passionate voice of resistance against the Trump administration. The 78-year-old Democrat lays politeness aside when she talks about the new president. When told that this is not normal political dialogue, she shrugs.

“My spirit tells me I cannot be silent. I must address this so-called president, no matter where it takes me,” she said.

Insiders tell us that Waters is disgusted with Trump for cheating on her with the white woman, Melania Knauss, who eventually became Mrs. Trump. Paladin Justice, ace reporter for saboteur365, cornered Rep. Waters in a D.C. parking garage and managed to get this quote from her when asked about Trump: “Dat white man ain’t no good. He said he was gonna marry me and den he dindu nuffins but take up wit dat white woman cuz of politics. Ain’t nobody got time fo dat.


When last seen, Waters was driving away at high speed.

The Congresswoman was still wearing the James Brown wig that Bill O’Reilly remarked upon earlier this week.

11 thoughts on “President Trump Collapses, Hospitalized, After Rep. Maxine Waters Says She Will Boycott Trump Totally

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  2. Sad that our country’s negro citizens elect retarded apes to represent them. But, what else would you expect?

  3. White men, now you see why we like your women.

    This chick looks like they tried to reuse one of the costumes from the original planet of the apes movies and they were wrinkled and dried out.

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    I suggest a new $3 note would be ideal.
    A useless banknote to remember a useless nigger.
    This is what comes of rebelling against the lawful British Govt of 1776. 40 million Coons. With no revolution, there would now be 10 million nigras, tops.
    A lot less US citizens, maybe 100 million or less.
    A lot less Jews too.

  5. Interesting hypocrisy how Waters is so “outraged” with Trump over a pussy comment, yet she had nothing to say at all when Clinton was acting like a disgusting reprobate pig in the Oval Office.

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