Government wants to deport Mexican man for fifth time after indecent exposure conviction


You break into my house you get shot. You break into my country, ditto.

OK, maybe that’s too extreme. But Arturo is like a bouncing ball. He just comes right back.

He should be sentenced to 5 years at hard labor in prison to break him of his habit of making illegal border crossings.

Looking at him, he appears to be too stupid to even understand the concept of a border. Maybe a good horsewhipping instead of prison would be best.

Valley Central

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement wants to deport a Mexican man for the fifth time after he pleaded guilty to indecent exposure.

Officers arrested Arturo Marcial-Alaniz, 30, of Mission on March 9 after an incident at the Dollar General on West Main Avenue in Alton, according to police department records.

A woman accused Alaniz of masturbating near the Dollar General, according to the criminal complaint against him. Questioned by the officer about what happened, Marcial said: “he had his penis out because he was urinating.”

Marcial pleaded guilty to indecent exposure, a Class B misdemeanor. County Court at Law Judge Sergio J. Valdez sentenced him to time served.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers picked up Marical at the Hidalgo County jail the next day.

“Record checks revealed the defendant was formally removed from the United States to Mexico for the fourth (4th) time on August 28, 2016 via the Hidalgo, Texas Port of Entry,” according to the federal criminal complaint against him.

Marcial apparently returned to the United States on Feb. 28 by crossing the Rio Grande near Laredo.

He’s now charged with illegal re-entry.

President Trump must commence building that wall before Arturo wades across the Rio Grande again.

13 thoughts on “Government wants to deport Mexican man for fifth time after indecent exposure conviction


    We are sending out troops to guard S. Korea from North, made a DMZ there, but we need to do that here.

    A 20 foot tall electrified border wall, along the Mexican border, with shoot at sight orders, military all along, and a law that says that if you enter illegally after being deported, it is a capital offense.

    This would help solve the illegal alien problem.

  2. It is difficult (difficuck?) to make Caucasians understand that creatures like this guy are not Homo sapien sapien. They are not fully sentient humans as are we Caucasians. The Mexi-creature in this photo eats, sleeps, sh*ts, and f*cks, but so do apes and all lesser animals. We have to get over our Caucasian sensibilities and understand that all of this boils down to either our survival or theirs. The suggestion to utilize deadly force to protect our borders is a good sound policy. This a**hole was just arrested for indecent exposure. His next arrest will be for rape/murder. Yes, he is a sub-humanoid creature, but he has the motivation to f*ck, and is clever enough, like a predator to know where there is easy prey, so he keeps coming to America to prey-on and indulge his desires. He is smart enough to know that if he pulls his shenanigans in Mexico, the people will beat him to death in the street.

  3. “indecent exposure, a Class B misdemeanor.”
    Masturbating an erect penis in front of strangers should be more serious crime than indecent exposure.. It is more harmful to others than say up-skirting (taking photos up womens skirts without their knowledge). For sure this illegal has done this in front of children.

    i was taking a leak in the underground Notting Hill Gate (London) public toilet, close to 40 years ago. At the next urinal I noticed an Arab man masturbating while giving me loving glances. I was of course a young man then. Why is it that homosexuals find urinals and toilets romantic? They seem to love the smell of piss and shit. A few days after that crime, my wife had a man flashing at her in Hyde Park, also with an erect penis. That offender was a young white man. Is London full of perverts? Is the Pope a Catholic?

    • Something similar happened to me in a Soviet Socialist Cambridge Marxachusetts steak house, which closed years ago due to Jewish Lightning (restaurant was torched)

      Anyway it was my fave place for good cheap steak dinners was popular with blue collar and college zombies.

      Anyway I had to pee and right after I walked up to a urinal a latrino came out of a stall and walked up to the next urinal. Immediately he began with the kissy noises and just whipped it out and frantically spanked his monkey. I zipped up quick and returned to my table. When the waitress came by I told her what happened right away she called me racist for such an unbelievable claim. It was common knowledge they hired only wetbacks to keep costs down.

      I have a few more true personal stories like this but will keep mum

      • One of the great lies and myths of the faggot and pedo movement is that Homos have a Gaydar which picks up other poofters. Thus Gaylords only approach other queers. This is a lie. Shirt lifters approach any good looking boy, teenager or young man. Usually in a public place for their own safety. Most of the male victims are ashamed of this approach and keep it a secret the rest of their life.
        Due to the myth spread by poofs in the media that they only approach poofs.
        I was approached three times by homos between the ages of 16 and 28, always with many other people about. The last two times I was wearing a wedding ring. Never again approached after age 28.
        Poofters love the very young.

      • As a teen walking in the New Orleans French Quarter I was called out by homos quite a few times. Never again after I hit my 20s. Thus, our experiences jibe. My response was to keep on walking and ignore the fruits (as we called them back then).

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  5. ‘They work hard and come here for a better life.’

    Good. Let’s give them a better life with a nice long stay in a labor camp where they will have all the hard work they claim to want.

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