Deplorables Man Up on the Beach, Take on Antifa Thugs with FISTS of Fury

The action:

American pride:

11 thoughts on “Deplorables Man Up on the Beach, Take on Antifa Thugs with FISTS of Fury

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    • HaHahahahahahaha! Good stuff. The Glorious Trumpenfuhrer made his bones in Jew Matrix Central (Manhattan), and he beat the jews at their own game. He is perfectly jew-aware, but can not express it in polite society.

  2. I think CA has a lot of potential for mischief

    I know the popular version of California is all left wing nut jobs and what not but the state has a large number of down to earth rural Whites.

    The two sides are only going to clash more often

  3. Glad to see the Huntington Beach Hardcore boy’s and gal’s are continuing their glorious tradition of kikeommunist beakface smashing

    They are who the sanfagcisco ponce jewboy biafra petulantly lisped an arse bandit’s prayer to F**k Off,
    written during a particularly exhausting torahhole sodomizing of henrietta rollin’s(nee garfield) of the cantor quartet black fag,
    in tribute to.
    While on a rabbi spit-roast retreat in Upstate uparse borscht belt N.Y. state.

    Apparently they have,
    to cock-chopper’s “where voss g-tt” eternal affectation’s/mimicry of Human qualities and emotion’s, such as sorrow,disappointment,dismay,
    elected to F**k On.
    Genetic’s eh?
    To paraphrase Chuck Berry who recently went to the waddamelon patch in the sky,
    who as an hotel owner wired it with cameras to spy on “da wyte wimmenz” and children in shower’s etc,

    “Just goes to show, you alway’s can tell”


  4. Good stuff, only a pity they did not stomp the anitfa heads like niggers do whenever whites go down. Antifa also do this head stomping of whites because they love niggers and ape them.
    Whites are too old fashioned, Queensbury Rules and all that. There is no referee and no rules, except that all the cameras filming are creating evidence for the cops to charge – guess who – only the red blooded Americans not the antifa “activists”.
    The top photo is good, white man chasing down a very Jewey looking antifa scumbag looking like the Jew is going to be anally reamed with the flagpole.

  5. It is sad that this really is a battle between two groups of whites. Antifa has a lot of Jews but i did not see a single Coon among their ranks nor any Mexicans either. Anitfa is in effect a racist organization, made up of young whtes and Jews who believe in violent overthrow of the Government and a Lenin and Trotsky style dictatorship by the Jews. This is Marxism.
    Above all antifa believe that no white should be allowed to express any opinion which is not left wing or middle of the road (like Justine Trudeau) of LGBT, feminism, nigger + muslim invasion and abortion.

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