Boyfriend of Mudshark Mom Arrested for Her Murder


A mother of two has learned the hard way the oft repeated rhyme, “Burn the coal, pay the toll.”

There’s not much reporting of her shooting murder. Victim Jennifer Foxx lived in a mobile home, indicating she was not rich. She was not a young girl with her future ahead of her, either. Like her boyfriend/killer she was a nobody, the shooting victim who will be quickly forgotten, except as a statistic in a crime table compiled by a faceless bureaucrat charged with keeping track of such things.

Durham Local News

PRING LAKE, N.C. (WNCN) – The boyfriend of a Spring Lake mom found shot to death has been charged with first-degree murder in her death, the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office said.

Jeffrey Lynn McKinnon Jr. was named a person of interest in the death of Jennifer Foxx. She was found dead in front of her Spring Lake mobile home on Britania Road early Tuesday.

The 34-year-old mother of two had been shot several times, the Sheriff’s Office said.


Detectives located McKinnon Thursday and interviewed him in connection with the shooting.

McKinnon was Foxx’s boyfriend and roommate.

Around 1:40 p.m. Friday, McKinnon was charged with first-degree murder and transported to the Cumberland County Jail.

He is being held without bond until his first scheduled court appearance on March 27.

None of the stories I saw related whether the two children were sired by her killer or by someone else. In any case, the state will have to intervene and find homes for them. The state (taxpayers) will also have to provide three squares and a cot for her killer for a decade or two.

Some white folks in the south, wise about the ways of the world, will observe knowingly, “We should have picked our own cotton.”

And life will go on.

7 thoughts on “Boyfriend of Mudshark Mom Arrested for Her Murder

  1. Spring Lake is a little town right outside Fort Bragg’s gates. I was stationed there some years ago, and Spring Lake is a screwy little burg that had its entire police force fired and taken over by the county or state. That part of N.C. is bad news regards negros, negro gangs, and negro monkey-shines. And, of course lots of mud-sharkery.

  2. Maybe instead of trying that nigger, we should pin a medal on him for shark-shooting.
    If he no longer posed a danger to White people, it might be worth consideration.

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