Trump’s Best Bro Lindsey Graham Offers Friendly Suggestion to POTUS–Apologize to Obama

With friends like Lindsey, who needs enemies.


Sen. Lindsey Graham said Americans would appreciate if President Donald Trump said he is sorry for his mistakes.

Graham’s comments came during an interview on CBS “This Morning.”

“When you have the highest official in the land, the president of the United States, accusing his predecessor of illegal activity with no evidence that hurts our democracy.”

Graham said Trump will “suffer over time with the American people” if he refuses to back down on his claims former President Barack Obama wiretapped Trump Tower during the presidential campaign.

“Here’s what I’d say to the president,” Graham said. “It doesn’t mean you’re above having to say you’re sorry . . . to apologize if you did something wrong. I think most people would appreciate it if the President of the United States had the ability to say: ‘I made a mistake. I’m sorry.’

“If you can’t do that then that’s going to hurt you over time with the American people. Because there’ll come a day when you’ll have to look the TV camera in the eye and tell them North Korea is about to develop a missile to hit our homeland and ‘I want to stop them.’

Lindsey, admit you are a fag. It’ll make you feel so much better.

7 thoughts on “Trump’s Best Bro Lindsey Graham Offers Friendly Suggestion to POTUS–Apologize to Obama

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  2. John Wayne said it best, “Never apologize mister. It makes you look weak”. Regards Miss Lindsey Graham, I hope he gets Stage 4 stomach cancer.

  3. Should John McCain apologize for falsely accusing Rand Paul of being a secret agent of Russia last week? How about the time that McCain gave the FBI a fake dossier full of fact-free allegations against Trump?

    It’s now been seven days since John McCain openly accused a Senate colleague of being a foreign agent. Why isn’t Lindsey calling for an investigation?

  4. This quegg and his opinions should never be taken seriously, he’s so clearly being blackmailed over some helpless child he buggered on camera by the CIA. There is no rational excuse for the ridiculous statements he comes out with at seemingly odd times other than blackmail. The real question is why does he keep being re-elected? That affair needs to be investigated, are they putting something in the water? Why would people keep electing a complete idiot time and again? Still, we do the same in the UK, people get dumber by the day.

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