Tom Brady’s Stolen Jersey Found in Mexico, Journalist Suspected


Excerpt from NBC News

Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady’s missing ─ and apparently stolen ─ game jersey has been found, the NFL said Monday.

The culprit appears to be a journalist in Mexico.

An investigation by Houston police, the FBI, the NFL, Brady’s New England Patriots and other law enforcement authorities ended with the quarterback’s Super Bowl LI jersey being found “in the possession of a credentialed member of the international media,” NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said in a statement.

The suspect has not been identified, and there have been no criminal charges filed.

Brady thanked authorities for their work. “Hopefully when I get the jerseys back, I can make something very positive come from this experience,” he said in a statement.


6 thoughts on “Tom Brady’s Stolen Jersey Found in Mexico, Journalist Suspected

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  2. Everyone spending time criticizing the FBI, but fail to note Mexicans regardless of profession or status over and over are involved in criminal activity.

    Yes, the FBI spent taxpayer money on a shirt, and ARE capable of multi-tasking, investigating more cases than just one, so comments about the latter, spending time on the jersey, are unwarranted. To everyone thinking it’s just a jersey, it’s obvious, it was important to Brady. After all it represents something special to him concerning his career. It might be sentimental reasons, wearing it during games that were meaningful to him, and/or worth money to him, his family, as shirts from well-known respected players tend to be, now, or in the future. He might have asked the FBI to find it. It was stolen, a crime. Although, the FBI isn’t held in high esteem in my eyes, I won’t condemn them for looking for it.

    What I think is more important that everyone needs to be aware is that it was found in Mexico…stolen by a Mexican reporter and that NO Mexican can be trusted!

  3. WTF was he going to do with it? Hang it on his wall? My only surprise was that it was not a negro who stole it.

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