Fooled Ya! Sexy White Dragon Maid Cosplayer is Actually a Chinese Guy


The following photos are published as a warning to men the world over who wish to avoid being fooled by transgender “women,” who are becoming more numerous with each passing day.

There is a mass insanity that has the West in its grip. These photos, apparently out of China, show that the East is experiencing the same thing.

The cute white girl here is an Asian male. Enough said.

Read the story at goboiano

Not that I ever prefer trannies, but when they come into view, I prefer them to have a distinctly masculine look, like this one:

It’s just an opinion, but mine is that cosplayers are mentally off.

5 thoughts on “Fooled Ya! Sexy White Dragon Maid Cosplayer is Actually a Chinese Guy

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  2. Are all trannies six feet tall? They seem to be.
    To speak very generally, wide hipped curvy women seem to stop growing taller at puberty. Slim hipped women grow to 6 feet and make poor mothers in terms of pregnancy and probably after the birth as well. I have met both kinds in real life and I married the short feminine one.

    I have recently had a strange first date with a very tall female who may have been a tranny. Lacked the excess makeup. Not terribly feminine e.g. as we walked along this tall female (over 180 cm) barged on ahead without any regard as to my preferred walking speed. I.e. females should get in tune with the man, until they are married! The female also chose the route – not the way I was planning to go. At the coffee shop the female ordered a cake without getting my approval first, this is a warning bell as far as I am concerned, it shows a lack of respect..
    Then she told me an absolute pack of lies. Enough to win a Nobel Peace Prize.
    I noted her hair was shaved very short just in front of the top of the ear, maybe this is a fashion. Also I studied the Adams apple area with great curiosity and the hands also. She wore long sleeves which most women do not do here, they wear a coat for warmth with short sleeves underneath. This woman/man had a sleeveless vest. She wore sneakers which is very rare especially when going on a date. Though women this tall rarely wear high heels in any country.
    In the FSU, how can you tell what is male and female, e.g. Soviet peasants? This woman is a factory worker who hefts bags over 30 kilos.
    The really freaky bit was her showing me a photo of her ex husband of his badly smashed up face, and boasting she did it. She claimed the ex husband had taken their small child etc
    I said “That is very romantic showing a man your smashed up partners face”. I picked up my phone “here is my last girlfriend and her smashed up face”. Np such photo exists of course.
    Total bill for coffee, ginger tea and two cakes, both of us,- US$3.50.
    So anyone that thinks Eastern Europe is a paradise of feminine, tender and loving women has rocks in his head. But there are a ton of hornbags and they mostly lack folding readies. They are very proud however, unlike say Asians.

    • Haha. Great story.

      How messed up is the world when a man has to worry about his date being a man. And to brag about beating up an ex. Whoa!

      You should tell this story on one of Roosh V’s dating sites.

      I did have one date with a tranny, unknown to me at the time. It came out later. I was so glad that I am a gentlemen on dates. This tranny was post op, according to “her.” In the dark, can you tell the difference? I don’t want to know.

      • “Truth is stranger than fiction”.

        Re dating I am close to retirement. “Down tools” or maybe just “down tool”. I am “punching well above my weight”, this tall lady was about 35 years younger than me. In her case the punching metaphor might become real.

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