White Girl Shoplifter Goes Ballistic on Male Negro Store Employee

The races are reversed from the usual situation in this encounter between a calm black male store employee holding an attractive, but hysterical white female shoplifter.

Watch the four minute encounter and decide who you side with.

I found this video to be painful to watch. I’m not quite sure why. I guess I don’t like seeing dysfunctional white people.

When the police arrive, the girl calms down IMMEDIATELY.

6 thoughts on “White Girl Shoplifter Goes Ballistic on Male Negro Store Employee

  1. Probably lifting cosmetics. I understand that is an attractive target for female shoplifters. I have even read stories about wealthy women getting caught lifting cosmetics. How stupid.

  2. I am glad she was caught, shop lifters mean that prices for honest people are higher – maybe by 5% to 10% on every item on the shelf. (The real shoplifting is inside jobs, often by the truckload). The black man was wise – he held on to her bag and not her. She could have left. If she was smart she would have had no ID in her bag. Obviously she did have ID that is why she would not let the bag stay behind. If you must steal do not carry ID! Never steal on impulse and that goes for all crimes, including shooting Coons in a church. Impulsive people get caught.

    It is a grey area. She assaulted him and he defended himself with minimal force and no idiotic WWW body slams to a concrete floor. However, if a white staff member did this with a non white shop lifter, all of sudden the rules are reversed. Dark skinned people are always victims even when stealing stuff.

    In general only cops can arrest people. There is a citizens arrest but I doubt shoplifting would qualify. The Good Samaritan might end up in jail, not the shoplifter.

    I heard a yarn of a crafty old guy who pretended to be stealing batteries, razor blades or other small high priced items, while looking up at the cameras etc and looking furtive and sneaky. He stole nothing. The store detectives detained him against the mans loud protests of innocence. Then he had nothing on him when the police searched him so the store had to fork out big bucks in court, in compensation for wrongful arrest. It can even be seen as kidnapping in some situations.

    Jewellery stores must know the law every well – they can not let people walk out who make have gems etc in their pocket.

    • Except he is not a good samaritan. He is a loss prevention employee and it’s his job to detain her.

      Couple interesting things about this video. Early on he says to her that they are going to deal with this in the right way. She responds by saying it’s not the ‘right way to take someone’s purse’. This when she just got done stealing property from someone else. Then, under the impression that she is a female with privilege, and any male that touches her will go to jail, she threatens him that he will go to fucking jail, and she really believes it. Later she even tells the cop that he assaulted her, to no avail. Seems that the feminism is drilled into them at a very early age.

      But the best part is where he tells her that she can’t shoplift there and she says to him “Yeah? Why not?”. What a stupid thing to say. Even he can’t believe she said it, and repeated it with incredulity.

      I am guessing the little princess grew up without a Daddy to give her a spanking when she needed it. Hard lessons learned the hard way.

      In the end, she got caught, made a scene, and got it posted on YouTube. Had she cooperated and quietly waited for police, I doubt the event would have been recorded at all.

      BTW, did you notice Granny sticking her nose in, telling him what to do and not do, then telling little princess to chill out. Hey Granny, butt out. Probably another bossy feminist.

      • To me, it’s one of the more interesting videos showing feminism in action. Lest anyone think I’m a racist because of some posts criticizing blacks, I’m on the side of the black employee in this one. He did everything right as far as I can tell. I think the video shows her assaulting him. If he wanted to, he could sue her and probably win a small sum of money. Not worth it though.

  3. Sad to say, but the only thing lower than a nigger is white trash. Sad, because evil YT has no excuse for behaving like a nigger. Our white privilege and all.

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