Oregon Program Puts a Homeless Person in Your Backyard


Here’s a liberal band aid that amounts to silly, ineffective virtue signaling. Those homeless people housed in these units (can’t call them homes) are going to be invading suburban neighborhoods because a dumb liberal is willing to have a unit set up in her backyard.


Daily Mail

Faced with an intractable homeless problem, officials in Portland are thinking inside the box.

A handful of homeless families will soon move into tiny, government-constructed modular units in the backyards of willing homeowners.
Portland officials are looking for four backyards to place its Accessory Dwelling Units, what some people may call a granny flat, or a tiny home minus wheels.

Under the pilot program taking effect this summer, the homeowners will take over the heated, fully plumbed tiny houses in five years and can use them for rental income.

The project, called A Place for You, is believed to be the first in the nation to recruit stable residents to address a homeless crisis that’s gotten so bad the city last year declared a state of emergency and made it legal to sleep on the street.

Portland has an affordable rental shortage of 24,000 units and nearly 4,000 people sleep on the street, in a shelter or in transitional housing each night.

Residents just passed a $260 million housing bond, but it will be two years before those units are ready, said Mary Li, director of Multnomah County’s new Idea Lab, which developed the concept.

The only ones of this group I’d want in my backyard would be the dogs. The rest of them look like drug addicts because they are drug addicts.

The dogs are often used to draw donations from unwary liberals or just plain stupid people. Some of the local “homeless” in San Antonio reportedly live in homes and are driven to prime locations where their begging earns them $250 a day in tax-free income.

7 thoughts on “Oregon Program Puts a Homeless Person in Your Backyard

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  2. Where are the cooking and toilet facilities, plus shower? No heating it would appear, surely winter will have these people freezing. Is there electricity inside?
    That couple in the photo look able bodied. Get a job, only one of you need to work! How can homeless people afford dog food? A dog, especially a large one as in the photo, is a luxury not a necessity. Get a pet mouse you bums!
    Gypsies (human vermin) use sleeping animals and babies as begging props. They drug both so they sleep all day. Giving such people money is rewarding bad and very dangerous behavior which might kill a baby – or a dog.

    • Like most liberal “solutions” to problems, this one is poorly thought out. It will be a disaster.

      I can’t begrudge anybody a dog. Most of the transients who come through this little town on the way to San Antonio have a dog or two. Interestingly, they all seem to have smart phones as well. You see them texting.

      We had an African street preacher here last year for a month or two. He and his wife pushed a grocery cart around with their belongings in it. As far as I know the police did not charge him with theft of the cart. I don’t know what happened to them. They had no dog or children, just a Bible and a cross.

      • Several years ago I heard about some apoplectic, wild-eyed uber SJW who was going on and on about how grocery stores should make it easier for the saintly street people to steal their shopping carts.

  3. The next step in Section 8. They stole my thunder though. I was going to use my yard to put in garden gnomes and lawn-jockeys. Can not wait to read about a home-owner who gets raped or murdered by their own personal homeless person. Will the homeless people have to wear collars and tags?

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