Huge Majority of Youths–Blacks, Asians, and Latinos Believe Trump Illegitimate, Controlled by Russians

They are not like us.

They hate us. Donald Trump symbolizes us for them.

They thought there would never be another white male president after Obama.

Their subconscious minds (and sometimes their conscious minds) want us all dead.

You have been warned, white people.

One more thing. Many of our own people, weak in morals, character, spirit, and drug addled, are marching in lockstep with the nonwhites who want them dead.

Daily Mail

On the same day that President Trumps’ favoribility rating sank to an all-time low, a new poll found that a majority of young Americans view his presidency as illegitimate.

Fifty-seven percent of adults age 18 to 30 believe that President Trump is an ‘illegitimate’ leader according to a GenForward poll conducted by the Black Youth Project at the University of Chicago with The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research.

Among young adults of color, 74 percent of African Americans and 71 percent of Latinos/as view Trump’s presidency as ‘illegitimate’, while a majority of whites (53 percent) view Trump as a ‘legitimate’ president.

Overall, just 22 percent of young adults approve of the job Trump is doing as president, which is 15 points lower than the Gallup poll release on Monday.

Blacks are low IQ. Latinos don’t read, according to surveys I’ve seen. They watch TV all day. I would have expected better of Asians, but many of them live on the liberal West Coast, absorbing the bullshit socialist, globalist memes spewed out the Jewsmedia.

The youths surveyed grew up under Obama. They think that its normal for men to insert their penises into other men’s anuses and call it marriage. They think it’s normal for penises to be in the women’s bathroom. They think Obama is a male role model. They are pathetic. In today’s language, they are “snowflakes” who hate real masculinity while embracing the false masculinity of Obama and Michael (aka Michelle)

15 thoughts on “Huge Majority of Youths–Blacks, Asians, and Latinos Believe Trump Illegitimate, Controlled by Russians

  1. So we’re back to ‘news stories’ about Trump’s falling poll numbers? I haven’t been following the news lately – did pollsters do something to revive their credibility after the November election? What was it?

      • My point is there’s no way to know if the claimed ‘I don’t think he’s legitimate’ ‘majority’ actually exists. Pollsters are agenda-driven liars. And everyone got to see their naked ass on election night.

  2. The post title says it all. Non-Caucasians are incapable of logical/rational thought. It is due to HBD and their DNA. This is why all non-Caucasians should be prohibited from being U.S. citizens. The U.S. was created for us evil YT’s. They need to return to their country of origin or their forbear’s origin.

  3. “according to a GenForward poll conducted by the Black Youth Project at the University of Chicago with The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research.”

    So this poll is fact, right? Run by young blacks and Jews?

    One questio never asked is what hold does Israel have on US politicians ? Why do both Houses jump tp their feet 23 times or to whoop and holler for a Notjustanyahu speech? Not one person dares to stay sitting. Is Netanyahoo Stalin reincarnated?

    • A question that I would like to hear answered honestly by a politician of any party is “If countries become allies in order to pursue more effectively a goal that is beneficial to each, what then is the benefit to the United States of its highly expensive alliance with Israel? In other words, what is the return on the investment?”

      • I think the return on investment is that Israel always gets what it wants, when it wants it, and in return “Islamic terrorists” don’t detonate a nuke in an American city.

  4. Remember most of these mud races can’t find Russia on a map, think freebies will last forever and the greatest thing in life is new tennis shoes. Gov’ts love controllable populations and ours is playing these DA races like cheap violins. (Notice the only whites playing stooge for the gov’t are the types we don’t want reproducing anyway).

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  6. Greek philosophy these people do not need, I think rap is their culture.
    Some race come by order , other by caos .

  7. The better question is just how many of these racial groups legitimately are Americans – There is only one, the White American people. The blacks were granted some concessions toward legitimacy, but have largely abused it. The others are pseudo-“citizens” and “mericanz” who are given the title with no legitimacy by those globalists who are attempting to impose their communist agenda over all Americans.

  8. Paladin, I’m not sure how you would be able to work this material in below into your site, but it is something that our people need to know about how (((they))) do control the narrative in order to favor presentations from only one side, and to understand some of the methods they use to accomplish it. I’ll do it in 2 parts due to the links.

    (((Television and (MSM)))) censorship is something that we are all aware about, and we know many of the methods used to do it. One of those methods is disclosed and discussed below, and both videos are well worth giving your attention. One major benefit is that these tactics to undermine free press are easily explainable to others who may have beyond all reason remained doubtful. The facts about this are easily provable and should become clearly apparent once properly explained and seen. This seems to have gone on at CNN.

    At 4:18 to 5:30 on this video below, a former intelligence officer, Larry Johnson, discloses against the wishes of CNN – one of the major methods which THE FAKE MEDIA uses to censor those who appear on their programs. The CNN host, Brian Stelter, shocked at the unexpected revelation begins immediately to go past it and cover it over.

    “Brian Stelter’s Guest Exposes CNN’s Pre-Interview Procedure”

    • The media tactic is further explained with more in the way of details and a narrative providing more clarity, by a moderator who is relating his own experiences with similar measures by Arianna Huffington and Huffington post. He may not be the type we would choose to associate with, but his explanation is certainly worth the time to watch.

      “The Number One Way Fake News Controls The Narrative” [7 min]

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