Four Dindus Arrested for that Yard Menorah Turned into a Swastika


The top photo tells most of the story, except for whodunit. The second photo shows the lone adult charged in the hate crime. Three juveniles were also arrested.

As soon as I can I’m going to contact Clive and recruit him into my local KKK chapter. We get to wear sheets and everything. I think Clive would find it cool to be in the KKK. There’s no fun like burning a cross in front of a Nigger’s house. Clive looks like the kind of guy who would get off to that.

The contrast between the darker skin tones and the pure white robes sure is beautiful, ain’t it?

The original story was posted on saboteur365 on January 2. We knew that we didn’t do it.

Odds were that the Jews did it to themselves. I wonder if Clive is being framed.

Let’s see what poor Clive is being charged with:

AZ Family

Four young men have been arrested for damaging a holiday Menorah decoration in the front yard of a home last December.

Chandler Police spokesman Sgt. Daniel Mejia said their officers arrested three juvenile boys and one 19-year-old man Friday after a lengthy investigation.

Mejia said all four will face felony charges of criminal damage and trespassing.

The incident happened last December as Hanukkah drew to a close.


Last December a Chandler family woke up to find their front-yard decoration celebrating the holiday had been twisted into a swastika shaped symbol.

Naomi Ellis said her husband, Seth, built the menorah after their three sons – ages 5, 7 and 9 – asked for holiday lights to celebrate the season.

“We live in a great neighborhood with kind and welcoming neighbors,” Ellis said. “We never would have imagined that someone would spread so much hate here.”

Mejia says the investigation is continuing.

Since I don’t believe in hate crime laws, my thoughts run toward charging Clive with misdemeanor property damage. Let him pay back the cost of the damaged property and write a letter of contrition. And be done with it.

But since Clive took on the Jew and lost, he’s in deep doo doo.

Good luck, Clive. You’re going to need it. Just remember. The Jew isn’t your friend. The KKK is.

10 thoughts on “Four Dindus Arrested for that Yard Menorah Turned into a Swastika

  1. All we needed was a Mexican and a Muslim to turn this into a joke. Seems Mr. and Mrs. Chosenite have had a taste of what living in a world of ghetto rats will be like.

  2. That last photo is some Aussies in Saturday night going out gear and a female abo. I don;t know why but I suspect the burning of the Christian Cross is a jew caper. Did Jews run or infiltrate the KKK? Probably yes.

    About bending the menorah to a swastika. This is an incredible feat of artistic imagination. I would not have thought of this in 1000 years, about the lifespan of a Reich.. How would a few Coons get this idea? Only Jews have the obsession with both the menorah and the swastika. Jews did this for sure – or somehow gave the Coons the idea.

  3. The central pole going up, has gained length. How did the Coons do that? Did they have welding or brazing gear with them? i doubt that.
    Also some of the shorter lengths not needed have been neatly cut off. Did the niggers have hacksaws or oxy cutting gear with them? Again, most unlikely.

    This swastika has been created by an artistic metal worker. Maybe the same man who built the menorah? I rest my case, the nig nogs are not guilty, the Kike done it.

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