White House on Security Alert After Bomb Threat, While Ex-Agent Claims Trump in Grave Danger

If a person was the suspicious type, he might conclude that every nut in America has now put the White House on his list of places to visit.

Without an invitation.

By jumping a fence.

It’s getting crazier and crazier. And the media is at least partly to blame.

Sputnik News

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – According to the CNN broadcaster, the security at the White House was put on high alert and some nearby streets were closed after the incident occurred late on Saturday,

despite there was no proof that any explosive device was in the car.

The broadcaster noted, citing its sources, that one person was taken into custody with regard to the incident.

The BBC additionally reports that President Donald Trump was at his estate, Mar-A-Lago, when the incident unfolded late Saturday night. Earlier on Saturday a person was detained after jumping over a bike rack at the White House.

Today’s incidents come on the heels of the theft of a Secret Service laptop computer holding sensitive information.

In case all of this has you shaking your head:

Fox News

The president is no longer safe on the White House grounds, according to former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino, who once guarded presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama.

Bongino made the stunning assessment in an interview Friday with Fox News. It followed an incident last Friday night when a man jumped the White House fence and may have roamed the property for as long as 15 minutes before he was stopped by the Secret Service.

Jonathan Tran, who carried two cans of mace, set off multiple alarms, Bongino said, and was even spotted by Secret Service officers, but was still able to come within “close proximity” of the White House and even reportedly “jiggled the door” to the executive mansion.

“The intruder set off multiple alarms, alarms that clearly showed someone breached the property, and he was seen by officers who didn’t think anything of it. This is a big story,” Bongino told Fox News.

“That just shows the president is not safe there – in the White House. The Secret Service does not have the assets, they don’t have personnel on the ground they need to keep him safe.”

Should a group of terrorists decide to storm the White House, the Secret Service would not be able to protect Trump, Bongino predicted.

“The Secret Service cannot even keep one person off the grounds – what will they do if 40 terrorists charge the White House?” he asked. “And believe me the terrorists are already thinking about that.”

According to the Secret Service, Tran was charged with entering a restricted building and carrying a dangerous weapon.

Trump, who was on the property, has praised the Secret Service for doing a “fantastic job” and said the suspect was “troubled.”

But Bongino said the current Secret Service management “sucks.”

“The Secret Service is stuck in their ways and don’t want to redo and upgrade the White House security plan. President Trump won’t be safe there until they do,” Bongino said.

7 thoughts on “White House on Security Alert After Bomb Threat, While Ex-Agent Claims Trump in Grave Danger

  1. “a person was detained after jumping over a bike rack at the White House.”
    I did not know jumping over bike racks was illegal. A dangerous and silly thing to do, but surely a caution would have been enough? Possible satire alert here. I think the MSM has misreported what the jumper actually achieved. I.e. using the bike rack as a ladder or springboard to jump a fence. A bicycle also makes a useful ladder to jump a fence, and also gets the rider to the fence silently and very fast, with a back pack full of cans of mace or whatever else gooks need these days.

    Could any of the above article be a hint by the SS to Trump not to reduce their budget, or else?
    SS was not terribly helpful on JFKs bad day in Dallas in 1963, unless you call allowing your client to be killed a good job – or maybe even doing the killing under contract. Yet another unsolved crime.

    Why would 40 terrorists be needed? That seems to vastly overrate the SS. I think about 4 would be enough, though they might not get the President. He would have a bomb and bullet proof bunker room or rooms as many white average citizen South African do.

    Good news is that terrorists never ever attack the White House, Capitol or any such building and neither did Hitler or the Japs ever try to do it. “Terrorists” attack buildings heavily insured by Jews, like the 911 targets. Those Saudi Arabs in planes could instead have taken out the White House and the Capitol if if they were smart with all 500 US politicians inside – including Songbird McCain and many of the (((Neocriminals))). Many of the entire US Congress and Senate wiped out in one blow with just one plane (or two), and maybe President Bush also. Why are “terrorists” so kind to politicians that order all their Arab countries destroyed? A great mystery.
    Instead they targeted a part of the Pentagon. An outside exterior wall. More likely an interior wall would house the most important people and documents.

    Strangest of all to me is that all of the hundreds of white Muslim convert terrorists who enroll for ISIS are used up in suicide missions in Syria and Iraq. They are never used in Western countries where they could do a lot of damage and easily. They are used/sacrificed in the same way as the young soldiers of the first world war – “over the top boys and goodbye, because you will be dead in one minute”. Moral, never volunteer, and also do not trust your own side. Be a pacifist and survive to make babies.

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  3. Robert, you are a non-stop thinker/analyzer. Great comment there with insights I never thought of. Humorous, too.

    I learned re using bikes & fences; & only destroying buildings that are heavily insured by Jews (lol!); etc.

    Since I already commented elsewhere on the 2 WH invaders & negative former SS guy (in the Hillary coming out of the woods where the sub-topic of “coincidences” was involved), I’ll just say if the SS is that pathetic, maybe Clint Eastwood is willing to come out of retirement & take the job.

    Oops, that’s right. He flubbed up on his prior JFK assignment, so, ehhh, maybe not. But he sure looks good as an SS Agent. 🙂

    (“Line Of Fire,” 1993 movie.)

    • Thanks Sob-A-Tear, yes my brain analyses and thinks and it needs a rest. I hold back some of my ideas as I do not want to help Semites who have bad intentions. The imagination of whites exceeds Semites in both good and bad. David Icke pointed out that the 4 planes could have blown up a nuclear facility, which he names, and made the North East USA uninhabitable for centuries, assuming the cores were damaged which seems likely. Hard to do an orderly shutdown while large jet planes are falling on top of you. Interesting that Arabs never wish to harm a Jew filled city like New York. Wait a minute – they did on 911, except most Jews had to go the dentist that morning. The blind sheik tried it on the same building/s when it was still owned by the Port Authority – thus no Jews would benefit financially. The sheikh failed, he did not have the demolition experience and access to the building.David Icke ignores Lucky Larrys insurance claim and has just one small para on Larry in a big book. The same book has 4 full pages on Mohammad Atta – as if he ever brought down a building, even a chicken coop.

  4. Hard to believe there’s not planted at least one or two SS agents hoping for opportunities to look the other way like Chan on the grounds 15 minutes. All are carryovers from Obama, aren’t they?

    Trump’s only hope is as they get to know him, they begin to like him, but Marxist loyalty and money beat friendship every time.

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