“Teens” Out of Control: Philly SEPTA Brawl Just One of Many Which Occur Every Day Now

Young scholars of color seem to get frisky after school these days.

It must be because they’re cooped up in a dungeon known as a classroom for eight hours.

I can’t find a video of the black attack that is the subject of this post anywhere but on several news channels. You can watch it at the NBC link.


NBC Philadephia

Officials are searching for several people who they want to question in connection to a large brawl that occurred at a SEPTA station in Center City late Thursday afternoon.

A teen boy told NBC10 he was near SEPTA’s Race-Vine Station when he noticed a group of teens throwing ice at other children. The teen said he told the group to stop and was then jumped by them outside. He ran into the SEPTA station but the group caught up to him and attacked him again.

“When you’re getting jumped it’s like you kind of just have to stay calm and like just cover your face,” the teen said.

At least three other teens were also hurt during the brawl. The attack was captured on video and later posted on social media.

“It was horrible because my son looked like he was helpless,” The mother of one of the victim’s told NBC10. “He was defeated and they were still kicking him like he was an animal on the ground.”

SEPTA Police Chief Thomas Nestel told NBC10 the incident was one of many recent fights that have occurred at stations throughout the city.

“At 15th and Market I can’t tell you how many fights there have been in front of police officers,” he said.

An increased number of SEPTA officers are on duty during after school hours from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. in response to the disturbances.

On Sunday SEPTA police released photos of eight people who they want to question in connection to the fight. While the eight individuals are not persons of interest or suspects police still want to speak to them as part of their investigation. *Note* The tweet incorrectly states that the incident occurred on Wednesday rather than Thursday.

As I Tweeted to SEPTA, ban them from the trains and let them walk. All of the “teens.”

And for good measure, my favorite remedy for misbehaving Negros:

You have to take each species as it is. If you have a species that is unimpressed by jail, suspensions, courtrooms, lectures, and so forth, you have no choice but to impose PAIN as a punishment. Our ancestors knew that. We too politically correct to get it.

Watch how white teens dealt with their energy in Philly back in the 50s. If you’ve never seen the original American Bandstand, this is going to look very odd to you.

7 thoughts on ““Teens” Out of Control: Philly SEPTA Brawl Just One of Many Which Occur Every Day Now

  1. The blacks serve the purposes of jewry and relatively few are inclined to live any way other than they always have. It is IMMEDIATE punishment which helps to keep them in line. The nigs often refer to prison times of 5 and 10 years as “nickel” and “dime”. That is how they really do think about it, and the sentencing takes so long after their crimes occur that they have forgotten what it is about.

    I don’t see another good place to leave this one, Paladin, so here it is.

    “Facebook is doing more nasty things according to this report, and some of them with your children, or at least to other people who report about what pedophiles do with them.

    “Is Facebook Permitting Pedophilia and Child Porn on its Platform?”

    “While Facebook facilitates facial recognition and vacuums up user data by the exa-byte (look it up), they draw the line at being asked to clamp down on child porn being passed around on its servers.
    ” “When BBC journalists discovered child porn on the network and sent those images to Facebook last week, the company reported the BBC to police in the UK for the distribution of illegal images.”

    That’s right. When informed that pedophiles were passing around pictures of children in the vilest, most unholy ways, Facebook shot the messenger.”


  2. Philadelphia used to be a great historical city! Fortunately, the federal government took over all of the most important landmarks and White residents registered buildings and historical districts from the 1600’s onward with the National Register of Historical Places part of the National Park Service. With black mayors, one never knows what might happen to them if not protected.

    The 50’s were a time White teens had no worries and could safely go to American Bandstand after school. I think the 50’s and 60’s were Bandstand’s heydays. I remember it ending sometime in the late 80’s, but obviously not as fun as in it’s early days.

  3. This comment is not related to this story, but it is related to TNB. This past December, there was a story here on Saboteur 365 about a jew family in Arizona who erected a menorah on their front lawn and discovered that someone had twisted it into the shape of a swastika. Of course, all of the jews turned out to say this was another Holocaust perpetrated by us evil Nazi YT’s. Well, I was just on Niggermania.com, and there was a story from two days ago that the police arrested four nigger shit-beasts for perpetrating the “crime”. It is just too comical.

  4. Living in and around Philly is dangerous. Market Street station is full of shysters, homeless and dru*s. After 9p.m. is sad and dangerous, I’ve seen very young kids hanging out in the station very late at night. I could go on and on, but the stories are all the same. Fights, arguing with the conductors, not paying fares and intimidation. Philly Public transportation is roulette with your well being/life as the prize. That being said, the root problem is no parenting at home. Why, because our great country created the single mother family and there is no going back. School can’t compensate for a non existent home life.

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