Shocking Revelations about What Would Happen if a New Korean War Broke Out

Eric Margolis, who has been to Panmunjom, offers a scenario in which 250,000 Americans are killed and Tokyo is hit be a nuclear missile, among other things.

Excerpt from Lew Rockwell

What would war between the US and North Korea mean? A very grim scenario if it occurs.

The US has nearly 80,000 military personnel in South Korea and Japan, as well as more war-fighting units in Guam, which the US conquered from Spain in 1898. The US 7th Fleet patrols the region, armed with tactical nuclear weapons. US nukes are also based in South Korea and Guam. As we recently saw, US heavy B-1 and B-52 bombers can fly from North America to Korea.

South Korea has a formidable, 600,000-man army equipped with state of the art weapons. I’ve been up on the DMZ with the 2nd ROK division. As an old soldier, I was very impressed by their skill and warlike spirit.

North Korea’s one million-man armed force is large but obsolescent. Its great strength in heavy artillery partly compensates for its totally obsolete, 1960’s vintage air force. Key combat elements of the DPRK army are dug deep into the rocky hills just north of the DMZ, with thousands of heavy North Korean guns facing south. In the event of war, the North claims it will destroy South Korea’s capital, Seoul, that is only 30km away and has 20 million residents.

US estimates of war in Korea made a decade ago, suggest America would incur 250,000 casualties in a war that would cost one million Korean deaths. That’s why the US has shied away from the direct attack on North Korea. Unlike Iraqis, Syrians, Libyans and Somalis, North Koreans know how to fight back and are amply armed for a defensive war.

The US would certainly be tempted to use tactical nuclear weapons against North Korean troops and guns deeply dug into the mountainous terrain. Without them, air power, America’s usual trump card, would lose much of its destructive potential. No doubt, all North Korea would be ravaged by US air power, as it was during the 1950’s Korean War. South Korea plans massive air, missile and commando attacks on North Korean military HQ and against leader Kim Jung-un’s hideaway.

US war plans call for amphibious landings along North Korea’s long, vulnerable coastline. This threat forces the North to deploy large numbers of regular army and militia troops on both coasts.

North Korea’s air force and little navy would be vaporized on the first day of hostilities. But it is likely that the DPRK would be able to fire a score or more of medium-ranged missiles at Japan. If the war goes nuclear, Japan looks almost certain to suffer a nuclear attack, along with Guam. Tokyo and Osaka are prime targets.

North Korean forces might be able to push south to Seoul, but likely no further in the face of fierce attacks by the US and South Korean air power operating from bases further south. The North’s powerful commando force of some 100,000 troops would attack key South Korean targets, including its vital air bases shared with the US. Such raids would be highly disruptive but not decisive unless the DPRK used chemical and/or biological weapons to shut down South Korea’s air bases and its ports at Busan and Inchon.

The US and South Korea could certainly win such a war but it would be very bloody and expensive. There would be the threat of Chinese military intervention if it appeared the US was about to occupy North Korea. Russia is right next door.

Secretary Tillerson, please leave war threats to the generals and start practicing some active diplomacy with the North. If ever a war was not needed, it’s here.

Sputnik News just published an article detailing American military strategy in the event of war.

Link to Wikipedia entry on Korean War

10 thoughts on “Shocking Revelations about What Would Happen if a New Korean War Broke Out

  1. The terrain there is a real bitch and heavily favors the defense , which I am sure is why North Korea has focused on artillery. That and it’s relatively inexpensive

    The way to defeat North Korea is by starving them. They are already living in famine near famine conditions. We give them a shit ton of food which keeps them going. More stupidly from the usa

    We have the dumbest frogien policy the world has ever seen

  2. “A hair-raising nuclear confrontation in Korea may, towards the end of the period, threaten man’s very survival.”
    –Peter Lemesurier, “The Armageddon Script,” 1981, p. 223 (later 1993 version at Amazon).

    (That author is supposedly an Illuminati/New Ager Insider. I posted same quote in your Feb. 2016 article re N.Korea:

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  4. I think that our Trumpenfuhrer will convince China to rein in the Norks. They certainly use North Korea as a stick with which to poke us, but if we convince the chinks that trillions of dollars worth of trade plus their entire economy is at stake, I think the chinks will see the light. Of course, I am thinking from a Caucasian mind-set. God only knows how the yellow mind thinks.

  5. Has Lew Rockwell been reading my posts and stealing my ideas? I said on this site that Tokyo would get an H bomb or A Bomb if the USA attacks the North.
    “The US would certainly be tempted to use tactical nuclear weapons against North Korean troops and guns ”
    This is known as a war crime and I think it is illegal under international law. Certainly it would be aggressive war use of a WMD. They very thing that the USA spent trillions in trying to find in Iraq, without any success.
    So it is OK for the USA to nuke bad guys? It was allowed in 1945, only, but is not any more.
    This mad idea tells the Russians and Chinese that it is OK to use nuclear bombs whenever convenient to do so.
    the North might in turn nuke those pesky US soldiers – a valuable target which would be devastating for the USA. Total US deaths in Vietnam were 15,000.
    30,000 or 80,000 US dead in Korea would seem to be a waste of US life, especially if the gung ho Mel Gibson inspired USA starts the war.
    How come it is always the good guy that acts like a bad guy?
    I am baffled.

  6. We need to get our troops out of these regions. Who cares if they fight each other. In the end, it’s not our fight. We need to be concerned about our White Countries only.

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