Jewish Leaders: Geert Wilders Defeat a Good Day for Europe

Jewish leaders would be screaming bloody murder if Israel were being overrun with cretinous, violent Muslims. Yes, it would be BLOODY MURDER.

But these Jews want Europe overrun with the savages. Hypocrisy? Much!

The desire of Jews to populate the West with nonwhites is pretty damning evidence that the Jews hate Europeans, who by their existence, challenge the Jew’s ability to dominate the world.

Jewish News.Times of Israel

European Jewish leaders breathed a sigh of relief this week after Dutch voters rejected the far-right challenge of Geert Wilders.

Prime Minister Mark Rutte saw his centrist party win Wednesday’s election by a clear majority, leaving Wilders in distant second, just in front of progressive and green parties.

Wilders, whose party still gained five parliamentary seats, had run on an anti-immigration platform, saying he wanted to “de-Islamise” the Netherlands, in language echoed across Europe’s new breed of far-right parties.

Rutte had earlier warned that a populist “domino effect” was taking place across the globe, but European Jewish Congress President Moshe Kantor said he hoped Rutte’s win would “begin the reverse – a ‘domino effect’ of mainstream parties pushing back against extremism and populism”.

Ahead of French and German elections this year, Kantor added: “Hopefully this result will be an encouraging sign to the mainstream parties in their election campaigns against populists and extremists.”

Chief Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt, who heads the Conference of European Rabbis, said it was “encouraging” and “a good day for Europe,” adding: “We will continue to pray for the future of the European Union, its ideals, liberties and values.”

Of course they love the EU. It’s the mechanism for coordinating the destruction of white Europe. It’s values are multiculturalism and diversity, which is white genocide by another name.

6 thoughts on “Jewish Leaders: Geert Wilders Defeat a Good Day for Europe

  1. And here is an article that explains it all.A Jew is happy about their puppet leader staying in power ..this election was probably compromised by them..more mass migration and the genocide of white people..happy day for the synagogue of Satan

      • I read her “diary” – a forgery written by her father – and I have been to her house and alleged hiding place. The whole book is a pack of lies in my opinion. Jew Spew. As always, very profitable for the lying Jew.

  2. “: “We will continue to pray for the future of the European Union, its ideals, liberties and values.”
    Note that Moshe is praying for the EU. Not Europe. The two are very different things.

    When Muslims and Africans finish their conquest of Europe, intifada and unarmed invasion, there will be no liberty, no ideals and very little in the way of property values.

  3. Does anyone think this election was tampered with? These Devils in charge are getting upset because we are on to their diabolical plan. I surely hope LePen wins..EXIT the EU strangle hold on Europe

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