How to Play the Political Correctness Game

This process describes how to have a successful career as a professor in higher education. It also describes how the enemy operates. The more we understand, the more effective we can be in fending off the enemy’s attacks.

Professor Peterson seems like an interesting guy we should pay more attention to. Check out his Wikipedia entry.


Peterson is very perceptive in terms of his understanding of the left. This interview reveals some of his thinking. I like it. Highly recommended for deep thinking.

6 thoughts on “How to Play the Political Correctness Game

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  2. I think Ted Kaczynski’s manifesto is a substantial authority on explaining leftism, political correctness, beta behavior and weaklings too dependent on technology. I wish I had read newspapers regularly when it was first published in 1995. Have you read it, PJ? And Google “Kaczynski today”. He looks really good for a 75-year-old man. Hope I look that good in 50 years.

  3. Surprising…a professor who hasn’t been totally indoctrinated.

    “western civilization is a corrupt patriarchy right down to the goddamned core. We have to overthrow it.”

    Sounds to me like feminists have had problematic relationships with their fathers.

    “There’s some evidence that women on the pill don’t like masculine men because of changes in hormonal balance. You can test a woman’s preference in men. You can show them pictures of men and change the jaw width, and what you find is that women who aren’t on the pill like wide-jawed men when they’re ovulating, and they like narrow-jawed men when they’re not, and the narrow-jawed men are less aggressive.”


    “The idea that women were discriminated against across the course of history is appalling.”

    His description of male and females lives, hard labor, etc. is not my interpretation of discrimination. During those times both were contributing towards their survival. I agree women weren’t discriminated against ‘throughout’ history. I think it started in Western countries with Christian teachings.

    As for the birth control pill, it was the end of the baby boom and beginning of White decline in the early 60’s. He sarcastically says it freed women, but it did benefit and free men, too, in that both could plan for a child when they could afford one. Not that that worked out well.

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