Twitter Troll “Jew Goldstein” Arrested for Tweet that Allegedly Caused Jew Reporter to Have Seizure


The FBI has the time to track down and arrest a Twitter troll attacking a vile Jew journalist, but it has no luck arresting any of the thousands of retards threatening to kill President Trump.

I’m not liking this one bit.

Daily Caller

The Federal Bureau of Investigation arrested a Twitter user Friday for allegedly causing Newsweek writer Kurt Eichenwald to have a seizure.

The suspect, John Rivello, was arrested by the FBI at his Maryland home. Rivello, 29, is being charged under a federal cyberstalking statute and will appear in federal court in Dallas Monday.

The Twitter incident occurred in December 2016 when an account with the username “Ari Goldstein” or “@jew_goldstein” sent Eichenwald a gif, which is an animated image, with changing colors that said, “you deserve a seizure.”

Eichenwald’s account subsequently tweeted, “@jew_goldstein This is his wife, you caused a seizure. I have your information and have called the police to report the assault.”

An FBI affidavit says that Rivello told other Twitter users over direct message he knows Eichenwald suffers from epilepsy and that he hopes the gif “sends him into a seizure.” A search warrant also found that Rivello took a screenshot of a Wikipedia page that had been altered to show that Eichenwald died on the day of the Twitter interaction.

Peter Stephenson, an expert in cyber criminology, previously told TheDC that “one could say that the tweet constituted an assault.” “What Mr. Rivello did with his Twitter message was no different from someone sending a bomb in the mail or sending an envelope filled with Anthrax spores,” Eichenwald’s attorney Steven Lieberman told Newsweek.

The Newsweek writer identified who the alleged perpetrator was in January. He tweeted Friday, “After a 3 month investigation, the FBI this morning arrested the man who assaulted me using a strobe on twitter that triggered a seizure.”

“He currently faces federal charges & is expected to also be indicted by the Dallas District Attorney on different charges in next few days,” Eichenwald added.

Kurt Eichenwald is garbage, a lying piece of shit. Heavy offers a more in-depth look at the now legendary Jew Goldstein.

The FBI should be arresting Kurt Eichenwald. Baked Alaska is on the case:

9 thoughts on “Twitter Troll “Jew Goldstein” Arrested for Tweet that Allegedly Caused Jew Reporter to Have Seizure

  1. Possible jew-inspired action to deter us goyim from engaging these wretches. There is a jew state legislator who just introduced a bill to limit so-called hate speech (read it at Zero Hedge). Google just recently made noise about censoring its searches. These kikes will never let up until a final solution is reached for the JQ.

  2. The (((Eicehnwalds))) are lying. Where is the proof? If this man really had a seizure his wife would not have been on twitter trying to create an evidence trail. She would have been in an ambulance with her husband on the way to hospital. Her tweet is to me proof that she is lying.

    I can not see a charge like this sticking. However saying the man attempted to cause a seizure might work.

    What about the annoying stroboscopic stuff done by advertisers constantly on TV? Why can they not be charged with the same crime? I find the volume changes on YouTube and other places enough to cause a heart attack. The volume is turned up full and I can just hear the movie. Suddenly a garish and stroboscopic ad comes on and the volume is doubled.
    I have noticed the same effect with many radio programs also. The show is quiet then the ads are sudden and very loud. TV shows have done this for generations.
    How does Eichenwald survive through all of this daily shitstorm of Jew Spew?

    The accused might do well to stick to the child porn stuff also. This was extreme provocation which might justify an appropriate response. Especially if Mr Rivello was himself a victim of a pedo when he was young. Many people would agree that pedos should die and ASAP. Rivello only needs one person on a jury to agree with this.

    The FBI is without a doubt a political organisation as is the CIA. The work of both agencies “solving” the 911 crime and “arresting the guilty” and “gaining convictions” is proof of that.

    • I know you don’t like Twitter, but Microchip must have 50 Tweets or more on this case. He’s calling for us to flood the FBI with complaints about any mean Tweets we happen to read that are written by liberals. I believe he calls the FBI out as made up of Communists out to shut down the alt-right by false arrests.

  3. Eichenwald is well known on Twitter. He receives enough Jew hatred to fill an Olympic size swimming pool on a daily basis.

    If little Eichenwald’s condition is so sensitive, he shouldn’t be on Twitter. Really, I don’t think this is going anywhere, but if someone brings a complaint, then FBI can’t ignore it. Notice Eichenwald said he would be picked up for cyberstalking and indicted for other charges. Other charges? Maybe unrelated? Were we not supposed to catch that. If this guy was stalking Eichenwald, then he deserves to be picked up.

    Still something’s fishy. Sounds like some lying going on!

    BTW, the FBI does investigate threats to Trump. Often someone will report that person was arrested. Trumpers report them to the Secret Service and FBI. I do!

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  5. If this little LOLsuit/prosecution depends in ANY WAY WHATSOEVER on Eichenwald’s testimony, the guy will be acquitted. Eichenwald has been caught over and over again bearing false witness. I hope the bailiff would refuse to even administer the oath to him.

    • The jury system is a good one in any honest country. No way that 12 people can be fooled by stinking liars.
      In a corrupt country they can be bought off and intimidated. Al Capone and his buddies did a lot of this in the good/brilliant old days of banning all alcohol consumption. That is why many countries do not have jury service at all – it is too dangerous.

  6. Clearly none of you have epilepsy. Siezures are life threatening and debilitating. I nearly drowned in the ocean from the reflecting light on the water. What if he had been alone when he looked at it? You people are cruel and out of touch. I don’t understand what him being Jewish has to do with it. Disgusting trolls.

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