Trump’s Amazing Budget Shown in Easy to Understand Animated Bar Graph


The graph goes fast. It recycles too, once activated. The red lines indicate cuts in the budget. If budget cuts scare you, waste in government should scare you more.

All of these ridiculous government programs are simply wealth transfers from hard-working middle class families to the (((power elites))) in academia, government, and industry. The liberal scare-mongering about Trump’s budget is coming from both his Republican and Democrat enemies, whose major concern is getting re-elected through buying votes with taxpayer money.

Critics of budget cuts never allow for the possibility that we can spend our money better than government can.

11 thoughts on “Trump’s Amazing Budget Shown in Easy to Understand Animated Bar Graph

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  2. How about $6 trillion destroying the middle east and North African Arab countries via bombs and invasions?
    That could massage a lot of rabbits.
    As usual the small spilled beer puddle is studied and the elephant in the room is ignored – wasteful military spending, all done to increase the size of Israel. It would be cheaper to buy up Arab lands -and donate them to Israel. A lot of Syria or Lebanon or Jordan could have been bought for $6 trillion.

    • $6 trillion is hard to imagine. Try this idea instead. Every resident of Israel, Jews only of course, could have been given US$1 million each and it would have been much cheaper than these 21st Century wars.
      Just proves Jews are not half as smart as they think they are.

      Or every US citizen including babies could have been given US$20,000, instead of fighting these wars.

      Maybe a lot of the $6 trillion was stolen, it is the only logical explanation for such waste.

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