Proof that Redheads are the Most Beautiful People of All

I’m loving this story out of Britain’s leftist, anti-racist Metro News..

It ignores the usual leftist claim that all races are equally attractive to instead promote the idea that redheads are the most beautiful. It illustrates that idea with a photo essay that offers 21 photos of gingers.

Here are 5 of my favorites. Click on the link to see the rest.

Black hair, brown, red, or blonde, the Caucasian race offers enough diversity for any sane person. Throw in eyes that are brown, green, blue, or grey and there’s still more diversity.

Diversity is not to be found in races that offer only brown skin, brown eyes, and black hair.

Evolution was not kind to the darker races. Thanks, evolution.

9 thoughts on “Proof that Redheads are the Most Beautiful People of All

  1. Hear, hear. Yay for carrot tops.
    Viking stock, tall, strong and especially energetic.
    A lot of white rugby league players have red hair. Full contact with no bullshit helmets or body armour. No rest breaks either – each half goes for 40 minutes with almost no stops.
    Also a lot of white motorcycle riders, and also gang members have red hair.
    Redheads like excitement and adventure. They are likley to be accused as kiddies of having the fake disease AD-HD.
    I would guess that redheads in jail would outnumber their statistical percentage in population terms.
    “Lets sail to England/Ireland and kill some monks and steal their gold”.
    Having said all the above I would guess that female redheads are mad shaggers but i can not confirm this. Males also!
    Putin is a carrot top and Trump might be one.
    I tried to research redheads on the Net years ago but found nothing except porn!

    • I went out with a redhead years ago when I was 18, and yes I can confirm they are great shaggers. The colour of her muff was even more striking, what a great colour. Yup, ours is the race with the most diversity, we don’t need any more, especially ugly dark one’s.

      • I know a guy who’s eaten tons of muff and he said the red ones definitely tasted the best.
        He spoke to another bloke who confirmed it.
        My experience is not extensive enough to personally verify, but I believed him. His sample size would be at least 100 women I think.


    Whites are the most beautiful people on earth.
    Blondes and redheads are certainly cream of the crop.

    Blacks are at the bottom of the heap.

    That is the truth. Do not let the libtard media brainwash you otherwise.

    • Sarcasm surely? Do you like the hook nose, tiny height, fat bellies, greasy skin, dark eyes, hairy bodies (the women too) or the moral fibre?

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