Is Donald Trump a Time Traveler Who Came Back from the Future to Save the Planet from Nuclear War?


Although this theory may seem like the lunatic fringe, I would not easily dismiss it. In grad school, we were taught the common sense proposition that the best theory about something is the one that best fits the facts. The following theory about Donald John Trump fits the facts.

The only thing I’ll add is that if Trump is a time traveler from the future, it’s likely that some of his harshest critics are also from the future and that they want the nuclear war to happen. Keith Olbermann, Paul Ryan, and a host of others may also be from the future.

The source story was published in October of last year.

The Sun

A WILD conspiracy theory claims that Donald Trump is a time traveller who came to the present to save us from an impending nuclear war.

The brash Republican presidential nominee found himself in hot water this week for his “vile” comments about women, including some about his own daughter.

But perhaps there is more to the tanned tycoon than meets the eye, as conspiracy theorists claim that The Donald is actually a time traveller who is here to save us all from nuclear war.

The theory emerged on a notoriously shady forum called 4chan, where posters claimed that Donald Trump is linked to a time-travelling man named John Titor.

Titor allegedly travelled from the year 2036 to the year 2000 to warn us of an impending war with ISIS, the Star reports

First posting on the 4chan message boards 16 years ago, Titor claimed to be a soldier from 2036, who lived in a world ravaged by war and travelled back in time to change the future.

Titor eventually vanished from the internet, but now the legend has been reignited – as people claim that he is linked to loud-mouthed Donald Trump.


Legend has it that Donald Trump’s uncle, John Trump, was asked by the government to investigate notes made by “mad scientist” Nikola Tesla.

In his capacity as an MIT professor, uncle Trump studied the secret works of Tesla, the gifted inventor who helped supply electricity to America in the late 1800s.

And conspiracy theorists claim that John Trump stumbled across something very special among Tesla’s lab notes – the designs for a time travel machine.

In interviews Donald Trump regularly brought up his “uncle John”, who was a well-regarded nuclear scientist.

The Donald has also referred to his uncle’s knowledge of nuclear war, predicting that an atomic conflict will break out eventually and bragging about his intricate knowledge of the deadly weapons.


And another man with an intricate knowledge of nuclear weapons is John Titor, the time traveller who first appeared on online forums with apocalyptic warnings.

Donald John Trump is well known for using his middle name as a fake first name, going by the aliases of John Miller and John Barron.

And some people claim that he has another such identity – as John Titor.

The story goes that Trump used Nikola Tesla’s designs to travel to the future, before returning to warn us of what lies in wait.

When nobody listened, Trump took matters into his own hands and spent decades making money – in order to fund a bid for President and avert the terrifying future himself.

Let me interject that Trump is constantly smeared as a Nazi. If you want to be open minded about it, let’s remember that the famous Nazi Bell was allegedly a time machine used to transport Nazi travelers back and forth in time. There could be a connection to Trump if the Nazi Bell was a Tesla design.


Last year, Trump hinted at his knowledge of the threats facing America, claiming: “I know more about ISIS than the generals do, believe me.”

Perhaps this is because he’s seen the future, or perhaps it’s just because he’s an egomaniac whose online fans think he is a time-travelling hero.

Only time will tell…

20 thoughts on “Is Donald Trump a Time Traveler Who Came Back from the Future to Save the Planet from Nuclear War?

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  2. Im a long time reader of this blog and i really like it. But this post should be removed because its an awful lot of garbage. I cant understand how can you post such a big nonsense, i lughed at the nazi part because you really try hard to connect it to Trump but failed miserably. I understand that you muricans go crazy for The Donald, but there is really no need to make him a comic book hero with superpowers.
    What will be your next post about? Reptilians?
    Take off that damn tinfoil hat.

  3. No, no this is great!
    Too many stories of riots, rapes and murders then, suddenly a wild Die Glocke appears. Trump’s now a time traveler; who cares if its Enquirer level speculation? I like a fun read here and there to break up the stream of consistent bad news!

    I spent a couple years on a Joseph P. Farrell kick a while back so this article was just delicious fun for me, thanks!

    • There is evidence for the theory. It makes a certain amount of sense. I believe that Einstein said time travel is possible. We also have several unexplained pictures of time travelers that are available to see on the Interrnet.

  4. These are just fun speculations. Christ, how many of us watch silly television or movies which all require a suspension of disbelief. The commenter above might be a jew or a goy still trapped in the Jew Matrix. However, I would sooner believe that our Glorious Trumpenfeuhrer came from the future than believe that his detractors are not wicked, demonic, psychopaths. Heil Trump!

    • I’m a jew just because I voiced my opinion about this post? Brilliant logic,you should get an award for that flawless deduction. You are the hope of the entire human race.

    • So I’m a psychopath?? Thumper is controlled opposition and you’re too jew brainwashed to see it. Just like PJ here.

  5. Trump seems too generous thus far to our (((Chosen))) friends in their hideout-with-sovereignty to be concerned with preventing WW3, but then maybe he knows a lot more than us and is paying their blackmail to keep them sweet, who else knows? “Aid” to Israel seems to be outside the limits of budgetary constraint, yet again.

  6. I can’t believe you posted this crap on this babbling idiotic buffoon. What’s your explanation for his constant repetition of his lie that he was wiretapped by the previous president and now BRITAIN?? Especially after every possible intelligence agency has confirmed that NOTHING happened?? Can he not ever say he made a mistake??

    And why isn’t Killary in jail like he promised? As for your Twitter comment on his tax returns, HE PROMISED EVEN BEFORE HE DECIDED TO RUN TO RELEASE THEM!! Every president since 1970 has done so. What’s he hiding??? When is he going to take the reins and talk to us about North Korea’s provocations?? When is he going to invite Putin to the WH?? What about China and India?

    Given the substantial tensions concerning the unresolved Sino-Indian border issue, China’s perception of India as a nuclear weapons power is important not only for the future evolution of the international nuclear regime but also for the ongoing Sino-Indian security situation.

    • No, McCain, Graham, and Ryan are the controlled opposition. Trump is a guy who didn’t like open borders and weakness abroad. Did you have a better candidate in mind who could have possibly defeated Hillary Clinton? Or did you support her? David Duke, Richard Spencer, and Andrew Anglin all support Trump. Are they brainwashed, as you claim I am.

      • How many times does it take to get through your thick heads? ALL presidents are PLACED in office by the jews to further their agenda. Considering the disaster he has been so far, don’t tell me you don’t know what that is.

        You didn’t answer me about the wire tapped BS.

      • The wire tapping was real. It will be proved so.

        If I assume that all presidents are owned by Jews, that means I have to kill myself. Right? Or maybe there’s a split among the Jews as to whether to destroy the USA now or keep it going for a while.

        Look at the ferocious pushback against Trump by the Jew. That tells me that he is not so owned as you think.

  7. That’s a pathetic answer, PJ. Kill yourself?? You’ve been living under jew run presidents and governments all your life and managed just fine. Pushback by jews???? Who are you kidding?? It’s called CONTROLLED OPPOSITION. Controlled by whom? The stinking jews, of course.

    Thumper has no idea what it takes or what it means to be president. I think he will either be removed from office as unfit or be impeached. He has already created an international incident with Britain and publicly embarrassed the chancellor of Germany twice. Poor Hitler must be rolling in his grave. Yes, yes, yes I know Merkel is a cunt but that’s beside the point. No matter what your personal feelings, you MUST be diplomatic with world leaders or you get nowhere when the time comes that you need their cooperation. This isn’t about Thumper and his shit eating grin, this is about the whole planet. And you’d better believe all eyes are upon him and us.

  8. Roger Stone is itching to testify before a Committee re the Russian/election crap & says the wiretapping will be proved true & soon. Read his tweets over the past week (not that many per day so his weeks are a fast read).

    The other day a car he was riding in on the passenger side was T-boned by a grey car with dark tinted windows. He was slighty injured & the local ABC news covered the “accident.” Some speculate Soros & Brock are wanting to spook him from talking.

  9. All the stuff Ms.(?) McCloud is repeating sounds like it came right out of Dem-laden MSM News.

    Try following & READING, for example (besides Saboteur), The Conservative Treehouse blog site (& twitter @TheLastRefuge2) & the 100’s & 1,000’s of additional comments by knowledgable readers, & get the facts on all the lies you are repeating.

    Trump & Merkel did shake hands. The headlines that they did not were a flat out lie.

    Trump has invited more foreign leaders to the WH than Obama in such a short time, who was famous for snubbing leaders.

    Is McCloud in a foreign country? Sounds like it, ie, not getting facts but repeating the exact opposite-MSM-versions, maybe from foreign MSM-sources(?)

    • He snubbed her during the photo op after their private meeting. She leaned over and spoke to him and he ignored her, not glancing at her one time. They shook hands when he greeted her upon her arrival. I noticed you’d rather crab at me then address the concerns I brought up in previous comments. That’s because you can’t.

      In this video, he proves my point but taps her on the arm as reporters are leaving. He shook hands with ALL leaders he greeted in the WH during the photo op but not Merkel.

      • I don’t reply to lefty hysterics on purpose. It’s a waste of time.

        As for Merkel, she’s a disgusting nation-destroying traitor to her own country. Maybe Trump can’t stand her for that or other reasons. Who cares?! Only lefties get hysterical about such things that do not even matter.

        You sound too much like the MSM.

        I’ll take an honest Prez who snubs anyone he doesn’t like vs. a phony Prez who pretends just for the sake of protocol & photo ops.

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