Black Gang Beats, Robs Kindly White Man Who Offered to Help Pay for Their Meals in Chicken Shop (Video)

We’re reminded once again of the practical advice: Avoid the groid, around blacks, never relax.

The Sun

A GOOD Samaritan ​who ​offered to lend two men short on cash some money to cover their meal at a fried chicken shop ended up getting beaten and robbed for trying to help, cops say.

The victim was savagely beaten by four men inside the takeway – then robbed by a fifth as he lay helpless on the floor, New York Post reported.

The 37-year-old victim told police that an argument began when he offered to help pay for the two men’s meal, which they were a few dollars short of paying for, inside Texas Chicken and Burgers in Brooklyn, New York on March 1.

4 thoughts on “Black Gang Beats, Robs Kindly White Man Who Offered to Help Pay for Their Meals in Chicken Shop (Video)

  1. If you enter a restaurant where the majority of customers are black, leave right away. Do not go to malls or shopping centers where they are the majority of patrons. Scan gas stations before you pull up to a pump. Too many blacks, back out. Same holds for fast food places. Don’t put yourself at risk. Blacks seldom cause trouble unless they have the numbers against you, even if you are armed you’ll probably be outgunned. You’re just as dead in the right as you would be in the wrong.

  2. The moral of this story is that blacks hate do gooder whites.
    I hate them too and I am glad the man got a kicking.
    Well deserved. I wonder if he learned anything from the experience? You can’t offer a black man a few bucks – he wants all of your wallet, and then some. Everybody hates others trying to solve problems for them, this really pissed the Coons off. The white guy caused them to lose face, they wanted to make the staff squirm and forgive the debt of a few bucks.
    “No good deed goes unpunished”.

    “Keep your mouth shut”
    “Avoid eye contact”
    “Do not get involved”
    “Avoid the groid”.

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