13 thoughts on “BREAKING! McDonald’s Tweets Trump a “disgusting … president” with “small hands”

  1. What’s the deal with trump and tiny hands? i don’t see it. is it just something they want to propagate for no reason?

      • Be that as it may, i still don’t see trump as having small hands. That’s what i don’t really understand. Considering how much they push it, you’d think they try a little harder to at least have something to back it up, but his hands always seemed normal to me. Actually, i just read now, that his hands are apparently not even a cm lower than the average (7.44 average vs 7.25 trump).

        I kinda thought that they meant to allude towards his penis size, but really, is that how low they go in their political discourse? To talk about someone else’s dick?

        Even without one, hillary was still the bigger dick. am i doing this right?

  2. “…we would love to have Barack Obama back…”

    Thank GOD at least PART of the Constitution is still functional!

  3. Does McDonald’s still suffer from their black CEO and his 365Black campaign and it’s resultant sales decline? Talk about stupid! It takes a nigger to f*uck up selling hamburgers and fries in America.

  4. McDonald’s a good target, CEO is British. Had he been black or Jewish, another company with a White CEO would have been used.

  5. Probably worth mentioning too that big strong hands are a sign of a farm laborer, or a boxer. Is that what people want for a President?
    I do not know if male aristocratic hands are small but certainly the fingers are fine, slim and probably long.
    Farmers usually chose wives with wide hips plus huge hands – because they made great labourers on the farm (hands etc), and good breeders (the hips). This caused farmers children to reflect their parents breeding choices.
    A King or Prince would be doing the opposite, as with Cinderella vs her step sisters with the enormous feet and no doubt hands.
    Elton John, bum bandit, has horrible short chunky fingers, not the stereotypes one would expect for a piano player – Chopin for example.
    So El Presidente probably comes from a line of intelligent people, not laborers.

    Many tall fair haired men were killed after the French revolution as possible aristocrats in hiding. I dare say the Soviets did the same thing.

    Best way to survive is to act stupid, look stupid, and be stupid.

  6. Whatever happened to Grimace? I think the negroes complained about him, because he looked to much like a moulinyan (eggplant).

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