‘Beware of the Jews’ sign is put up in one of London’s largest Orthodox Jewish communities

Oh boy, the press is going crazy over this one, guys.

First, the basic story:

Excerpt from the Daily Mail

A ‘beware of the Jews’ sign has been put up in one of London’s largest Orthodox Jewish communities.

The offensive signage was spotted near a synagogue in the Haredi Jewish enclave of Stamford Hill in north London.

The sign, which features a silhouette of an Orthodox Jewish man with a red border, similar to traffic signs, was reported to Hackney Council by Shomrim N.E. London.

Daily Mail readers thought it was a Charlie Chaplin sign. Many seemed to be mocking the idea that there’s much of a story here.

More from the New Statesman:

A fake warning sign depicting an orthodox Jewish man was found in north London on Tuesday night, 14 March. It was reported as a hate crime, and removed by Hackney Council’s night team soon after it was found.

By Wednesday morning, it was being referred to by local police as an “antisemitic sign”, and investigated as a “religiously aggravated hate crime”. The sign appeared at the junction of Clapton Common and Spring Hill in Stamford Hill, Hackney, near an orthodox synagogue. Stamford Hill is home to one of Europe’s biggest Hasidic communities. The message inferred from the sign, which is a red hazard triangle, was: “Beware the Jews”.

The Guardian reports that the sign was created by an “artist.”

A photographer and artist behind a red-triangle warning sign depicting the silhouette of an Orthodox Jewish man has apologised for causing offence after a Jewish neighbourhood watch group reported it as a hate crime.

Franck Allais, a freelance photographer, said the contentious sign was part of an artistic project, which includes depictions of a woman pulling a shopping trolley, a man pushing his wheelchair and a cat.

Allais said he intended the project to be a comment on identity and that the sign in Stamford Hill, one of the largest Hasidic communities in Europe, was not an antisemitic statement. He said he was left shaken by the offence he had caused.

He said: “It was a project about crossing the road … how everyone is different, everyone has an identity. There is not only one sign in the street. I put more signs up in the street, but only this one got noticed. I am sorry for any offence caused.”

This is how a minor story gets blown out of proportion by the (((press.)))

Bad art isn’t a hate crime.

9 thoughts on “‘Beware of the Jews’ sign is put up in one of London’s largest Orthodox Jewish communities

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  2. They’ve been saying it for centuries, according to the ADL. haha

    BTW, Paladin, what do you think about this? It’s the most clever way I’ve ever heard to describe them without (((naming them))). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LxAK3fyONsI Unless you can think of one better.

    Also, yesterday Varg made a 3-minute video explaining why Geert Wilders is just a Zionist puppet and why nothing would change.

  3. Not a hate crime. More like mild humor.
    I think a sign with a huge a huge kike shnozz would be a better warning. There should be one of those outisde the NYSE. And every court house in the USA, Britain, Canada and Australia.

    “Abandon hope, all who enter here”.

  4. That sign looks too much like an Amish guy. I think they need a silhouette of Le Greedy Merchant who is rubbing his hands together. Be sure to picture him in profile to capture the semitic nose.

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