Ugly Black San Antonio Female Jail Guard Admits Performing Oral Sex on Reluctant Male Inmate


When would a man say no to oral sex?

When it’s Barbara Jean Goodwin giving it.

Actually, her “boyfriend” was a prisoner. He contacted a rape crisis hotline, which got the FBI involved in investigating his “fringe benefits.”

My San Antonio

A former guard at the privately run jail that holds federal pretrial prisoners in downtown San Antonio pleaded guilty Tuesday to sex abuse of a ward.

Barbara Jean Goodwin, 35, faces up to 15 years in prison for having sex with the inmate, who was under her supervision. Goodwin remains free on bond pending sentencing in June by Senior U.S. District Judge David Alan Ezra.

According to a factual basis in her plea agreement, an inmate at the Central Texas Detention Facility contacted a hotline set up under the federal Prisoner Rape Elimination Act and a rape crisis hotline, to report his sexual activity with Goodwin. The facility is run by Florida-based The GEO Group.

The U.S. Marshals Service and the FBI opened an investigation. The inmate, who was in jail on drug charges, told the investigators that between February 2016 and August 2016, Goodwin engaged in oral sex with him about 30 times, sometimes in view of other inmates. She claims it was much less often.

Goodwin would call the inmate out of his cell to clean or do laundry, and started the advances by grabbing his buttocks and penis, the factual basis said.

The inmate “told Goodwin that he didn’t want any trouble, but Goodwin would respond that she is the only one that could get him in trouble,” the document said.

Goodwin worked the night shift, and in the middle of the night, she would tap his cell to talk to him, and pull him out to clean, then perform oral sex on him, the factual basis said.

“On several occasions, Goodwin would give (the inmate) oral sex through the cell door while (the inmate) was in his cell and Goodwin was outside the cell,” the factual basis said. “Goodwin had (the inmate) stand up on a foot locker so his penis would be higher and she wouldn’t have to bend down.”

A bunkmate of the inmate confirmed witnessing Goodwin performing oral sex on the inmate, the factual basis said.

When Goodwin was interviewed by investigators, she admitted having oral sex with him three times while he was in his cell and she was outside of it, the factual basis said.

Given Barbara Jean’s level of pure ugly, it’s understandable that she had to pick on someone who couldn’t easily say no to her advances.

Making a guess, I think her victim was a white man. Black males never say no. Neither do Latino males.

6 thoughts on “Ugly Black San Antonio Female Jail Guard Admits Performing Oral Sex on Reluctant Male Inmate

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  2. Take a look at many government offices. Staffed with ignorant sheboons with the IQ of a watermelon. Is that what we want our children to suffer with? God bless them.

  3. She should have denied it. Prisoners are little trusted with their “oral” testimony, and this includes the witness who saw it. I.e. the word of one guard outweighs that of two prisoners.
    Prisoners are proven liars while guards are assumed to he honest and of high integrity.
    If this trust level changes, then who is running the prison, the guards or the prisoners?

    Why does everybody confess so easily?
    15 years is a lubricious (great spellcheck error) sentence for this alleged crime. Why did not the guy victim complain to the chief warden instead?

      • Yes but we are talking about prison warders not cops.
        Re cops everyone should watch “Don’t talk to the police” on Youtube. Innocent people can end up in the slammer – like a negro grandmother whose grandchild has hidden some marijuana under grandmas couch. Cops knock on door and say “We are trying to stop illegal gun crimes in this area, do you mind if we search your house for guns”.
        Coon grandma says Ok.
        They find the stash and take her off to the slammer.
        Granny protests “You said you were only looking for guns”.
        Cop replies “We did not know that you were hiding marijuana. We have no choice but to arrest you”.
        The video advises always having a chain on your front door, always use it when someone knocks, and never letting cops in unless they have a search warrant.
        Same for letting a cop search your car. Get out (if the cop asks you to) and lock your doors. The video explains why to do this.

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