Hero Saves Catholic Cathedral From Being Burned Down by Feminists

The unidentified man above stood up to rowdy leftist thugs who had some thought of burning down an historic Argentinian cathedral.

Pope Francis is from Argentina. Shouldn’t he, as the leader of the Catholic church, condemn leftist pro-abortion thugs who assault a defender of the faith? Shouldn’t the Pope condemn efforts to burn down an historic cathedral?

I forgot.

He’s too busy promoting “refugees” (parasites) to pay any attention to his faithful flock.


BUENOS AIRES, Argentina, March 10, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) – Women who participated in an International Women’s Day march in historic heart of Buenos Aires covered the national museum with graffiti, attempted to set the Metropolitan Cathedral afire, and viciously attacked a lone man who bravely tried to defend the cathedral.

Startling video footage shows the man standing in front of the cathedral, quietly holding a Vatican City flag. He is approached by a masked women who attempts to take the flag from his hands. After that another woman lunges at him and tries to punch him in the head.

After that, hordes of women surround him, punching him, pulling his hair, and shoving him away from the cathedral.

Among the thousands of marchers on Wednesday were feminists, LGBT supporters, and members of the Socialist Workers Party dressed as Halloween witches. When their largely peaceful march ended with ceremonies at the Plaza Mayo, some marchers stayed to defile two of the city’s oldest buildings.

They covered the Cibalda, now a museum but 400 years ago the seat of government, with graffiti. They also attempted to set fire to the Metropolitan Cathedral, a frequent target, like other Argentine Catholic churches, of International Women’s Day marchers. Feminists and Leftists blame the Catholic Church for Argentina’s restrictions on abortion.

Held back by a temporary barrier and police, they pelted the latter with bottles and rocks. When they failed to set the church on fire, they succeeded in torching the fence.

The video of the lone defender of the catehdarl was posted by a Facebook page called LGBTears, with this caption. “This is a friend of ours. We met him years ago, and we know that he didn’t hit anyone or incite any violence. He went to defend the cathedral so that it was not vandalized. There are a lot of people saying he was smacking the participants of the march, but he didn’t touch anyone.”

Police dispersed the protesters with rubber bullets and water from fire hydrants. They arrested about 20 people allegedly involved in vandalism, but march spokespersons claimed they were innocent bystanders. They called the arrests “a witch hunt.”

Sadly, these women are representative of the typical coddled, demanding Western woman today. Their unhappiness is infinite, their demands never ending.

Bring back the patriarchy now. Everyone, including women, will be a lot happier.

6 thoughts on “Hero Saves Catholic Cathedral From Being Burned Down by Feminists

  1. “feminists, LGBT supporters, and members of the Socialist Workers Party dressed as Halloween witches.”……….

    “but march spokespersons claimed they were innocent bystanders. They called the arrests “a witch hunt.””

    Maybe burning witches was a very good idea, especially young ones before they have babies. Burned witches probably mostly had psychotic disorders like Schizophrenia. No wonder so many white women seem to have this disorder these days, a lot hear “voices”. Not enough witch burning, for many centuries in white countries. I think the Africans still burn some witches, although they maybe burn the sane ones and allow the crazy black women to have babies.

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  3. Take a few minutes, do a Jewgle search on the German philosopher, Arthur Shopenhauer. Read his treatise titled “On Women”. It is the ultimate eye-opener and red-pill regards women.

  4. Cemetery? Vandalized? And it’s not Jewish?

    That’s the thing. This thing happens to Catholic cemeteries fairly often, yet there’s little media and political noise.

  5. We may not be able to determine who this is from the photos below, but we can tell a lot from their long-standing (((actions))).

    “Liberals Perform mock Abortion on ‘Virgin Mary,’ Try To Kill JESUS in Front of Church…(they also Simulate Anal sex with Crucifixes)…”

    “The progressives rush headlong to destruction…and insist everyone else come along. Every day it seems they busy themselves by trying as hard as possible to become cord wood for the fires of hell…

    As part of International Women’s Day (March 8), feminist protestors simulated a bloody abortion on a woman dressed as the Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ, outside the cathedral in Tucuman, Argentina.”


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