Google condemned by British MP after refusing to ban YouTube video about JEWS by David Duke


The Independent

Google has been condemned by an MP for refusing to ban a video by a former Ku Klux Klan leader called “Jewish People Admit Organising White Genocide”.

Yvette Cooper, the chairwoman of the Commons Home Affairs Select Committee, expressed disbelief when the internet giant’s vice president said the recording – posted by Holocaust denier David Duke – did not “breach our guidelines”.

The 15-minute YouTube clip accuses “Zionists” of having “ethnically cleansed the Palestinians” and planning to do “the same thing to Europeans and Americans”.

Ms Cooper told Google’s Peter Barron: “You allow David Duke to upload an entire video which is all about malicious and hateful comments about Jewish people.

“How on earth is that not a breach of your own guidelines? I think most people would be appalled by that video and think it goes against all standards of public decency in this country.”

Watch the 15 minute video which features Jewish leaders themselves speaking about ethnic cleansing of white countries.

Opening the parliamentary inquiry into hate crime on social media, Ms Cooper revealed that two other videos had been taken down by Google – but only after her committee protested.

One had been posted by National Action, a neo-Nazi group that celebrated the murder of the Labour MP Jo Cox, which was banned as a terrorist organisation in December.

“This is an organisation proscribed for terrorist links by the Government,” Ms Cooper pointed out.

“There aren’t that many proscribed organisations. Don’t you feel any responsibility, as multi-billion pound organisation, to check you are not distributing material from a proscribed organisation?”

But Mr Barron, Google’s vice-president for communications, said it relied on “notification and self-policing” to detect and investigate offensive content.

He defended Google’s record, which saw 200,000 videos flagged by viewers everyday of which 98 per cent were reviewed within 24 hours.

“We arrive on our community of more than one billion people around the world to flag videos,” Mr Barron said.

He admitted the Duke video was “anti-Semitic, deeply offensive and shocking”, but insisted: “It doesn’t meet the test for removing under our guidelines. We are in favour of free speech and access to information.”

The Home Affairs Committee also grilled Facebook and Twitter, as part of its inquiry into “hate crime and its consequences”.

Facebook came under fire after the BBC said it used the site’s ‘report button’ to flag up 100 photos on the website, but 82 were not removed – with an automated response saying they did not breach “community standards”.

The images included under-16s in sexualised poses, pages aimed at paedophiles and an image apparently taken from a child abuse video.

And Ms Cooper demanded to know why Twitter had not suspended an account which wanted to “deport all Muslims” – and displayed a “very disturbing graphic cartoon”.

But Nick Pickles, Twitter’s senior public policy manager, said the “context” of tweets was crucial – whether an image had been “targeted” at a particular person, or simply posted

“In this context, we reviewed that particular tweet and that particular image and we found it wasn’t in breach of our hateful content policy,” he said.

And he added: “We will never get to the point where there is nothing on the internet that offends anyone – and nor would we seek to get to that point.”

But Ms Cooper said her committee found it “baffling” that, in most circumstances, social media sites waited for people to complain before acting.

The internet giants were called in after Labour MP Diane Abbott revealed she had been been advised not to go out alone after suffering a torrent of racist abuse – and rape threats – online.

Setting aside everything except the specifics of the David Duke video, it’s almost unbelievable that anyone could find the facts presented by Dr. Duke as offensive and worthy of censorship. Facts are facts. Western civilization was built on the idea that man has certain inalienable natural rights. There is no freedom without freedom to access information. Except when Jews and their stooges like Cooper say no.

Shame on Yvette Cooper. Shame on Britain for electing a Jew stooge to Parliament.

7 thoughts on “Google condemned by British MP after refusing to ban YouTube video about JEWS by David Duke

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  2. “Yvette Cooper, the chairwoman of the Commons Home Affairs Select Committee”.
    Who does this woman think she is? Judge Jeffery of the Star Chamber? Torquemada of the Spanish Inquisition? Witchfinder General?

    it is incredible that a few lefties in the UK are trying to overturn the US 1st Amendment. I often have here sniped at the USA and whined about US “exceptionalism”, but i think the First Amendment is the only thing that allows any Internet Freedom at all. If the 1st Amendment falls we are in for a dark period like the Soviet Union form 1917 to 1990. People like Yvonne Cooper will decide what we get to see. She will watch us, also, always ready to pounce. So National Action is now a terrorist group? Well done, hating Jews! You win again, how unusual. Jew groups are never listed as haters and terrorists, such as the ADL and SPLC, which are full time haters. It is worth noting that 1984 was set in England. Formerly a free country and now a Stalinist State.

    I post comments on this site knowing that as an Australian I am unlikely to be prosecuted for “hate” “Crimes”. If I post these sorts of comments in Australia, about individual Coons or Chinkie Poos or Kikes or Abos (shock horror), then I might be judged by people just as fair and decent as Yvetter Cooper and a gang of Jews. In such trials the prosecutor is a jew and the judge is a Jew, who are both well paid. I doubt they can find 12 Jews willing to do jury service, or even one for that matter, due to the lousy pay. Jury service in Australia is 99% for whites and I have seen this for my own eyes.

    Note how they put “Zionist” in quotes as though Zionism is alleged and not real. Are Jews ashamed of Zionism? I don’t think so.

    The BBC and the Commons Home Affairs Select Committee stink to high heaven as self appointed Big Brother a la 1984.

    We now have Big Sister telling us that David Duke is a racist and we better not let anybody see his videos because they are truthful. What if a lesbian who loves black people such as Palestinians reposts a David Duke video? Is she then a racist? What if Dideonne the black French comedian reposts a David Duke video, is he then a racist?

    Yvonne Cooper is a hater and she should be in jail for hate – of white people. One day this might happen. Hoist these lefturds by their own petard.

    I think I hate Yvonne Cooper. This may be the first admission of hate I have made here.

  3. It is frustrating that we read and hear so many of these stories of leftist libtards who want to censor us normal, civil citizens. It is no different than Soviet Communism or Orwell’s vision. These people truly are the enemy of all civilized and decent peoples. And, they all seem to occupy the seats of power and influence and set the precedent and policy under which we all must suffer. I would not be averse to punishing these people. Everyone has a right to speak out. That I will defend. But, when you have the ability to create and pass laws and policies that stifle my rights, you have crossed the line of decency, and you become an enemy regardless of your position or title.

  4. They leave his stuff up which is low brow at best; and well crafted, academic, artistic exposes on the Jews on my channel get struck down immediately. They leave him in as a litmus tester I guess…

  5. I watched the whole video and it was not a waste of time. Which most political videos on Youtube are. Google can’t censor it as it was all true, fact and referenced in published Jew writings or videos.

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