Giant Hulking Black Ape Attacks White Student at Wake Forest High School (Video)

Youtube commenters that I surmise to be white have rushed to defend a Nigga who violently attacked a white student in the hallway at Wake Forest High School in North Carolina.

These liberal race traitors deserve to have their asses beaten by a huge monster Nigga like the one named Micah, who shows black lack of self control in the short video above.

Published on Mar 5, 2017

A video posted to Instagram and Twitter by a Wake Forest High School student showing an altercation between two students and a teacher has been shared thousands of times.

The video, posted to Instagram by Tyler Goodell, who identified himself as a Wake Forest High School student on his Instagram page, shows a black student pulling a white student to the floor before a female teacher intervenes. Attempts to contact Goodell on social media were not immediately returned.

The video contains profanity.

In his Instagram post, Goodell gave his version of the context of the incident. He said the black student, a friend named Micah, was defending himself against racial harassment that Goodell says has been going on for months with no action from the school.

Goodell said that Micah and a student who was harassing him argued last week and that the white student threatened Micah and his family before using a racial slur against him. Goodell also said that the teacher in the video provoked Micah and that the teacher claimed that Micah hit her.

Micah was suspended for more than 10 days, Goodell said in his post, but the student who allegedly harassed him received no punishment.

Twitter users have hounded the WCPSS Twitter account demanding an explanation, calling for action or criticizing the school system over the alleged incident.

3 thoughts on “Giant Hulking Black Ape Attacks White Student at Wake Forest High School (Video)

  1. I suppose you saw the video from Leesville Middle School in Wake Cnty, NC where some
    fed up students told Arabs, Jews, blacks, hispanics to go back to the fields of Alabama,
    etc. Hilarious. Sounds like an imitation of Rockwell.
    If all else fails, scram it down your throat.

  2. Now hear this. Negroes are not human. They are humanoid, but not human. They do not have souls or a conscience. They are primitive beings that evolved for existence on the African continent. That is where they belong, and that is their rightful home to live as Nature and their DNA/biology allows. If you believe otherwise, you will pay the price with your money (you are lucky if that is your only consequence), your blood, or your life. No evil YT ever baits a negro, because the libtard establishment would excoriate the evil YT and side with the ape. Any time a negro opens their mouth, nothing comes out but lies, rap, and profanity. Our fathers and grandfathers knew this and that is why we had segregation and Jim Crow. Their fatal mistake was not either deporting them back to the African continent.

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