Geert Wilders Falls Short But Vows to Keep Fighting

Although Sky News often skews left, it’s reporting on Wednesday’s Dutch elections looks straight to me, unlike a half dozen other reports I read which slant toward hinting that nationalism is dead in Europe.

Sky News

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte has won the country’s election, holding off a strong challenge from far-right leader Geert Wilders, exit polls suggest.

Mr Rutte’s centre-right VVD party is reported to have taken 31 of the 150 parliamentary seats, or 21% of the vote – down from 27% in the 2012 election.

He said his victory had stopped the “wrong kind of populism” in its tracks, after last year’s Brexit vote and the election of President Trump.


Mr Rutte said: “We want to stick to the course we have – safe and stable and prosperous.”

The PM, who has moved more to the right on issues such as immigration defeated Mr Wilders’ anti-Islam, anti-immigrant PVV party, which is reported to have won 19 seats (13%).

This puts him equal second with two others – the Christian Democratic Appeal (CDA) and the Democracy party D66.

Mr Wilders, who wants to close mosques, ban the Koran and leave the EU, received much of the media coverage during the campaign and he has achieved a rise of 3% compared to 2012.

In a tweet, the politician, known as the Dutch Donald Trump, thanked his backers and warned: “Rutte is not rid of me by a long shot”.

Meanwhile, the Green party saw a big rise in support, winning 16 seats, with their share of the vote up from 2% five years ago to 11% this time.

There was a high turnout where voters had 28 parties to choose from.

Coalition talks are now expected to last weeks or possibly months.

But most of the main parties have already stated they would not work with the PVV.

Sky’s Europe Correspondent Mark Stone said: “With the exit polls as they are, Geert Wilders has failed to do what many suspected he might be able to achieve which was to win the most seats in the Dutch parliament. That hasn’t happened.”

He added: “The populist uprising that many had expected – that Geert Wilders might be able to achieve – has not come to pass.”

11 thoughts on “Geert Wilders Falls Short But Vows to Keep Fighting

  1. Two major disappointments today. Netherlands and Trump’s travel ban.

    So few have the fortitude to keep going against all odds as both Wilders and Trump…but they will keep going.

    For now, we focus on France. Hope the French won’t let us down.

  2. “Mr Rutte said: “We want to stick to the course we have – safe and stable and prosperous.””
    This is absurd. It is not possible to be even one of safe and stable and prosperous with a large and growing black African and Muzzarin population. If whites do not vote 50% or more far right, or at least for a Trump type leader, then it is all over.

    Whites are doomed and they deserve it. We deserve it. I also was brainwashed most of my life yet I broke free of all the bullshit. A lot of the history books I read were written by Jews. I woke up to that more than 20 years ago. For example, many histories of the Third Reich are written by Jews with an axe to grind. I dumped the glass toilet eight years ago and that was the best move ever. What hope do whites have when most people watch this garbage propaganda from jews every day?

    Roland the hero blew his horn until blood ran from his ears. He was standing firm and without fear in the rearguard to stop- the Muslim scum from invading France.
    Where is Roland today? Even if he exists who will listen to the horn or care about it? David Duke does this but very few listen, maybe 1% or so of the white population at most. People that do not care about their country being invaded, and resist, have no right to complain about the changes that take place.

    • I suppose I was brainwashed into thinking the government would never betray us, not that I was taught that by anyone. Attended very patriotic schools where everything was American, the flag, prayer, Pledge of Allegiance, Founding Fathers, Constitution, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, celebrated all the holidays, Christmas trees in every room, Easter symbols everywhere, July 4rth before the 4rth, Valentines Day, even Halloween. How much our presidents were revered. All of that was gold. Told over and over how wonderful the country was. I guess all that WAS brainwashing, the good kind.

      What I learned about our history was fairly accurate except slavery. By not teaching blacks and Jews owned slaves, it implied only Whites were involved. My school taught nothing about the holocaust, maybe because there were about 50% Germans attending, and a good number of Jews by comparison to their percentage in the country. But, what was not taught to us was a form of brainwashing, too.

      At that time, not sure my school even knew what was going on since they were locally controlled. They were my impressionable years that stayed with me until eight years ago when I learned what was really going on. Still it’s a learning experience as we dig deeper and deeper.

      I guess I was lucky to choose universities that admitted students who were pretty much like me. They wouldn’t have put up with what goes on now, but they do now, but now there is (((influence))).

      Meanwhile behind our backs.

      I suppose there are many Whites like me. I wasn’t paying attention, just going about my business never feeling the necessity to worry. Who could ever think their own White controlled government was complicit in White genocide? You read about that going on in other countries, but could never occur in the United States or other Western countries.

      It was trust. Now, there’s a constant free floating anxiety that’s never relieved, never knowing what tomorrow will bring. Any trust I had is forever gone!

      • Wulfie my school was like yours but in Australia. One thing to remember though is the novels you were required to read while studying English. I was required to read and study “The Lord Of The Flies” by (((William Golding))) and “Go Tell It On The Mountain” by a white hating nigger. This was close to 50 years ago.
        The Lord Of The Flies is an anti white book, anti British and an anti Christian book. As a young teenager I loved the book and went to see the black and white movie also, just to get more brainwashed with Jew lies. I later read “The Spire” by (((William Golding)))) where a Bishop dreams every might that the spire he is building is his erect penis! Naturally the spire topples in the story.
        This is just 2 of the books I was compelled to read at school. Most other novels were also “politically correct”, i.e. left leaning, in a time when the Government was Conservative (on the surface at least).

    • I stopped watching TV series in the 80s. By the 90s I knew that something was amiss with most news reporting, including on TV, except for most local news. I was stopped in my tracks in 2005 when a great deal of truth was learning at Stormfront, Amren, Makow, Alex Jones, and even David Icke.

      The hardest thing to believe is the Satanic pedophile cults that exist in so many places. Lucky for me, or unlucky, I walked in on some Satan worship at the university. And I took comments here and there by high administrators, put them together, and figured out that pedophiles are in many high places, including the University of Texas System. Whatever the specifics of #pizzagate, the reality is that pedo Satanists rule us, as Makow says, I believe. Not even Duke gets into that.

  3. In that photo Rutte looks like Colonel Hogan, “hero”, Bob Crane who died a well deserved horrible death.
    Like Bob Crane his smile is too big, fake and untrustworthy.

  4. Claims of 100% turnouts in some areas don’t make sense unless there was active vote fraud. The stakes are high enough now, and you saw what happened with the shutdown of Jill Stein’s recount when the fraud appeared, coming from the Dem side. Allowing for the claims of high turnout, this usually happens when people are charged for change, not when they want to vote for the same shit new day. This election was corrupted.

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