Federal Judge Blocks President Trump’s Second Try at Travel Ban


President Donald Trump, drawing energy from the people, spoke at a rally in Nashville, Tennesee on Wednesday.

Part of his talk sought to rally anyone who might be discouraged by another liberal judge, this one in Hawaii, halting his second travel ban from six countries that were named by former President Obama as terrorist strongholds.

The President vows to ensure the public safety by continuing to fight to ultimate victory.


President Donald Trump responded to the nationwide restraining order issued on his revised travel ban on Wednesday, calling the temporary halt an “unprecedented judicial overreach.”
Speaking to supporters at a rally in Nashville, the president said that the latest iteration was a “watered-down version” of the original executive order and that he would challenge the ruling up to the Supreme Court, if necessary.

“We’re going to fight this terrible ruling, we’re going to take our case as far it needs to go in the Supreme Court,” Trump said. “We’re going to win, we’re going to keep our citizens safe, and regardless, we’re going to keep our citizens safe, believe me.

“You don’t think this was done by a judge for political reasons? No! This ruling makes us look weak! Which by the way we no longer are believe me,” the president added.

Trump also said he wanted to return to the first ban, which targeted even more immigrants and was also blocked by a federal court.

“I think we ought to go back to the first [ban], and go all the way,” he said. “That’s what I wanted to do in the first place.”

Earlier on Wednesday, a federal judge in Hawaii blocked Trump’s second attempt at a travel ban aimed at six Muslim-majority countries, which was set to go in effect a day later on Thursday. U.S. District Judge Derrick Watson argued in his ruling that the revised executive order still discriminated on the basis of nationality and prevented Hawaii residents from receiving visits from family members in the six affected countries, according to the Associated Press. The state also felt that the proposed ban would harm Hawaii’s tourism economy and damage Hawaiian schools and businesses seeking to recruit foreign citizens.

Hawaii was the first state to legally challenge the president’s travel ban. More than a half a dozen states are also trying to halt the order.

By the logic of Hawaii’s Judge Derrick Watson, no travel ban could ever be enacted. Japanese travelers to the U.S. would have been permitted during World War II because Japanese-Americans would be discriminated against. It seems that to Watson the public safety is of zero concern.

My fondest wish for him is that a jihadist blows his sorry ass to kingdom come. Exactly how to solve the problem of judges who put their political views above the law is difficult to reason out. Realistically, they can’t be arrested, although they should be.


9 thoughts on “Federal Judge Blocks President Trump’s Second Try at Travel Ban

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  2. A female Jew responding to one of my tweets about this wanted me to prove the ruling was unconstitutional. (((They aren’t as smart as given credit.)))

    Everyone here knows the Constitution gives Congress the legal responsibility to make laws. Congress did with this law to ban anyone harmful to the country giving the president who has the Constitutional responsibility to protect the people, the country, and ENFORCE all laws, the legal right to do so. This law gives him the legal right to ban ANYONE, race, religion, nationality, those with diseases, etc, from any country. Paladin covered this and posted the law previously.

    These liberal judges know this and that their rulings are wrong, but since their ultimate goal is to make Whites a minority, long term gone, they will lie, cheat, even murder for their Marxist mafia to make that happen. This is just one big psyop knowing most people will believe them since they are judges. As long as they continue to get away with unconstitutional rulings, they will continue to be unconstitutional to reach their aims. They are testing him, daring him to see what they can get away with, but they don’t think he will do anything about it as he’s proven so far other than writing another EO on the subject; which they will continue to reject as he submits them. He needs to push back with everything he has and more!

    So, bought off Republicans in the House and Senate are not fighting the unconstitutionally of the judges’ decision just as they didn’t with Obama. Trump needs to take it to the Supreme Court waiting until Gorsuch is nominated as he hinted during his Nashville rally he “wanted to do in the first place” instead of dealing with the 9th circuit. Some House members are pushing to break up the 9th circuit. See that here.


    Republicans should be all over this. What can be done when a judge rules unconstitutionally other than go to the Supreme Court? Those judges must be removed from the bench. How to do that? Anyone know? Must look that up.

    One thing appears certain, his advisors on this issue need to go.

    • Which president noted that he controlled the military and not the courts and then defied the Supreme Court? I can’t remember. Trump can’t do that, but some smart legal scholar may know a way out of this conundrum. Even Alan Dershowitz says Trump’s actions are legal. Maybe Dersh is a smart enough Jew to be able to foresee the result of unlimited Muslims in America.

  3. Looks like only 15 federal judges were impeached in our history, only 8 removed from the bench. The House begins the process.

    Since law schools currently teach (((modern interpretation))) of the Constitution, not the Founders; which I understand isn’t even taught anymore, it would be difficult to prove judges unconstitutional until that teaching is rightly returned to the Founders.

    That (((modern interpretation))) claims the Constitution covers foreigners, too; which is what these judges are using! Think about that! Oh, no, we can’t ban anyone based on religion because the Constitution says we can’t discriminate. Who are they kidding?

    We are really in deep shat when we can’t legally get rid of corrupt Marxists overthrowing the government!

    Is anyone else so angry you’re about to explode?

    • Interesting info about the number of impeached judges. Also, the theories taught in law school. I’m guessing that even if immigration law was changed by Congress to reduce the number of immigrants, it would be declared by a judge to discriminate and be ruled unconstitutional. Do we need to start assassinating judges? The FBI would be on it in a flash. The killer could not escape. I note that with a pic of the killer of the two Indiana girls, Libby and Abby, the police and FBI still can’t find the killer. Sometimes it seems they don’t want to find him.

  4. Japanese judge and ACLU’s Omar Jadwat and Faiz Shakir, both Muslims, are all we need to know about why Trump’s travel ban was blocked.

    This Nip also brought up Japanese internment camps as a reason to block the travel ban. Oh, boy, were the Founders right. These damn foreign invaders are using OUR laws against us that were put in place to protect us.

    • It pays to look up the judges that are disrespecting the law. This one offers evidence that the Nips haven’t assimilated or hold a grudge. Judging from him and George Takei they should have been sent to Japan at the start of WW II.

      • Looks like (((ACLU))) was judge shopping and got the right one. Look hard enough and there will always be Jews involved.

        As you know, the Japanese have a reputation for stealing, copying, undercutting our prices in the past resulting in taking our auto and electronics industries. All we need to know about their character is what they did during World War II, not to mention murdering millions of Chinese, but we only hear about Hitler.

  5. All of this disorder and controversy works to the favor of one group: Da Joos. Like a magician who misdirects your attention with one hand while he picks your pocket with the other. Except our jews misdirect us with media/entertainment/debt/sports/foreign intrigue and issues like our immigration issue. This judge, who is supposed to be impartial, has a chip on his shoulder from jew-influence he received from the day he was born, in school, in college, law school, etc. The jews have tens of millions of zombies like this judge doing their dirty work.

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