Say NO! to White Guilt

There may be some dispute about the actual number, stated to be 1.6 percent in this popular Facebook meme, but that’s not the point.

A great deal of elaboration could be made around the meme, relating to blacks selling blacks, Jews in the slave trade, and so forth, but let this one simple point stick in your mind.

Better yet, no one alive today was either a slave or a slave owner.

Or even, people of every race have been enslaved at some time in history.

Or how about this? Slavery is still an issue in Africa and the Middle East.

Learn more:

Civil War 1860 Census

saintanselmhistory blog: No mention of Jews here.

7 thoughts on “Say NO! to White Guilt

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  2. I have ZERO guilt. Jew hate game’s amazing to me that white Europeans who’s ancestors weren’t even here during slave times have guilt! Look what the Jew guilt game has done to Europe..disgusting! Jews should be the guilty ones for all the people they have ruined and killed throughout the years ..but they don’t because the children of Satan love misery and pain.

  3. Slavery in the U.S. is ancient and past history. I wish these stupid cucks would stop with their “1.6%” or whatever nonsense. The god-damn niggers got the best of the bargain, and we have had to pay for their savagery in our blood and money ever since.

    • That is true and a good argument. 3 million black slaves are now 40 million niggers. Had the three million never left Africa, their descendants today would be 10 million, tops, due to the high death rate in Africa for the past 200 years, until very recently.
      So white slavery has created a minimum of 30 million balck people within the USA alone. Well done, whites and jews (sarcasm).
      Also I am not counting the Liberians and other slaves who returned to Africa. Millions of them also.

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