Richard Spencer’s National Policy Institute Stripped of Tax Exempt Status by IRS


Richard Spencer needs to learn from Jared Taylor how to run a think tank. It’s simply unimaginable to think that Taylor’s Amren would be careless enough to let its tax-exempt status lapse.


White supremacist organizer Richard Spencer has collided with something that might smart a little more than a punch to the face: The revocation of his organization’s tax-exempt status by the IRS.

The Los Angeles Times reported Monday evening that Spencer’s National Policy Institute, the quasi-academic think tank behind a notorious Washington, D.C., conference in November, has lost its tax-exempt status after the paper inquired whether Spencer had filed proper paperwork to fundraise in Virginia.

After Spencer took helm of the organization in 2011, the National Policy Institute apparently stopped filing its required IRS returns in 2012 and did not do so for the next three years. Any organization that fails file tax returns for three years automatically loses its tax-exempt status under IRS rules. The IRS stripped the National Policy Institute of its tax-exempt status retroactively as of May 15, 2016, the date NPI’s 2015 return would have been due.

Virginia charity regulators have additionally “removed the entry for the National Policy Institute from their public database of nonprofits and began a review, which remained active as of Monday,” the Times reported.

The Times also inquired whether Spencer’s repeated endorsements of President Donald Trump and solicitation of funds to “fight against Hillary Clinton” would have violated 501(c)(3) nonprofit rules prohibiting partisan speech “in official organization publications or at official functions of the organization.” But Louisiana State University law professor and former IRS attorney Philip T. Hackney told Times “as a technical matter, they can’t have violated the provision, because they weren’t a charity anyway.”

However, the political comments may come back into play if Spencer asks the IRS to reinstate its tax-exempt status, which is not automatic and requires IRS review.

Spencer’s defense was not exactly encouraging. “I don’t know what to say,” he said to the Los Angeles Times. “I don’t want to make a comment because I don’t understand this stuff. It’s a bit embarrassing, but it’s not good. We’ll figure it out.”

I am not an attorney although I’ve spent more than enough on them to pay my way through law school. In my opinion, Richard’s likes of Trump are legit and should not disqualify the NPI from tax-exempt status. Jared Taylor has also liked Trump in various statements.

Neither Amren nor NPI has endorsed Trump. Likewise, the folks at the SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center) said many good things about Obama, although that tax-exempt organization never endorsed him.

Spencer is right. This is a minor embarrassment, but it will be worked out.


10 thoughts on “Richard Spencer’s National Policy Institute Stripped of Tax Exempt Status by IRS

  1. Spencer gets on my nerves too much. He knows the angles that (((They))) usually go for when feeling out their prey. Taxes is priority number one. Plus a few public goof ups makes me wonder what he is playing at. The lack of serious in abiding by certain rules in order to make important social gains is bothersome to me. Amateur at best…

    • It all fits in with the Nazi salutes. He is doing more harm than good and therefore this is intentional. These non filings all happened after he took charge. Somebody there would have known what needed to be done – unless he kicked them out.

      • I don’t disbelieve you. And yes, he has to get his shit together. A number of people think he is a shill, and that too is bothersome…

  2. “repeated endorsements of President Donald Trump and solicitation of funds to “fight against Hillary Clinton” would have violated 501(c)(3) nonprofit rules prohibiting partisan speech “in official organization publications or at official functions of the organization.”

    Pretty much all Jewish groups, many or most of which would be tax exempt, demanded that nobody vote for Trump during all of 2016. This was in effect an endorsement of Hillary Clinton whether or not this was explicit. There are the ADL, B’nai Brith and God knows how many dozen other top level Israeli groups based in the USA, many in Washington. These Jew political operators are working to genocide the white race and maintain their octopus like stranglehold on all facets of US Society – the Vampire Squid. The SPLC constantly attacked anyone who supported Trump. The SPLC tried to smear Trump by saying that David Duke endorsed him, or was it the ADL, or both. The compliant US (((media))) ran such stories non stop.

    How many Jew groups pay tax anyway, even huge companies like Google and Facebook? To Jews, tax is for the goys and for chumps. How many Jew owned media companies, and Hollywood studios, pay tax and if so how much? Often it is in the order of 1% or so of income which is more like a tiny voluntary donation than taxation, as did Starbucks in the UK. Tax paid is of course a deductible item, just like donating money to a charity.

    The (((SPLC))) should not have tax exempt status and nor should any of these other groups which are in fact terrorist organizations. (((They))) terrorise white people and truth tellers non stop and are trying to wreck white European civilization. Hate laws were all written by Jews to silence and punish all thinking white people for Thought Crime. Like Arthur Topham in Canada whose website has been destroyed by these Jew aliens – legally. This dastardly Jew enterprise should not be tax deductible in any country with the exception of North Korea. Funny to think that Jews and the North Korean Govt both have the same aim…. The overthrow of the USA.
    Why do Jews try to wreck a country that they already own and control? Something schizophrenic and a little bit mad about the whole thing.

    With majority of Jew bosses and illiterate peasants the Soviet Union was a total flop, after killing all the 60 million (!) good, intelligent and hard working people. Just like Cambodia under Pol Pot. How would a USA full of dopey Africans and Muslims continue to function at current levels? At best it will be a vibrant rubbish dump and open sewer like Brazil, more likely Egypt and maybe just the darn Congo. Or Somalia.

  3. Lately I’ve read a great deal of Spencer’s work and while I think he’s a bit reckless I can’t say he’s a White Supremist. Separatist, certainly, but he never makes a claim that one race is superior to another. The fact the press constantly misrepresents him indicates there is a grudge and he is a target.

  4. I would imagine he is somewhat like me. I am just a private citizen with no “dog” in a bureaucratic hunt, thus I do not have to worry about the legal gobbledy-gook a charity or group like his must contend with. The only point of it anyway is to maintain control over us deplorables who are not connected or part of the Jew Matrix, but who might want to form an entity to advocate for our interests. It is interesting that there are rules in effect that prohibit a non-profit entity from political activity. Why should that be so? Political activity is the basis of our freedoms. Our Founding Fathers did not have to register with the gov’t (actually the British Crown wanted them dead for their political activity), thus it is pretty evident that it is a tool to control our speech, activity, and money regardless of the pretty Orwellian jew-speak they use to dress it up and justify it. It is inconvenient for Spencer, and will require effort to get re-instated, but he will be successful, at least under Trump. It certainly would not happen under a Hillary. Also, the Trump IRS has found thousands of pages of documentation, heretofore unknown, regarding the Obama IRS’s illegal activity against conservative groups during his Obama’s 2012 election campaign. Interesting.

  5. Oh, well, at least he’s sticking his neck out for us. Can’t say that about those criticizing him! That includes me!

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