Negro Feetsballer Pulled Down White Woman’s Top, Exposing Breast While Under Investigation for Beating Mudshark Girlfriend

The jigaboo seen sexually assaulting the white woman (or Latina) in the above photo plays for the NFL’s (National Felon League’s) Dallas Cowboys. His relationship with the unidentified woman is not known, but his mudshark white girlfriend has accused him of domestic violence, which is currently under investigation.

The Negrofication of football ought to leave any decent white man with a bad taste in his mouth and a finger ready to push the “Off” button on his TV when football comes on.

CBS Sports

Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott was caught on video pulling down a woman’s top and exposing her bare breast to a crowd of people during a St. Patrick’s Day celebration.

TMZ Sports obtained video of Elliott, drink in hand on the roof of a Dallas bar, reaching over and pulling down the woman’s shirt after she gestured toward her breasts and then toward Elliott. A second video showed Elliott reaching over and attempting to pull her shirt down again, only for the woman to slap his hand away and then expose her breasts on her own.

TMZ claims to have spoken with Elliott’s representatives, who in turn claimed that the woman was not upset and partied with Elliott and his friends after the incident. Per NBC’s Pro Football Talk, the NFL did not have a comment on the video.

Elliott, of course, is still under investigation by the NFL for five alleged incidents of domestic violence — all of which have been denied by Elliott — as CBS Sports NFL Insider Jason La Canfora reported back in October:

No charges were brought against Elliott on any of the five complaints after the prosecutor’s office determined “conflicting and inconsistent information across all incidents resulting in concern regarding the sufficiency of the evidence to support the filing of criminal charges.”

Commissioner Roger Goodell recently stated that there is “ no timetable ” for the conclusion of the investigation. For his part, Elliott has merely stated that he wants “ closure ” on the issue and that it seems like the NFL is dragging its feet on the investigation. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, meanwhile, has stated several times that the NFL has found nothing.



This latest incident is not likely to be part of that specific investigation, which relates to several incidents alleged to have occurred in 2016, but it could be construed as additional evidence in favor of the idea that it’s more likely than not that Elliott did commit domestic violence. It could also be construed as a violation of the league’s personal conduct policy on its own.

Note: The video itself is, obviously, not dispositive evidence that Elliott is guilty of the alleged incidents of domestic violence. The above paragraph makes no claim that it is. It merely states that the NFL could construe the video as additional evidence in favor of the idea, based on the way that Elliott has been shown to act toward women. The NFL does not operate under the same evidentiary standards as a court of law, as we have seen in the league’s investigation of other matters.

Either way, it is certainly not a good look for Elliott, the Cowboys, or the NFL. One of the most high-profile players on arguably the most high-profile teams in the league, Elliott is already under investigation for alleged inappropriate treatment of women; and whether the woman in the video is upset about it or not, the video sure seems to show Elliott making an unwanted sexual advance by pulling down the shirt of a woman that did not ask him to do so.

Watch the video below:

Read more at the Daily Mail and at Heavy. The domestic violence police report at Heavy lists Tiffany’s occupation as SEX SLAVE!


8 thoughts on “Negro Feetsballer Pulled Down White Woman’s Top, Exposing Breast While Under Investigation for Beating Mudshark Girlfriend

  1. His mud-shark will hit the wall fast from the partying and his beatings and be left high and dry with a half-breed picaninny. I actually do not care about these race-traitor smoke jumpers and care even less about expendable NFL foot-ball groids who do not have even enough sense to act with any sense, if only to protect their job/playing status.

  2. Jimbo here in Columbus, Ohio. Ezekiel Elliott is worshiped by the zombies that inhabit this part of the Midwest (also known as Ohio State football fans). Win a national championship and you can do no wrong. I always new this negro was no good despite his squeeky clean image.


    White people must also stop watching sports, cancel ESPN, sports illustrated, and all the liberal media

    Everytime you are watching sports with blacks, the white women next to you think that if you are glorifying blacks, it is okay for her to do the same too.

    By watching sports, you are enriching the black thugs, who will use YOUR money to trap more of YOUR WHITE WOMEN. You are essentially digging your own grave everytime you watch sports.

  4. Attractive. Not that I’d go there; just lamenting the loss for our race. Before getting colored by the purple crayon, she certainly was the cream of the crop. Now, the physiognomy and telegony will soon show up on her face and in her offspring, respectively.

  5. Of course the groid is assured that the legions of mindless White zealots will still worship him for his skill at African ball and will make total Aholes of themselves every Sunday worshipping him at the altar of fandom. He is a sports God and can do no wrong.

  6. Yuk! inter-species intercourse, disgusting. The only sport I watch is MotoGP, 100% white, groids can’t concentrate for 2 seconds let alone the immense concentration required to win a race against people of equal skill. Only 7 day’s to go before season starts.

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