Free Online Book: Jewish Supremacism by David Duke

I found this book while responding to a comment from a newbie here criticizing us for hating on Jews so much.

Link to text file

Here’s the response I left to Metal Goddess in the post about mandatory DNA testing legislation:

Jews support nationalism for their group, but smear white people as racists and Nazis for defending the idea that Western countries should be populated by their tribes.

Jews have long been the wealthiest ethnic group in America and the world by virtue of Christians turning over the control of money to them in the Middle Ages.

Jews call themselves “God’s chosen people.” That’s called Jewish Supremacism. Here’s a well-documented free book on the subject.

One woman I know won’t read anything by the author because he’s been smeared so often. The truth is truth. The documentation is clear.

By the way, I can point you to a work by the most prominent academic in Mexico who claims the Mexicans are the superior race. He’s highly respected. It seems any group can claim to be the supreme race except white people, who must be bred out of existence according to the Marxist narrative.

3 thoughts on “Free Online Book: Jewish Supremacism by David Duke

  1. The title “Jewish Supremacist” is very clever and an expression I invariably use when discussing so called “White Supremacists”.
    Duke knows that the term supremacist is damaging, that is why the Jews invented it, to tar whites, and he has flung this dung back at them.

    Even the idea that mankind is supreme in the environment is a bit on the nose these days. Many people can see that mankind is wrecking the world for all species – not just man. How can this be supreme?

    The word is more appropriate for God as in Supreme Being.

  2. Yes, amazing how powerful is the Jew Matrix influence. Israel practices eugenics for all intents and purposes. No one can immigrate to Israel without absolute proof of jewish descension/lineage. So 99.99999999% of the world is shut out of Israel by law, practice, and brute force, and the U.S. is condemned by the world (due to jew propaganda) for wanting to limit immigration, travel, and control its sovereign borders against malicious people. Only the jew could be so clever and deceitful as to brain-wash billions of people and turn them against the only hope for the world, the USA.

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