College removes scales from gym after students complain it’s ‘triggering’


Why doesn’t this story, spreading far and wide on the media, identify WHO was triggered so badly that the weight scales had to be removed from a Canadian college?

I say it was feminists, although I don’t know for sure. Kowtowing to fatties with “eating disorders” (gluttony) is for losers.


For people with eating disorders, stepping on a scale can be very triggering. A college in Canada is taking extreme measures to make sure this doesn’t happen.

Ottawa’s Carleton University has decided to get rid of all the scales at their gym. Athletics have put up a sign where the scales used to be that explains that they were removed to encourage people to focus on other ways of measuring their health beyond just their weight.

Bruce Marshall, manager of health and wellness at Athletics, told the school’s paper, The Charlatan, that: “We don’t believe being fixated on weight has any positive effect on your health and well-being.”

Some people are not happy with the decision and #bringbackthescale has appeared on twitter with some people saying obesity is also a disorder and scales can actually help obese people keep track of losing or gaining weight.

6 thoughts on “College removes scales from gym after students complain it’s ‘triggering’

  1. I never understood why weight has such an impact in the people’s mindset. I wouldn’t mind being heavy 150 Kg (330 lbs), even 200 Kg (440 lbs), if that would mean bones and muscles only. Such weight in nowadays diversity is a God’s given gift (advantage). Heavy weight punch in some BLM Nigga would be devastating to his Simian jaw. Same with Sand-coons, one punch and he is with his virgins in an instant.

    The problem is fat (tallow), which can’t be hidden by removing (hiding) scales. One could be 60 Kg (132 lbs) and still disgustingly obese if covered with a visible layer of tallow.

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