Alleged Nazi Commander, Now Age 98, Living in U.S. Sought by Poland for Trial

It’s disappointing to read that Poland is Jewing for the Jews.

There are important moral questions to consider, however.

First, there should be no statute of limitations on murder. Most people would agree with that.

Second, is killing in time of war murder? If it is called that, then the incentive is for men on the losing side to fight to the death to the last man. If you’re going to be tried for murder, then you have much less incentive to wave the white flag of surrender. Do we really want to prolong wars that way?

A drama is unfolding in Poland and Minnesota that raises this and other moral issues. A former German troop commander claims he was not at the site of an attack on a village that resulted in civilian deaths. Even if he was, would an attack during wartime that killed civilians be murder?

Britain’s Bomber Harris carried out awful bomb attacks on German civilians in World War II. A strong case could be made that he and other top allied officials, including Winston Churchill, were murderers. Except they were on the winning side.

The vengeful Jews who will be writing about this case want blood. But what about the “murder” of Palestinians by Israeli forces? Should those Jewish soldiers be tried for murder too?

NBC News

WARSAW, Poland — Poland will seek the arrest and extradition of a Minnesota man exposed by The Associated Press as a former commander in an SS-led unit that burned Polish villages and killed civilians in World War II, prosecutors said Monday.

Prosecutor Robert Janicki said evidence gathered over years of investigation into U.S. citizen Michael K. confirmed “100 percent” that he was a commander of a unit in the SS-led Ukrainian Self Defense Legion.

He did not release the last name, in line with Poland’s privacy laws, but the AP has identified the man as 98-year-old Michael Karkoc, from Minneapolis.

“All the pieces of evidence interwoven together allow us to say the person who lives in the U.S. is Michael K., who commanded the Ukrainian Self Defense Legion which carried out the pacification of Polish villages in the Lublin region,” Janicki said.

The decision in Poland comes four years after the AP published a story establishing that Michael Karkoc commanded the unit, based on wartime documents, testimony from other members of the unit and Karkoc’s own Ukrainian-language memoir.

Karkoc’s family has repeatedly denied he was involved in any war crimes and his son questioned the validity of the evidence against him after Poland’s announcement, calling the accusations “scandalous and baseless slanders.”

“There’s nothing in the historical record that indicates my father had any role whatsoever in any type of war crime activity,” said Andriy Karkoc.

He questioned the Polish investigation, saying “my father’s identity has never been in question nor has it ever been hidden.”

In Poland, prosecutor Andrzej Pozorski said Karkoc would be given a full opportunity to tell his story.

“This person has not been questioned in the capacity of a suspect so it is hard to react to his explanations, because we don’t know them,” said Pozorski who heads the investigative team at a state institute.

Prosecutors with the National Remembrance Institute, which investigates Nazi and Communist-era crimes against Poles, have asked a court in Lublin to issue an arrest warrant for Karkoc. If granted, Poland would seek his extradition, as Poland does not allow trial in absentia, Janicki said.

He added the man’s age was no obstacle in seeking to bring him before justice.

Prosecutors in Germany shelved their own investigation of Karkoc in 2015 after saying they had received “comprehensive medical documentation” from doctors at the geriatric hospital in the U.S. where he was being treated that led them to conclude he was not fit for trial.

The investigations in Germany and Poland began after AP’s story in June 2013, which established Karkoc was a commander of the unit and then lied to American immigration officials to get into the United States a few years after the war.

A second report uncovered evidence that Karkoc himself ordered his men in 1944 to attack a Polish village in which dozens of civilians were killed, contradicting statements from his family that he was never at the scene.

Is any 98 year old fit for trial? There’s another moral issue. This man is no danger to anyone now. He’s not Charles Manson. So what do you think should be his fate?

19 thoughts on “Alleged Nazi Commander, Now Age 98, Living in U.S. Sought by Poland for Trial

  1. 1. It’s generally overreach to put a 98 year old on trial for something that happened 70+ years ago.

    2. 98 minus 72 is 26. Was this 26 year old really a major leader in the German hierarchy? I doubt it!

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  3. This man was not even in the German Army. How can he possibly get a fair trial? There will be no living witnesses and the only documents will be sketchy at best. Soviet ones will be full of lies. Even as “commander” at his tender age, he would not have had full control over his own soldiers, who were volunteers, not fully trained solders like the German Army. I think he should only be tried if it can be proved he personally murdered one or more civilians.

    if this man can be tried, why are no members of the former NKVD charged for the mass murder of 60 million Christians in the Soviet Union? This has never happened and never will. Is it because the killers were Jews? What about the murders of German civilians by Soviet soldiers, and the ordered mass gang rapes of ten million or so German women and girls by the Siberian invaders of Germany? Many of these female victims committed suicide. Recall that the Soviets were the “good guys” armed by the British and the US – not the evil Axis.

    The Soviets committed non stop war crimes in Poland even when allied with Nazi Germany – what about the NKVD murders in Katyn Forest, of 35,000 of the top leaders of the Polish nation? Who has ever been charged with this, and it happened only a year or two before this crime. In fact, Germans were executed for the Katyn Forest massacre at the Nuremburg Kangaroo Courts, even though everyone knew the Soviets did it. The Soviet killers sat on the judges benches, not in the dock where they should have been.

    How many US soldiers in Afghanistan or Iraq killing people this Century are likley to be tried 75 years afterwards for war crimes? The idea is preposterous.

    • These are great and true points. Yes, it is quite telling that the Bolshevik jews were never held responsible for genocidal actions, and that after WWII, the so called “war crimes” trials did not include the Soviet’s atrocities against the Germans. Ah, but who was behind the war crimes trials? The kikes have been given carte blanche to do anything: kidnapping/assassination (both prohibited by international law), calumny, anything to justify their quest for “justice”, when it has been the jews who created the chaos, death, and destruction in the 20th century and continue to this day. I pray that our jew-infested gov’t does not give in to any extradition requests.

    • The winning side (USA, USSR, etc) are the ones who hold the post-war trials. The losers take it. That’s just the way it is.

  4. It’s disappointing to read that Poland is Jewing for the Jews……..because this is “POLAND” not POLAND ……99,9% in govermnent are JEWS !!!~they has many white whores so you have – disappointing

  5. Speaking of “War Crimes”, look up the books “An Eye For an Eye” by John Sack, “Other Losses” by James Bacque and “Hellstorm” by Thomas Goodrich.

  6. Why wouldn’t Poles want see Germans imprisoned or dead? The Germans were horrible to the God fearing White men and women of Poland.

    I fucking hate Hitler and his crew. All he did was get millions of White men killed. I don’t give a shit if the holocaust is legit or not, as I don’t give a fuck what happens to jews but Hitler was a piece of shit who’s only real accomplishment was getting millions of White men killed and destroying Europe in all manner of ways

    Can’t think of many men who have done as much damage to the White race as Hitler and his fucking dipshits

    • The idea that Poles, etc. are racially inferior is shockingly stupid, but that was Hitler’s belief. Well, maybe they do or maybe they don’t measure up to the Germans, but it’s not exactly like the gap is as wide as between whites and Africans.

    • The man charged is not German he is Ukrainian. There is or was a lot of hatred between Ukrainians and Poles and between Ukrainians and Jews in Western Ukraine. Maybe a lot of the Jews were Polish. This part of Ukraine used to be part of Poland for many years, and also Austria at another time. Stefan Banderas, national Ukrainian hero, killed a lot of Polish people and forced others to leave from the 1930s on. His units fought both the Germans and then the Soviet Union until about the mid 1950s (without Banderas who was held prisoner in Germany). Not a bad effort fighting two totalitarian superpowers at the same time. He was only briefly an ally of the Nazis in bumping off a few Jews in Lviv. Banderas activities would now be known as ethnic cleansing such as as practiced in Yugoslavia after the breakup. He told the Poles – move to Poland or get killed, it is your choice. Hitler – master at forming friends and alliances (sarcasm) – locked up Banderas and his brothers in German concentration camps. Only Stepan survived until being murdered by the Soviet KGB in 1959 in Munich.

      So, this is another reason this Ukrainian guy would not get a fair trial in Poland. They know he has nothing to do with Stepan Banderas, and even opposed him, but that will not change their prejudice against him.

      At 98 he may be the oldest person ever charged with a serious crime.

      • Historical note: After WWI, the French/British deliberately isolated two groups of Germans (one group in the Sudentenland (modern day Czech Republic) and the other group in Poland in the vicinity of Danzig. These two groups were deliberately geographically isolated from Germany proper. Before WWII, the Czechs and Poles perpetrated atrocities against these Germans, and the German government could do nothing to assist them. Hitler deliberately invaded both regions/states to reclaim and re-incorporate these Germans back into the Fatherland. His concern was for his people and his country as it should be.

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