Jew Columnist Calls for Rep. Steve King to be DEPORTED (He was born in the USA)


I don’t go looking for opportunities to be “antisemitic.” I just follow the news and go where the news leads me.

So much of the time when there’s someone stirring the pot, that someone turns out to be a Jew. Of course, by identifying that person as a Jew (which is not the same as a European white person, but rather a race of Turkic origins), it may seem that I’m targeting Jews for demonization.

If Jews were willing to say that they have their own ethnostate and so diverse Europeans should also have their ethnostates too, I’d have far fewer problems with Jews.

But Jews want to destroy the white race and all white countries via race mixing, something they won’t do in their country.

The author of this piece is Rex Huppke, a Jew.

Excerpt from Chicago Tribune

It’s never easy to be a truth-teller, but as a white man I feel it necessary to say what many in this country are thinking: It’s time to start deporting certain white men.

Not all of them, of course. Some are quite good.

But people like Iowa Rep. Steve King have got to go — for the good of our culture, our demographics and our civilization.

I reached that conclusion Sunday after King got on Twitter to express his agreement with the views of virulently anti-Muslim Dutch politician Geert Wilders.

“Wilders understands that culture and demographics are our destiny,” King tweeted. “We can’t restore our civilization with somebody else’s babies.”

Allow me to translate that from hate to English: “Somebody else’s babies” means Muslim babies. “Our civilization” means white Christian civilization. “Restore” implies that said civilization has already been destroyed by the baby-having Muslims. And “our destiny” is just some generic white nationalist blah-blah.

That translation can be confirmed by viewing the political cartoon attached to King’s tweet, a drawing that shows Wilders with his finger in a wall that’s barely holding back a flood of green goop with crescent moons and stars in it while saber-wielding Muslim men protest in the background.

So much for subtlety.

Putting aside the dystopia-fetish that prompts men like King to think American civilization is in ruins, the congressman’s anti-brown-baby tweet should be racist enough to disqualify him from public office.

If you disagree with that, take a look at how David Duke, the overtly racist and anti-Semitic former Klan leader, responded on Twitter: “GOD BLESS STEVE KING!!! #TruthRISING.”

High praise from low places is rarely a good thing, but King will probably be fine. Given an opportunity to walk back his tweet Monday morning on CNN, King simply said, “Of course I meant exactly what I said.” Cruelty seems en vogue these days among certain white men.

Let Israel restore its civilization with Muslim babies, Rex. We’re tired of you Jews screaming racist at us, while you promote our destruction, while defending your race, you hypocrite.

4 thoughts on “Jew Columnist Calls for Rep. Steve King to be DEPORTED (He was born in the USA)


    This bears repeating. What Mr. King said is NORMAL.

    It is NORMAL for a person to care about himself (make breakfast for himself in the morning), to care for his own family, his own home, his own car, his business, his own race, and his own country.

    To criticize these normal behaviors is abnormal.

    Therefore, liberals, especially Judaists, like Rex Huppke, are abnormal.

    Why did your mother not teach you that it is NORMAL to care for your own self, your own family, your own race? Where was she?

    Where was your mother, Rex?

    Rex–you need to be deported–to a mental asylum, since you seem to seem not to understand normal from abnormal.

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