Ferguson Protests Restarted as New Michael “Gentle Giant” Brown Video Emerges


A sh*t stirring documentary filmmaker has surfaced with what he claims is new video evidence that Michael Brown was innocent and thus did not deserve to be shot and killed. The result has been new protests in Ferguson, Missouri, the town where Brown was gunned down while trying to take a police officer’s gun away from him.

Nothing here is of interest except to professional anti-racist cop haters. Michael Brown was a ghetto rat who deserved his fate.

By the way, the sh*t stirrer is a … you guessed it … a (((tribeman.)))


St Louis Today

ST. LOUIS • Citing previously unseen surveillance footage, a documentary that debuted Saturday at a popular film festival in Austin, Texas, claims that Michael Brown didn’t rob a Ferguson convenience store moments before he was fatally shot by police Aug. 9, 2014.

It instead asserts that Brown’s altercation with the shop was part of a misunderstanding tied to a possible drug transaction he had with store employees on a prior visit.

The new surveillance video used in the film, “Stranger Fruit,” suggests Brown first showed up at Ferguson Market and Liquor about 1 a.m., many hours before he and police faced off.

Filmmaker Jason Pollock argues that Brown first exchanged a small amount of marijuana with store clerks for two boxes of cigarillos in his early morning visit that day, according to a clip of the documentary included in a story by the New York Times.

At the last second before leaving the store, Brown gave the cigarillos back to the store clerks who put them behind the counter, according to the clip. The documentary asserts that Brown left the merchandise at the store to retrieve at a later point.

After Brown was shot by then- Ferguson police Officer Darren Wilson later that day near Canfield Green Apartments, police released video of Brown strong arming his way out of the same store with cigarillos. His encounter with Wilson soon followed.

“Mike did not rob the store,” says the film narrator.

“It was a misunderstanding,” Brown’s mother, Lezley McSpadden, adds.

On Sunday, Ferguson Market co-owner And Patel disputed part of the documentary’s account. He said he wasn’t working the night the newly released footage was shot. If some kind of transaction or exchange occurred then, Patel said, he isn’t aware of it.

But Patel, 59, said that during the later encounter at the store, Brown “grabbed the cigarillos and stole them.”

Patel is the man being grabbed and shoved by Brown in the previously released video recorded minutes before Brown’s fatal encounter with Wilson.

During that Aug. 9 encounter, Patel said, Brown grabbed the cigarillos, knocking some of them to the ground. Patel says he came around from behind the register to the front of the counter and demanded payment from Brown for the cigarillos. That is when Brown grabbed him and shoved him backward into a display of snacks, Patel said. A customer then called 911, Patel said.


The video evidence in question is embedded below. The store owner’s attorney claims that the video has been edited to make Brown appear to innocent of the later theft.

CNN reports that a small group of protesters has taken to the streets in Ferguson on Sunday night. The report also discusses the controversy over the new evidence.

9 thoughts on “Ferguson Protests Restarted as New Michael “Gentle Giant” Brown Video Emerges

  1. Who would of guessed it another Jew stirring the racist pot! Why would we give a rats ass? In light of all the white bashing in the media, university’s and local These black people are on their own ..good luck !

    • The Boston media was on this like sharks that smell blood in the water. Here we go again. “Mikey Brown he beeze a gud boi he dindu nuffins”

      Right away I knew there were hook noses behind this as well as every other pot stirring incident “oy vey!”

      Also I’m sure others who are awake must be aware of the fire storm of sudden recent incidents of anti semitic graffiti on sin-a-gogues, joo community centers and grave yards. The media her has stirred up the sheeple “these unspeakable acts will be prostituted to the fullest extent of the law…etc yadda yadda. How much ya wanna bet a jew of jooze are behind this false flag mischief….are they planning to hatch another 9-11….or worse?

      • I know, the Yids and their simian house pets burn down heir own cribs and blame it on YT. The jooze have trained their nappy haired shock troops well. Amazing that hardly any the monkeys know who he biggest slave dealers were of that the yids refer to them as “shvartzes”

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    • Did Jesus tell him to strong arm a tiny dark skinned man while stealing a $50 box of cigars? More shopkeepers should tool up and kill (not wound) these black robbers at the time of the robbery. This will save the cops a lot of trouble.
      The cigar theft was robbery with violence – not shop lifting, for which shooting would not be permitted.
      If black men are allowed to steal and rob with impunity, all shops in black neighborhoods will close down.

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