Clever Ramzpaul Calls Out the Jew While Declaring “God bless the Jews”

Ramzpaul defends Rep. Steve King’s Tweet that exploded liberal heads and brought widespread condemnation from Republicans too. Three minutes of common sense, including a nod toward the Jew’s role in destroying white countries.

Of course, he is correct. The Dutch can only survive by having Dutch babies. Importing a horde of Turks who wave the Turkish flag and scream for the death of the native Dutch will not end well. The Turks must be sent back to their own country.

H/T to Originist, who put me on to this video.

8 thoughts on “Clever Ramzpaul Calls Out the Jew While Declaring “God bless the Jews”

  1. Thanks, PJ. Though I’ve long championed Paul Ramsey as the most successful infiltrator in AmRen (possibly in all America), I’m in disbelief that he went as far as he did. Most nationalists repeating what he said would be removed from their annual amren conference ASAP. I don’t know if he’s indeed still an agent who’s cleverly revealing just enough truth to get us (((wise))) realists on his side, or if he’s genuine. Though I should simply look into his face to remember why I suspect him, I’m still scratching my head. And if he is genuine, does he really think we’ll accept him as white?

    • Sometimes it’s just better to accept things at face value and not drive yourself crazy thinking of all the implications. It’s just a great 3 minute video. Accept it at that and see what happens in the future with Ramz.

      • Indeed. You should have posted some of his tweets before you made this article. Look at it – he made 14 tweets and made 88 references to Israel and Jews. He even criticized Amazon for bowing to Israeli pressure to silence holocaust denial.

      • He has awoken to the Jewish question, without hate or antisemitism. I wonder if Jared Taylor has banned him from amren this year.

        Thanks, I had pretty much ignored him for the last year. Not anymore.

      • Paul Ramsey is still tweeting about it here and there. I think you should investigate this matter further and do another post, and also to voice your newfound admiration for him. Just don’t remind your commenters that ramzpaul doesn’t think he’s a Jew himself… haha.

  2. Wow, that was great. I think he’s got more stamina and strength to do the right thing no matter how much hot water it gets him in.

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