Alt-Light Jew Puppet Gavin McInnes Delivers Confusing Messages about Jews

Gavin McInnes has become a cultural icon for some reason. His essays published at Taki magazine were always popular and still are as far as I know.

He’s now the star at (((Ezra Levant’s))) Rebel Media, which seems to be a Jewish effort to co-opt the alt-right.

His recent trip to Israel has generated a controversy that has left him with looking foolish.

Dr. David Duke quotes Gavin:

To which Gavin rudely responded:

This video explains the war that seems to going on in Gavin’s mind. It’s eleven minutes long.

Alt-Right News reported the original Gavin statements about the Jews. Since this story appeared, he’s attempted to claim that he was taken out of context and his meaning distorted.

Gavin was responding to Richard Spencer, who posted this 2 minute video:

Gavin says the 2 minute video below shows what he really thinks about the Holocaust, which is definitely kosher approved.

Gavin is a disgusting public figure who gets too much attention.

He is pyschologically disturbed. He is controlled opposition.

He is a race mixer in his personal life.

He’s not anyone we should admire.

3 thoughts on “Alt-Light Jew Puppet Gavin McInnes Delivers Confusing Messages about Jews

  1. Holodomor is the Russian variant. Correct spelling in English is Holodomir, the Ukrainian word. The killers do not get to choose the title, the victims do. Jews know all about that with the Holohoax. Germans called it The Final Solution To The Jewish Problem, and I do not think Jews like that name very much. Too much truth in it.
    Duke is right. Most of the killers during the Holodomir were Jews in the Cheka. The Cheka was led by Jews all the way up until and including Beria – every single leader from 1917 was always a Jew. probably after Beria too, I have not researched this question as to how many Jew led the KGB. Lots, no doubt. In 1990 there were about 7 million bums/parasites “working” for the KGB and probably most of them were Jews. Lots of KGB officers were wealthy soon after the Soviet breakup – if not before, like all good Socialists

  2. This cuck MacInnes is not even an American. Apparently, he is English and Canadian and married to some sort of Indio woman. This guy gets his shekels from being an “edgy entertainer”. He is also based in NYC as is his wife’s career. NYC is jew-central. This guy is a jew shill who will do nothing to cross the jews. That is kind of a problem with being a “celebrity”. (See Glen Cuck, I mean Beck, Hannity, Limbaugh et al). All of these guys are wealthy entertainers who know where their bread is buttered and will not cross the jews. I understand that they are just performers and read nothing else into them, but if like this CuckInnes guy, if you are going to talk it, you best walk it too. You have to stay on the Jude’s good side to maintain your celebrity, and by God, nothing as petty as being a true white nationalist and true to your race will be allowed to interrupt the shekel-flow.

    • We’re in pretty close agreement. Hannity and Rush are more palatable to me than to you, but I do understand your point. I like the way they defend Trump, who also is far from perfect.

      McInnes essays at Taki are often good, but he’s become such a suck up that it’s hard to take him. Even old Taki himself is willing to take the Jews to task from time to time.

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