Hoax Alert! Holocaust Denial Graffiti Found on Seattle Synagogue

Hoax alert!

NBC News

One of Seattle’s largest synagogues spent Saturday cleaning up Holocaust denial graffiti in what leaders say is the first time the house of worship has been the subject of such blatant anti-Semetic attacks.

The disturbing message — “Holocaust is fake history!” with the letter “S” replaced by a dollar sign — comes as Jewish community centers and cemeteries across the country are grappling with a rise in bomb threats and vandalism.

Notice the subtly slanted reporting: “disturbing message.”

It’s not disturbing to me. Not at all. But by using those words the writer implants an idea in one’s mind that is hard to shake off.

“There were two things we felt: shock and sadness, and resistance,” Senior Rabbi Daniel Weiner, of Temple De Hirsch Sinai, told NBC News. “We were shocked that this had reached our own community and that such things, such stereotypes had become frequent. But we are also adamant to not give in to the intolerance and growing climate of hate in Seattle and our nation, and will resist.”

Weiner said that a Seattle police officer who was walking off-duty in the area spotted the message at 5 a.m. Friday and immediately contacted the synagogue and opened an investigation. Police have increased their patrols and the case has now moved to the Seattle Police Department’s bias crimes unit as the search for suspects continues.

NBC News reached out to Seattle police for comment Saturday.

Weiner said a neighbor of the temple saw the vandalism and immediately rushed to put up a “Love Wins” sign written on a bed sheet to obscure the graffiti. He thanked the neighbor personally, but took the message down.

“Love wins.” People are such idiots today. Hate always wins when there’s diversity around. That’s why Jews promote diversity.

“We wanted people to confront this reality,” Weiner said.”It is difficult to pinpoint a direct causative link between these crimes and politics, but I know that those who remained silent before are now empowered to lash out at the communities they have an issue with.”

The synagogue, which was founded in 1889 and is one of the biggest in the Pacific Northwest with more than 1,500 families, also faced a scare from a suspicious package left on its doorstep later Friday. Leaders chose to err on the side of caution, calling the Seattle police to investigate.

How can reporters write comedy such as this with a straight face?

Oy vey! Muh Jew overplayed his hand by reporting the book as a suspicious package. Wouldn’t it be nice if the police exposed this one as a hoax? Don’t bet on it in insanely liberal Seattle.

15 thoughts on “Hoax Alert! Holocaust Denial Graffiti Found on Seattle Synagogue

  1. Rabbi…what you doing??? The neighbor saw the person…who was it ??? All bullshit..they must want money or sympathy or their favorites ((censorship)) Bezos of Amazon just took all Holocaust revisionism books off their site ..Liberal Jews love censorship..you can’t discuss the Holohoax but transgender,gay,pedofiles are ok to discuss and be ..WAKE UP GENTILES..

  2. It said the holocaust is fake, no word about killing Jews. Shows you where their identity lies; in a single event which must automatically give them status and privilege. Never mind the millions who died to ensure that 6 million was avenged and never be subjected to that again. Ignore those sacrifices, it was only Gentiles and they don’t count. That arrogance does not go unnoticed or forgiven.

  3. I think when $ signs are used like that it was not Jews. They do not want to draw attention to the fact that the holohoax is the biggest compensation heist in history, greater even than 911 which was also a heist, crime, mass murder and insurance scam done by Jews. To me the $4 billion insurance claim is the smoking gun, or icing on the cake – what other group would think to make big money while pulling off political aims such as destroying oh, about 7 Arab nations, using the loyal and obedient US attack dog? This insurance claim was Jew hubris writ large. Arabs would not have dared create such obvious evidence of criminal greed around a mass murder.

    The WWII Jew scheme is a fraud on white do gooder taxpayers everywhere and especially Germany which still pays through the nose and so does the USA. Why do any Allied Govts have to pay any cash compensation or aid to wealthy Israel, such as the USA, UK, Australia and Canada? Only Germany and Austria should get squeezed.
    When will the victims claims and liability ever end, do these 99% “death camp” survivors needing $$$ live for ever? Almost all should have died of old age by now.
    Even if the fantastic and magical 6 million number is true, there is no other group of victims/survivors of 20th Century and 21st Century mass murder (including war crimes such as A Bombs on Jap civilians, and Dresden) getting any compensation at all. Such as Soviet citizens especially Russians and Ukrainians, Chinese, Vietnamese, Cambodians, Rwandans, Christians, Palestinians, Armenians. Some Russian and Ukrainian victims of German WWII war crimes, such as forced labourers, got a pathetic $1,000 or less per family from the German Govt during the last ten years or so. Jews are taking so much cash there is nothing left for real victims!!!

    Why do not Iraqi and Libya victims and relatives get big payouts in compensation for the recent USA and NATO war crimes of aggression?

    • Most of the mass murders I mentioned above were carr9ed out by Communist Governments on their own citizens in peace time. Nobody in the FSU has received a cent for these mass murders. The (((Guilty))) got away with the crimes Scot free and the (((soviets))) even got help from the Allies a few years later during WWII.

    • I found a Larry Silverstein video, which I think I have somewhere in drafts. I’ve been meaning to post it. It does put a human face on him, which is good. When we think of Soros we can put a face to the name.

  4. These “anti-semitic” events (vandalism, bomb threats, flyers etc.) have occurred with some frequency recently yet no “perpetrators” have been apprehended, or they have been exposed as hoaxes. Odd that when niggers around the country were spraying graffiti/vandalizing Confederate monuments, there was nary a word by the (((MSM))). Now that jews are the poor, oppressed, down-trodden, persecuted “victims”, the (((MSM))) and the authorities are tripping over themselves to get their man. Odd that when the entire U.S. population has suffered terribly from jew treachery e.g. the jew-controlled Fed Reserve wrecking our money, sending our jobs overseas, championing open borders, gutting our middle class, perverting our schools and entertainment, etc., nary a word. Also, odd that when evil YT is being victimized by colored minorities and illegal aliens, crickets from the (((press))). This quote from the article, “We wanted people to confront this reality,” Weiner said.”It is difficult to pinpoint a direct causative link between these crimes and politics, but I know that those who remained silent before are now empowered to lash out at the communities they have an issue with.” shows that the kike quoted is trying to blame this incident on us deplorable Trump supporters. These brazen kikes have no shame. Just a quick note: The article says that this synagogue was established in 1889. The jews started their great migration from Russia and Europe in 1870. They sure wasted no time in parasitizing the U.S.

  5. The jew are very worried right now. With The Trumpenfeuhrer’s election the worm has turned. I read many, many blogs and associated news articles. The comments from the blogs and news articles are good indicators that Caucasian Americans are waking up. My friends, who are evil, racist, sexist, homophobe, xenophobe, Islamaphobe, anti-semites like me, are awake and aware. There are many evil YT’s (your standard SWPL Eloi) who are still asleep, but they might never awaken. Suffice to say that the Jew Matrix/Big Jew is worried. They are ramping up and fabricating all of this “it is a new Holocaust” nonsense, because they can see the signs. The Israeli lobby is the largest, most wealthy, and powerful lobbying group in the U.S. Not to mention that jews already control the majority of U.S. wealth and our vital entities (the press, money supply, the government, our politicians/political parties, the media, our professions). Ironically, the jews have used our freedoms and system of gov’t, law and order against us for purpose of destroying us Caucasians and replacing us with their non-Caucasian pets they think that they can control for they are a clever and deceitful people. (((They))) want to destroy us evil YT’s but preserve the U.S. as a colony for its natural resources and land that they can exploit for Israel’s benefit or use as a life-boat if they ever had to evacuate Israel. This sociopathic people are treacherous and dangerous to our existence.

  6. Never visit Seattle. Nicest area I have been to in the PNW is Eastern and especially South Eastern Washington—rolling hills of wheat with small towns stuck in the 1950s. Dayton, WA, is incredible…

  7. I’d put yehoodiefetzen, there being reality affirming graffitians bricked up inside the erzatz Roman fort remain’s in Jerusalem,
    that multi-task’s as crocodile tears of a whining clown-kike wall,
    and cottaging-frottaging mocky moishe mongoloid cock-chopetropolis warm brother hub.

    Directly opposite the yadda yadda flushem memorial to all that is pitifully,risibly, snigger suppressingly grotesque,
    A poetically just invitation to,
    just this once,
    it’s copacetically Christian, to mock the afflicted.
    Damn the heathen, the turk and the jew!!
    Sunday makes it an Obligation.

    The riposte to the limp-wristed mincingly lisped inquiry,
    “What’s so funny about peace love and understanding?”
    the same unholy trinity.
    Followed by a back handed slap for a male,

    “That’s a good question” if it’s a bird not obviously
    Mengele fashioned from golda meir/sarah silverfish/barbara streisand

    More useless, than a nigger signer for the deaf,
    or a wog with a god not fit o be trusted with the welfare of a Sodom Arapian wife-dog.
    A poignant (((echo))) of Rabbi Far-i,s tikkun olam pimpathon, incestuouscatmunchegemony, freidman-familial exemplar’s.
    A paen to the revered learned peddlars of shite-stab.

    Guarded jealously through the age’s of bagel’s, rag-picking fleabaggery,
    rabbinic oral immoral tradition,
    in spreading oral rape of their new born, by respected soap-phobic, anti-hygrine holy homo yid riddling fiddie kiddler’s..

    Their gift of herpes a fitting quid pro quo by carny, carpet-bagging,
    moonlight-flitter’s, in rambam thank you Ferdinand y Isabella ma’am, talmuhdick petulant schizo cuckold sissy joo boy herkyjerky spasticky
    pathetically needy mendicant’s.
    For the price of a pack o’ Juicy Fruit.
    My favourite.

    Yellower than the run’s that comprise diarrhoea, yet losing the head to head, vis a vis “opinion” in the public (NAZI) square,
    in term’s of charm, wit,character, reputation.
    And endless secret planning of
    psychopathic mass murdering butchery of any and all,
    who are not soulless demonic pawn’s in the service of the lord of the kike’s.

    Gen Patton’s olfractory reference another easily avoidable St Simon of Trent,
    jjack the ripper,
    leo frank ,911,
    instance of a self inflicted coon.
    Bernay’s would be disgusseted!

    As to the rainbow fag pre-figuring perambulator’s of Himmelstrasse.
    Who on having been introduced personally to Dr Moreau,
    spittle flecked and raging.
    At being interrupted while tearing little hebe’s,
    solly’s, sophie’s, oiving’s and golda’s,
    limb from bloody limb,

    Showered, gassed and ovened.

    None successful in the reverse-moonwalk,
    backward’s for christmas,
    across the Irish Sea gas chamber escape gambit..

    Which along with pebble sucking rehydration,
    being adopted by wolf pack’s,
    fence evading apple angel’s,
    Soap based,hygeine aversion leading to lice and flea circus bubble’s.
    Not to mention the onerous travelling between Death Camp’s.
    ((no Club Class!!))) was de riguer among the cognescenti.

    Retaining only the legendary, never not recited, judaic quip quip jewray mental acuity ,
    long suffering martyr’s sang froid,
    and the foresight,
    to form smoke from their crispy cadaver’s,
    ranging across the colour spectrum.

    Olga lengyel’s “Five Chimney’s”
    Noting this milk toothed,clumsy,
    avatar of subsequent “hey schneerson, who yoo jooing?”
    hell is for homo’s,
    ineffably genius creative gift’..

    As an infallible pointer to, and proof,
    as to their location.
    pre incarceration/molechian incineration.

    To be immortalized like Dick Van Dyke and Santa, and forever associated
    with endearing chimney based antic’s?
    Julie Andrews a bit of “orl’ roight” too.
    Let’s go fry a kike.

    Chim chimeney, chim chim the jooz.

    Familial gang bang riven,
    genetic septic tank, humpty dumpty driven,
    one way ticket to BATSHIT INSANE!!!

    To defy defiantly, in complete defiance,
    Col Klink and his “I see nuttthhhink”
    goose stepping,
    Aesthetichally harmonious by any measure,

    impeccably tailored they had to admit,
    being inglorious rag peddling monkey’s,
    sans organ grinder.

    “based on the Boston Highway Patrol uniform you say?
    If there’s a prize for best dressed in yiddocaust two,
    those drunk gingermick bastard’s have helped
    our greatest threat since Christ look like the Belle of the Ball!!

    After another Great jew Hunger dodging croppy White nigger
    Paddy bastard saves Hitler, by wading in as a cop in Munich to break up a beer hall(((riot))) he was doomed to lose!!!???
    A scouse sister called Bridgit???

    By the abrogated shrimpshmekel of midget pedopoof roman pedolanski!!!
    the kray twin fudge packing pederasts!
    We’re not black hat’s1
    We’re BROWN HATTER’S!!!

    Sisyphus Gardening Uphill!!

    Submerged in terror in an unflushed cludgie,
    lumps and gravy,
    in the dinner-mashing navy,
    the solution final,
    in a public urinal,
    sufferink life through a straw,
    loving noahide law,
    how come to this?
    it started with a briss…

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