“Wise Latina” Justice Sotomayor Laments Public Perception of Judges as Political


The “wise Latina” on the Supreme Court must think that her **** doesn’t stink.

Red-pilled Americans know that Justice Sonia Sotomayor (suspected Jew) and other liberal judges make the law, while they are supposed to interpret it.

Here she laments the fact that conservatives know what she’s doing.

From legalizing abortion to legalizing sodomite marriage.


BERKELEY, Calif. (AP) — U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor said Thursday that she is saddened to see that many people have lost confidence in judges and believe they are political.

Sotomayor made the comments while taking questions from law students at the University of California, Berkeley. The school’s interim law school dean, Melissa Murray, served as Sotomayor’s clerk when the justice was a federal appellate court judge.

Sotomayor said judges try to be fair and impartial and don’t have rigid beliefs they apply to every case. She encouraged people to view judges as “human beings who care deeply about what we’re doing.”

“So don’t give up hope on us, OK,” she exhorted the audience.

Sotomayor did not mention President Donald Trump’s nominee to the court, Neil Gorsuch, whose confirmation hearing is scheduled to start later this month. And her comments lamenting the perception of judges made no reference to the president’s attacks on the judiciary.

Sotomayor, who walked around the auditorium shaking hands and hugging students as she spoke, was nominated by President Barack Obama in 2009 and became the court’s first Hispanic justice when the U.S. Senate confirmed her later that year.

She was asked what it was like to have only eight justices on the court since Justice Antonin Scalia’s death last year. Gorsuch would fill Scalia’s seat.

“We are talking more,” she said of the remaining justices. “We are trying to reach consensus more.”

She also said she initially found herself asking more questions when attorneys were making their arguments, though she has since pulled back.

“I was filling the dead space during the arguments,” she said. “With (Scalia) around, he usually was the first one to jump in and ask a question.”

Berkeley is a liberal cesspool. I’d like to see her try this talk in front of a group of Tea Party members.

8 thoughts on ““Wise Latina” Justice Sotomayor Laments Public Perception of Judges as Political

  1. it’s explained very well in the book ‘The vision of the anointed’ by Thomas Sowell. It deals with amongst other things the judges and their changing roles from interpreting the law to making the law. In a nutshell it explains how the jews took over peoples decision making in America but alas if you think Sowell is going too mention the jews you’re crazy. People on this page will know that’s who he’s talking about though.

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  3. “(((Sotomayor))) said judges try to be fair and impartial and don’t have rigid beliefs they apply to every case. She encouraged people to view judges as “human beings who care deeply about what we’re doing.””

    The Jewsupremacist Court do indeed “care deeply” and that is why they never make the Right decisions. They always makes the Left decisions. They are trying to destroy the USA. It is their mission and why they were appointed by scumbag traitor Presidents.

    An umpire that “cares deeply” will always make sure his chosen side wins and so it goes for a referee at a boxing match. If he “cares deeply” and has a big bet on.

    The fix is in when 4 Jews out of 8 members make up the Supremacist Court. Jews should make up only 2 of every 100 judges appointed – that would be one Jew appointed every 50 years or so and never if another was already sitting on the Bench.

    The 8 Supremes do have “rigid beliefs”. They are not fair and they are not impartial. They love circus freaks, terrorists. illegal invaders, criminals and non whites. They hate normal tax paying people especially white married men and women. They hate white nationalists. They love Muslims and blacks. (((They))) want to turn the USA in to Uganda or Somalia, but with legalised homosexuality. Utopia!

  4. This article at a jewish site keeps up the pretense that Sotomayer is not a jewess, and that she was poor, but I have information in some of my older files which would dispute that on both counts. Regardless, it is obvious where her sympathies and Jewry’s lie. They lie together.

    “Jewish groups don’t endorse US Supreme Court nominees, at least in writing. The tears and choked sobs when Sonia Sotomayor accepted President Obama’s nomination on Tuesday told another story. Packed into the room along with Sotomayor’s family, friends and colleagues were representatives of Jewish groups that have consulted with the White House about prospective replacements for David Souter.”


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