Poll: 87% of Democrats, 53% of Republicans Say Anti-Semitism A ‘Serious’ Problem


When the (((media))) loosely define antisemitism as any criticism of Jews, then of course you’re going to find a large number of people agreeing that antisemitism is real.

Is antisemitism bad? Let’s rephrase the question: Is truth bad?

Jewish Forward

Seventy percent of American voters see anti-Semitism in the country as a “very” or “somewhat serious” problem, up from 49 percent a month ago, according to a new poll.

The responses differed by party identification, with an overwhelming majority of Democrats, 87 percent, seeing anti-Semitism as a “very” or “somewhat serious” problem, and slightly more than half of Republicans, 53 percent, seeing it as such, according to the poll released Thursday.

The survey was was conducted by Quinnipiac University at the beginning of March.

Jewish institutions, including community centers and Anti-Defamation League offices, have been hit with more than 100 bomb threats so far this year, all of them hoaxes. In the past three weeks, Jewish cemeteries were vandalized in Philadelphia, St. Louis, and Rochester, New York.

Respondents were split on President Donald Trump’s response to the bomb threats and vandalism, with 37 percent approving and 38 percent disapproving. Most Republicans, 71 percent, approved of Trump’s response, while most Democrats, 66 percent, disapproved.

The poll also found that 63 percent of American voters think hatred and prejudice has increased since Trump’s election, while two percent say it has decreased and 32 percent say it has stayed the same.

Trump has come under fire for his delayed response to the incidents. Concerning the threats on Jewish establishments, Trump at first deflected questions – and in one instance shouted down a reporter who asked him about it – before calling them “horrible.”

Last month, the president noted the bomb threats and vandalism of cemeteries in his first address to a joint meeting of Congress.

The “vandalism” of Jewish cemeteries was labedled by police as being brought about by lack of maintenance and high winds. Does the good goyim know that? Nope. Does the good goyim know about the case against the so-called Holocaust? Nope.

Our Jewish friends just keep smiling at how stupid the goyim are.

Oy vey! We have to stop the hate.

6 thoughts on “Poll: 87% of Democrats, 53% of Republicans Say Anti-Semitism A ‘Serious’ Problem

  1. As the truth about the holohoax spreads further, and it will, the sympathy for all of their sufferink is going to dry up and then there will be no safe host for the Jews on planet Earth. It’s simply a matter of time.

  2. What worries me is the huge amount of Pro Semitism. This is a label you have probably never heard until today.
    Pro semitism is a huge worry and a danger for the whole world.
    A lot more anti semitism is needed – although anti semitism is of course Jew Spew hate, like White Supremacy.
    There is mostly Jew Supremacy and Pro Semitism.
    Maybe all TV sets should be destroyed due to the stupidity they create? This might help save the world. Shut down all of the (((networks))) and (((cable channels))).

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  4. “Herd Mentality” People ‘influenced’ to adopt certain behaviors.”

    Experiments showed It only takes 5% of confident and ‘instructed’ looking people to influence the direction of 95% of people in a crowd. (((They))) know ‘Herd Mentality’ is normal human behavior’ and use it against those unaware.

    • That same percentage is how Commies take over a union of say 1000 members. It only takes 50 Commies to dominate the Union and take all leadership positions, which are elected by “a show of hands”. Most members never go to meetings, the 50 Commies are always there and they always vote as a bloc. The 950 have no say and the 50 run the show.
      The same principle applies to big parties also like Democras and Republicans. Most voters never join the party or go to a party meeting. So special interests like property developers, feminists, gaylords, or antifas, easily dominate such parties.

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