Inspirational Quote of the Day: One about Combat

3 thoughts on “Inspirational Quote of the Day: One about Combat

  1. This movie (in HD on Youtube with no ads) “The Desert Fox” made in 1951 supports the idea that Hitler was trying to lose the war even in May1940. The movie was made 66 years ago and only 6 years after the war ended. This is the idea Henry Makow pushes – that Hitler always wanted to lose the war.

    Some ideas from the movie…..
    Failure to invade the UK in or son after May 1940. England was defenseless at the time in terms of army power. No weapons except rifles, everything else lost in France. Also the British Army should have been captured at Dunkirk, to support this invasion.
    Withholding all supplies from Rommel when he was winning in Egypt.
    “Stand fast” orders guaranteeing disaster to Rommel in the desert, von Paulus at Stalingrad and Rommel again in Normandy. Rommel ignored this order when he was losing at El Alamein.
    Surrender at Tunisia and loss of 200,000 German troops (movie does not mention the number).
    Holding 90 German divisions in reserve near Calais for a sea borne attack that never came.
    Hitlers wacky belief in astrology.
    Hitlers absurd hopes on his secret weapons.
    Also shown is the German lack of efficiency on monitoring potential traitors until after July 1944. Could some of the higher ups hoped that Hitler might stop a bullet and give them a chance at the top job, e.g. Himmler or Goering both of whom had secret police forces?

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