Husband: Wife Leaving Teaching Career Over Out-of-Control Pupils



The following story of a dedicated teacher’s frustration has the ring of truth to it. Race is not mentioned, which probably shows that the teacher and her husband are white liberals. Which makes the story even more likely to be worse than told here.

Posted on GLP Forum

Wife can’t take it anymore. Leaving her teaching job.
I know this may get mixed reviews. But this is a very worthy topic. My wife is an intervention specialist. She has Ann amazing heart for kids and especially disadvantaged kids. For years I teased her and would call her the mean teacher. She is not mean. She is firm in her classroom policies. When I would have opportunities to observe her I would ask her why she didn’t cut some of them slack on the rules. She always answered the same.

“For the majority of these kids the only time they see any discipline or receive lessons on consequences is in our classes.”

Basically she loved them enough to work that extra effort to make sure she wasn’t taking the easy way out. Because that is what they deserve. To learn what is expected from them in society and then to spread their wings and fly. And despite what I though they loved her for it. We would see students in the store and they scurried to hug her and love her. They could see through her tough love at times that she truly loved everyone of them despite color or gender or financial position.

She has won awards and been published. She is what the school considers a star. She is very good at her job. And loved it for many years.

To make a long story short, over the past few years kids have gotten significantly worse. I mean for these 4th and 5th graders, it is a daily occurrence to tell their teachers to fuck off. Not only that but when you write them up they laugh and tell you how their parent will be at the school demanding the teacher be fired. And that is exactly what happens. She had a student accuse her of slapping him this year. Even though her bosses knew she would never do that, it took 6 hours of cctv in class to convince the parent that her kid was a liar. Even though the kid is in trouble daily.

So anyway… today she took a cell phone in class from a 4th grade girl. The girl called her a fucking cunts about 6 times and threw a book at her. Due to this girls iep, she got 1 whopping lunch detention. The admins hands are tied. Nothing they can do. This is your public school system.

These parent take their kids to get them diagnosed so they can receive ss. Once a child is on an individual education plan they automatically get ss. So you have over half of a student body on iep. And once they are on an iep they can not be disciplined like an average student. Liberal policy for the win!

Follow up post by OP:

So just today she made the painful decision to leave her career that she worked so hard for. That she took great pride in. She is done. I am so happy. I am tired of my wife giving so much to these little fuckers for a big “fuck you” in return. Plus she gets paid nothing. She has been head hunted over the years for double the salary and turned it down for these kids. She works through the summer with kids also. It is 24/7 all year long.

But the worst part is that she isn’t the only one. The others leaving are also good teachers. This is going to be a trend people. Over the next generation coming to school you are going to see more good teachers say screw this. Our school system is so broke I don’t even know how they would fix it. I guess start right now with the youngest of students and get solid on them. Make them follow rules. Now it is almost like it is easier to ignore it and pass the problem in. But this is no longer 1 or 2 bad students. The future of country depends on this.

This man’s story would benefit from an honest discussion about race and ethnicity. At the GLP link, a number of commenters do bring up that subject.

Here, we know the problem source.

Enjoy 21 seconds of what look like 40 year old Negro high school students and a white girl arguing in class:

There’s no way that a white kid could learn anything in that classroom.

8 thoughts on “Husband: Wife Leaving Teaching Career Over Out-of-Control Pupils

  1. Half the kids on iep whatever that is. Special needs? So they will all need a carer dog for Christs sake!
    They get ss – Social Security, free lunch etc?
    On iep they can not be disciplined.
    Will the last human to leave the USA, please turn out the lights!

    • IEP = Induvidual Education Plan.

      I was a SpEd teacher for 25 years. I retired early in 1995, not because of the kids (I knew how to cultivate relationships with the hard-nosed VPs and the take-no-bullshit counselors) and knew how to keep control in my classrooms and teach the basics (yes, the three Rs) and I was damn good at it.

      But due to the horrible entrenched bureaucracy at the top of the food chain (the asst. Supers, the people in the front office and elected school board members) who simply paid no attention to what was really going on in classrooms I finally said No More.

      All they cared about were their careers and following the dictates from DC and, in my case, Sacramento, kids and teachers be dammed.

      I simply couldn’t take the shit sandwiches we all were forced to eat on a daily basis, so I said “Fuck It” and was a happier man for it.

      I missed it and went on to teach behavior mod in the Master’s program at National University for four years. Then I got out of the game for good.

      But boy, could I tell you some stories that would make your skin crawl.

  2. Paladin, you have the best blog-roll on the interwebs. I peruse a lot of the blogs on your roll-up. I read this GLP article last night and read many of the comments. I know people who are teachers who have colored minority children in their classes/schools, and I hear the same things from them regards trying to be a white teacher just trying to keep control of (forget teaching) these little non-Caucasian spawn. Apparently, all of the smart teachers try to get out of the classroom as soon as possible and get into the useless, tax-payer wasting admin jobs. So sad.

  3. I forgot to mention that the article’s author laments as to how to solve the schools’ problems. Simple: Rid our schools of all non-Caucasian students. Problem solved.

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