Why Aren’t More Women Involved in Nationalism?

The author of this video leaves out the word “white” from the title, but otherwise has a theme in the 16 minute video: It takes emotion rather than hard, cold facts to move women.

I would add that women like to be on the side of what they see as morality. Egalitarian globalists do a good job as promoting their cause as just. We rarely push back on those grounds. It is nationalism that is moral and globalism that is immoral.

8 thoughts on “Why Aren’t More Women Involved in Nationalism?

  1. Women should be taught nationalism from birth. This wisdom is more important than women being educated to be professionals, careerists, office drones, etc. Men should be taking the lead and setting the example. Centuries ago, in the age of the European barbarians, when a man was killed in battle with say another tribe or the Romans or whomever, the man’s wife would make herself available to the surviving warriors to be impregnated so that she could bear male offspring to help replace those killed in battle and replenish the tribe. That is the attitude we need foster in women today.

  2. Excellent! Without going into specifics; which I think I touched on here previously, marketers know how to get to women and I believe we could turn this entire movement around if we were organized and used them. Sounds like marketing minds were involved in the BMP situation.

  3. hmmmm. While there is much truth in what the guy claims he is missing the most important fact. Under the current system it is more advantageous for most women (even White ones) to side with the White hating progressive Femocrats and reject White nationalism. Not in the long term of course but long enough that the ill effects are voided for many. Take the aging baby boomer white women as an example. What ill effects have they suffered by siding with the anti-whites? My sister in law is a good example. She is 55 and now retired on a public pension living the high life. Of course she is alone except for her pets but that has nothing to do with her life choices in her mind but just the brutish pigness of White Men. So she feels she is much better off today with the progressive/feminist gains than she would have been without them. The truth is in her case she is right. She isn’t attractive and is very self centered and demanding, without the daddy state looting White Men for her she would have to live a life according to her actual worth which is frankly not much.

    The bottom line is that Feminism and Progressive-ism are simple Ponzi schemes and those who got into them early enough may very well never suffer any actual direct repercussions for their actions against White Men. Like with most aspects of these movements they are generational theft and once the effects are being felt by the younger White Women, which they are more and more each day, then we will once again have White unity. Until then we have to deal with the bitter old White hags continuing their government sponsored and enforced looting.

    • Hear hear Jay Clay. Re enforced looting by white women feminists. Older single mothers in Australia make up a large proportion of Govt assisted housing,. None of these women are compelled to move when they kids grow up and move put. So a woman of 55 or 60 lives in a rented 3 or 4 bedroom house alone at about half the market rate, or less. If she agrees to move they will quickly find her a smaller place, but they will not force her to move. These are women who have never worked in their entire lives. The State has supported them always during the child rearing days and then forever after. Even though many only had one child. In most cases the childs father has been gouged for the first 18 years of the childs life, even if the dad never gets to see them.

  4. White women think that because their days are filled with routines that their people are not under attack. It’s not a problem which is reserved for females. Many White people do not realize that Nationalism centered on our people is an enemy of jewry, which seeks to dissolve and adulterate all peoples, turning them into useless and mindless mixed blobs and subjects of the state (with jewry pulling strings in the background), by first erasing their national racial identities.

    The jews’ have been clever, especially with their media, to make sure that women’s lives are identified around them maintaining certain routines, almost all of which are media sponsored and pushed in some way or other and carrying themes which are promoted by jewry. They have learned to look to the state as a sustainer instead of recognizing their race and it’s people as the most valuable possession which they have had in their lives. They merely take it for granted and prostitute their racial characteristics for attainment of advancement or a presumed social status which is not real. Their plastic routines as it is with all our younger people winds up dictated by a constant struggle for necessities which are classed now as being anything they want. They have become little “white Sambo’s” who are being chased on hamster wheels by the jewish tiger, but instead of turning into butter, as Little Black Sambo did before being censored out of existence, they will turn into mud.

  5. Whites continue to look at symptoms rather than the overall picture…like looking at the trees without acknowledging trees make up a forest. Getting rid of one tree doesn’t cure a diseased forest.

    It’s the culture intentionally designed by Jews. How about we intentionally change the culture back to what we want? How to do that….hint, hint, Collett provides a clue in his video. Change that and all the symptoms will begin to disappear. Feminism is a symptom and won’t be resolved until the culture changes.

  6. Women aren’t pro White because they are biologically programed to favor the out group
    Because they are turned on by power and Whites don’t have power
    Because they are turned on by dominate men, and few White Nationalist are masculine in their approach to women
    Because women are not long term thinkers
    Because they are easy to fool and fall hard for the jew inspired propaganda

    Really the list is endless, women are not the equals of men, successful and thriving people’s don’t “liberate” women so if you want a woman to behave and follow the men of her race, she has to be benevolently oppressed by those men.

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