Jews are Joining the Antifa in order to Violently Attack the Alt-Right

Some Jews have decided that rather than debate alt-right thinkers like Richard Spencer and thousands of others, the answer is to beat them up.

That’s not a smear job. The source is the Jews themselves.

Excerpt from Jewish Forward

How do you punch a Nazi in Yiddish?

Maybe deliver a khsime, or “signature,” as in putting a “signature on someone’s face.” Or give them a shmir, an open-handed smack to the face, like lathering schmear on a bagel. Or maybe it takes der gubernator, “the governor,” jabbing your thumb into a person’s ribcage.

Obscure? To be sure. But you might find yourself becoming more familiar with such terms, if a growing number of Jewish “antifa” activists have their way.

In response to an energized American white nationalism, some Jews are gravitating toward “anti-fascist” activism. They’re embracing the idea that the best way to combat your enemies — in this case, white supremacists — is through direct confrontation, even violence. Organizers say their members number in the thousands. Though on-the-ground organizing on that scale has yet to materialize, one recent protest attended by many Jewish anti-fascists drew hundreds, and organizers say they are planning more actions.

At the same time, they are celebrating their Jewish identity. Those Yiddish fighting words are a good example.

‘Jewish Antifa’

Activists who call themselves “antifa,” short for anti-fascists, are inspired by early 20th-century responses to European fascism. They say they are influenced by militant left-wing and anarchist politics.

A graphic shared by the Jewish Antifa Facebook page presents the German camp of Auschwitz as a justification for why “it’s OK to punch a Nazi in the face.”

A handful of loosely organized groups have cropped up to confront white nationalism online. There is the “Jewish Antifa” Facebook page, which promotes the Jewish history of confrontational protest (this is where the string of Yiddish punch descriptors appeared). Then there is the allied group “MuJew Antifa,” a collaboration between Muslim and Jewish activists. And there are dozens of other individuals who are active from their own social media accounts.

The Jewish Antifa page has fewer than 60 members, but the MuJu Antifa network boasts more than 2,000, one organizer said. Jews who identify as anti-facists could also be involved in groups like Black Lives Matter or other left-wing Jewish groups without belonging to one of these two antifa groups.

One “MuJu” event last month brought a couple hundred people into the street to protest President Trump’s immigration ban. Activists marched down the street in Manhattan, carrying signs against Trump and chanting in Yiddish.

“We’re seeing an increase in far-right activity — the activity of people identifying as white supremacists and even Nazis,” said activist Michael Gould-Wartofsky, who is also the author of the 2015 book “The Occupiers: The Making of the 99 Percent Movement.”

Gould-Wartofsky said there are a range of opinions on tactics among Jews who might call themselves antifa: “With a massive rise in the climate of violence, some people [say] that it takes confrontation to combat far-right activity.”

There is a growing interest in learning physical self-defense among Jewish activists, Gould-Wartofsky said, adding, “People want to have the skills necessary to defend their community and other communities that are also under attack.”

‘Some Groups Are Naive’

This activism marks a sharp break with mainline Jewish organizations such as the Anti-Defamation League. While the ADL has for decades monitored and advocated against anti-Semitism, it does not encourage confronting groups such as white supremacists head-on, nor does it do so itself.

Some antifa activists think that’s exactly what it takes.

21 thoughts on “Jews are Joining the Antifa in order to Violently Attack the Alt-Right

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    • Thank goodness the coming ultimate victory of the proletariat and communism is a scientific fact, independent of any man’s will 👌

  2. Hell, they’ve <<>> allied themselves with Satan himself. They are considered omnipotent in their own eyes; share Satan’s arrogance

    Sadly 99% of most alleged self identified Christians cower before them, “bu-bu-but the good book says that anyone who does not kiss the tushy of the far left <<>> has abandoned God and will be abandoned by God. We must love them to death”, that was ordered by Jesus himself

    • The above post was not made by me. This is another Robert; which surprises me that WordPress would allow duplication of poster labels/monikers/identities/names etc. Please check it out Paladin because to me the above post makes little sense.
      For one thing, who says we are “fascists”? antifa exists to fight fascists, wherever they may be found. I guess there are not enough real fascists so they must fight anybody who tells the truth.
      To Jews, the truth is anti-semitic.
      There are probably 100 antifa for every modern day white Fascist.

      • This other guy may be a troll out to damage my credibility, it happened once before with yet another Robert. I can’t remember what my avatar looks like so why would anybody else? I really need to learn how to put a picture avatar up there. How do I learn how to do it?

      • This other guy may be a troll out to damage my credibility, it happened once before with yet another Robert. I can’t remember what my avatar looks like so why would anybody else? I really need to learn how to put a picture avatar up there. How to do it?

      • So far I think he actually agrees with you Robert. Anyway, he’s right. They have their precious (f’n) Israel, why do they need to keep picking fights everywhere else?

    • We don’t “have” Israel. Israel is a bourgeois settler-colony which will soon fall to a free socialist Palestine, from river to sea.

  3. Anything to stir up trouble and dissent. And then the jew wonders why he has been persecuted in and expelled from 109 countries in the last 2000 years. Wretches.

  4. Antifa is just another word for communist and is, at it’s essence, Jewish (Bolshevist/Marxist). The Forward article tries to make it look like Jews are “joining” what Jews started. Typical Jewish lead from behind tactic. Note that when actual Nazis led the violent assaults during the western engineered coup in Kiev, dual citizen Jews were right in there with the Ukrainian nationalists (not all nationalists are alike!). That, of course, is due to the New World Order war against Russia which is also due to the Jews.

    The article also mentioned the Muslim-Jewish alliance as though that’s anything new. Israel is aligned with radical (Gulf States) Sunni Islam in an “my enemy’s enemy is my friend” partnership against mutual enemies (Syria, Iran, Lebanon, Iraq, the former Libya under Gadaffi) and anyone else posing resistance to Zionist expansion. In the western world, the Muslim-Jewish alliance is against Christianity. Look what Jewish writer, Israel Shamir (Russian Jew, lived in Israel, fought with IDF), has to say about it:

    >>>The Muslims are being used as silent partners in the Jewish war on the
    Church. Instead of saying: “We, Jews, do not want to hear church bells,
    see Christmas scenes and hear Christian blessings”, these modest and
    retiring people usually refer to Muslims. Muslims do not want to hear
    church bells and see Christmas trees, they say. We Jews are just more
    considerate towards our Muslim brethren, so we notice that, while you
    brutes do not. Muslim sensitivities are already quoted in Germany to
    exclude pork-based local delicacies and to ban Christmas celebrations.
    It doesn’t matter that normally Muslims do not object to Christmas
    celebrations, as we know from our experience in Palestine. The Jews and
    other enemies of the Church say it all the same.

    With the new ISIS-infected Muslims, the war on the Church will proceed
    even better. For sure, the US judges like the Seattle one will ban
    Christmas celebrations in a few years’ time citing the same refugees
    they insist on delivering to America’s shores.

    The war on Christ and the Church is the most important element of
    Judaism. Wherever Jews succeed, the Church suffers, and vice versa.
    Israel, the Jewish state, has been located at the cradle of Christianity
    not by whim of Zionists: actually, the leading Zionist Theodore Herzl
    called for establishing the Jewish state elsewhere, from Uganda (modern
    Kenya) to Argentina. But the struggle against Christ necessitated their
    choice of Palestine with its deep Christian roots.

    The most popular Jewish early medieval text glorified Judas for his
    victory over Jesus Christ. Fight against the Church and Christ in-formed
    Jewish weapons: media and money. The Church was an enemy of
    moneylenders; interest has been forbidden by the church, but it was used
    by Jews to accumulate their vast capital to be used against the Church.

    As for media, the present concentration of almost all mass media in
    Jewish hands began in France of 19th century, where Jews formed a
    conspiracy to own and control media and they used it with great success
    against the Church during the Third Republic, notably in connection with
    Dreyfus Affair. (I previously wrote about it in a review).

    The Jews usually acted in union with Protestants, as they were also
    enemies of the Church. Protestants, certainly, believed they were using
    the Jews for their own benefit, but in the end, separate and mutually
    hostile Protestant Churches submitted to the single will of Jews. This
    is why Jewish positions are so strong in the US in the absence of a
    single national church. Judging by the migration affair, it appears the
    Jews believe they can make a next step in their fight with Christ: by
    using the Islamic fanatics as a cover, they plan to push the church
    underground, out of public space altogether.<<<

    It's important for people to fully understand that the main target of Jews is Christianity. They've carried a grudge against Christians since Christ walked the earth and then they were blamed (rightfully) for his murder. Their agenda against Russia is revenge for the pogroms under the the tsars and their containment in the "Pale" (large areas reserved for Jews from which they could not travel without permission, at certain points in Russian history) and that Russia is Orthodox Christian – so much so that the church managed to survive over 70 years of atheistic communism and the Bolshevik murders of clergy and destroying churches (which Putin is rebuilding – another reason they hate his guts).

    • ” revenge for the pogroms”
      The Jews already had that, but for Jews too much revenge is never enough. The Russian Secret Police killed about 10,000 people in one hundred years, from 1817 to 1917, or about 100 per year, or one every three days. When (((Lenin and his gang))) took over, they murdered 10,000 people each and every day for several years. Stalin then exceeded this number during several years during the 1930s. Compare the 10,000 killed by the Tsars in 100 years with the 60,000,000 Christians killed by the Jews in just 2 decades, from 1917 to 1937.

      • Yes, there’s never an end to the revenge of the tribe. As I understand it, from reading “The Red Symphony”, when the Marxists/Trotskyite internationalists lost control to Stalin, whom they considered a “nationalist” (they called him a “Bonapartist”) they wanted the USSR defeated (“revolutionary defeatism”) with the idea that that “true communism” (internationalism/Trotskyism) would regain control. Obviously that didn’t pan out and now, to the western Trotskyist’s horror and contrary to their plans, the destruction of the USSR brought Vladimir Putin and the resurgence of the Orthodox church. For international Jewry and the New World Order this amounts to having a Russian tsar back in power. Worse yet, he’s immensely popular and Russians love their sovereignty. Now, their filthy coup in Ukraine has cost them Crimea and the DPR/LPR and they’re fuming mad about it. All they want is the total destruction of Russia and to completely control and loot it. They’d like nothing better than to do to Russians what they’ve done to the pussified, cucked and brainwashed populations of places like Germany and Sweden. It will never happen but the internationalists will never let up, either. Trump could lay waste to their machinations and set them back but I don’t think he really understands all of this. He senses something rotten but isn’t aware of the who and motivations behind the stench. That’s my take on it.

        A very sad aspect to all of this is that some European nationalists are so easily manipulated by the globalists, allowing their justified bitterness about communist oppression and WWII to blind them to what Russia is today and why the people of east Ukraine & Crimea said hell no to a NWO coup. Nowhere was that more evident than on Maidan where there were Ukrainian nationalists waiving around EU flags and taking cookies from arch Zionist/Trotskyist neocon, Victoria Nuland!

  5. Of course Antifa is jewry. It’s the same with them as the Cheka was in earlier communist activities in the USSR Soviet. It’s only the names which have changed.

    Here is more about them from Europe.

    “In an organization chart, the connections between Club, Antifa GmbH and Antifa union on the one hand, and the Federal Government, political parties and associations demonstrated on the other side. Accordingly, the Antifa benefit of direct financial support by the government, but also the party cartel from SPD, CDU and the Greens.

    Other parties have demonstrated that much of this funding comes from George Soros-sponsored organizations as well.

    Undercover journalist James O’Keefe’s organization has published numerous undercover videos this year showing that Soros-backed organizations in America have been responsible for all sorts of riots, protests, and illegal behavior during the 2016 election cycle. Based on that it would be silly not to think the Antifa in America- like those protesting the last two days in Washington- are, to significant degree paid for directly by Soros and his ilk.

    Similarly, we have this ‘Women’s March’, which has been shown to have similar roots.”

    “As the election in Germany moves forward, as does Trump’s administration in America, we will see a fascinating display of globalist tactics from both sides of the coin- what they do when in power, to ward off legitimate democratic defeat, and what they do when out of power (at least in one branch of government), to delegitimize democratically elected leaders.”

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