University of Texas Students Go All In to Support Jews


Jews are afraid. Again. As always. This time at the big UT campus.

The University of Texas at Austin is the biggest campus in Texas. The last time I checked, the enrollment was over 50,000. The school has the reputation of being a hipster hangout, reflecting the “Keep Austin Weird” slogan adopted by the Texas capital city.

Jewish Forward

The student government at the University of Texas in Austin unanimously passed a resolution in support of Jewish students on campus.

The resolution passed on Tuesday came after a window was broken at the campus Hillel and following anti-Semitic posts on the UT 2020 Facebook page, the Daily Texan student newspaper reported.

“Several Jewish students that I know don’t even feel comfortable wearing their (Star of David) necklace out or small things like that just to express their religion,” Jonathan Dror, an author of the resolution, told the student newspaper.

Hillel said in a statement issued last week after the vandalism that it was “working to take specific actions to ensure the safety of the Jewish community on campus,” and would provide more details on those actions when they become available.

More than 3,000 Jewish students attend the university in Austin.

The Daily Texan, the school’s student newspaper, offers more details.

“Several Jewish students that I know don’t even feel comfortable wearing their (Star of David) necklace out or small things like that just to express their religion,” said Jonathan Dror, the SG external financial director and an author of AR 26.

Dror said he hopes that despite the constant presence of anti-Semitism, this resolution will serve as reminder to Jewish students that the University is here to help and protect them.

“Unfortunately, anti-Semitism is always around and we can never get rid of it, but right now it’s rearing its head up,” Dror said. “So, we just thought it was very important to show a message of solidarity with Jewish students, and that we’re supporting them right now.”

Yep, muh Jew is correct. As long as Jews keep acting like Jews, antisemitism will be with us.

One more thing. The stupidity of the students involved is revealed by the fact that no one challenged whether the antisemitism was a hoax perpetrated by Jews.

18 thoughts on “University of Texas Students Go All In to Support Jews

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  2. Yes, this is another jew hoax. I am positive that some evil YT, toothless hillbilly snuck on campus to the jew dormitory and broke their precious window. Also, I just know that the evil Nazi SS is just around the corner waiting to round up and take away all of the jewish students. Somewhere behind all of this I detect the presence of the evil Trumpenfeuhrer. BTW, in case you dear readers did not know, the University of Texas-Austin president is a jew. Just sayin’.

  3. The Yid kid profiled in the story (what kind of a name is Dror? Do they use a Scrabble board to make up these names?) says that he feels unsafe wearing his star of david necklace. I thought that on college campuses that students could not openly wear religious symbols e.g. crucifixes, because that is a violation of church and state. Oh, I forgot, it is only a violation if an evil Christian does it, not a jew, muslim, or hindu, et al. Silly me.

  4. When our younger people are really young, idealistic and impressionable is when the jews most love to indoctrinate them. Young people have not yet had the chance to observe the world as it really works and have heard all of the institutionalized stories about how great the jews are and how they have “suffered” throughout history. They haven’t had the chance to learn that the jews were kicked out of all their countries (if they have ever been taught about their heritage) many times before for practicing their perversions and deceits against the people of their own ancestry, and then having the jews turning that story into one of “mindless oppression” which has been practiced against them.

  5. The bad guy Jews, the Judeo-Masonic elite class, that is, don’t give a hoot re their lesser brethren. Their eventual end game is to spook the lessers so much until they all flee in droves to Israel. (They are too comfy in the West so they have to be spooked to make them leave.) They want them all over there & at the ready for when their fake-messiah (anti-christ) comes on the scene as he will end up slaughtering 2/3’s of them.

    • Maybe Hitler was the Jewish Messiah. They just did not recognize him even though he allegedly fulfilled prophecies about the 6 million. They missed a good chance with that Christ guy also. He fulfilled many prophecies to qualify, or rather his mother arranged for these things such as his birth in Bethlehem.
      The Jews will never recognize their Messiah, no matter what he does.

      • Naa, Hitler wasn’t him. The Judeo-Masons have to build their third temple first (a remake of Solomon’s Temple, to be layered in gold from top to bottom on the outside …I’m betting that’s where the world’s gold has gone, including Fort Knox which is why it never gets audited).

        The Temple Institute in Israel has been in preparation for that time for quite awhile; they have remade all the temple vessels, priests clothing, etc., to exact Torah specifications. They have a website about their progress.

        That fraud temple has to come first because the anti-christ must “sit in the temple & declare himself God” (prophecy that Hitler never did nor could do since there was no end times temple yet, nor any Israel yet during Hitler’s day. His job was to spook the Jews to flee Europe so they would go to the newly forming Israel.

      • As for the young Jewish maiden Mary, I doubt she had enough clout with Caesar to get him to demand everyone travel to their hometown to pay a tax. Just what a 9-months-pregnant girl would want to do > ride an uncomfortable donkey fir atrip to another town.

      • Ugh, typos above!

        As for Jews never recognizing their Messiah, true, most will not. But the 1/3rd that survive the anti-christ’s deceptive rule, will repent & declare, “Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord.”

  6. In other Jewish news, Henry tweeted tonight asking if Arthur Topham is calling it quits because he posted a “Final Post” headline with nothing but this photo:

    Hope he’s not hinting suicide. :-/

    The Canadian Jews have been fighting Arthur re his “Jew News” website for a long time & sued him. Maybe he’s been legally forced to cave in(?)

    Henry also tweeted that “AmaZion” has banned one of Texe Marrs’ books! Things are heating up (amazing Texe hasn’t been banned before now).

  7. Another goodie from Henry’s twitter feed; the mp3 is from Jim Stone’s site, 18-minutes of news casts, 3.2mb, download & save!

    “The audio of the suppressed Carl Cameron Fox News report indicating Israel involvement in 9-11:”
    [audio src="" /]

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