Super Cool World Map Shows Fertility Rates as Africans Breed Like Rabbits

I found the above map after doing some research related to the African population explosion seen in the Tweet below. To put the table in perspective, the fertility rates for Western women are below 2.0. The CIA World Factbook shows fertility rates by country. As I recall, fertility rates in the West indicate a shrinking population. With Africa’s population exploding, the existence of the white race is imperiled. Not the mainstream media is going to write about that.

See why we say, “Have white babies.”

11 thoughts on “Super Cool World Map Shows Fertility Rates as Africans Breed Like Rabbits

  1. That list is a good “worlds worst shithole” list in order. Where women have 6 babies each on average, the death rate should be huge, as it is with rats, mice and rabbits.
    Without a high death rate the result is a plague. Plagues cause damage to the environment and then a population crash or even total wipeout due to the food environment being wrecked. Locusts cause this type of result and so do black African human beings. Both create deserts in their wake.
    This plague is caused first and foremost buy white man magic,
    Free medicine, free doctors and free food for any country that has a famine or a war.
    This must stop.
    If it does not stop, the world will be drowned in the worst plague to ever hit the earth. Low IQ black Africans, still having large families.
    Plenty of women like Muslims still have large families living in the West and welfare rewards this catastrophic behaviour. This is not reported because the birth rate figures are done nationally, not by religion or racial identity.
    One way or another, this black plague must be stopped. The best way is to end all Immigration from Africa and the Middle East. No more single men either.

    Africa must be left to stew in its own juice, sink or swim on their own (li)abilities. It is ironic to the extreme that this humanitarian disaster is entirely caused by white altruism and white medicines and vaccines.

    White altruism must end and must be replaced by a callous brutality. Start yourself in a small way. Never give a non white panhandler or busker anything. i prefer to give all beggars nothing but it is up to you. Never donate to any charity or church which “helps” in Africa. Write to your local MP demanding an end to the black African white man caused plague. End all net immigration, not just black. One new immigrant only for one who leaves or one who dies.

  2. To quote Winston Churchill…
    “Never was so much owed by so many to so few”

    The many are the black and brown parasites invading the West. The few are the white tax payer suckers. Like the Few in 1940, a great many of the Few will be killed violently. Others will lose legs and be crippled for life. Others will have their loved ones killed by enemy bombs.

  3. So true. Evil cuck YT is making it possible for these evolutionary throwbacks to propagate. I think that big game hunting of the most dangerous game would thin the herd.

    • You could charge too, $25,000 or so or maybe $50,000 for bow and arrow hunting. Brilliant idea and I think several movies have had this theme. Even one episode of Get Smart.

  4. Anyone notice, by 2090 women all over the world will be having less than 1.5 children except for a few countries in Africa. At that rate, humans will go extinct.

    • No, humans won’t go extinct…

      The population will decrease, sure, until it stabilizes so that there are enough resources for humans to lead comfortable lives.

      IMO, population decreases when there aren’t enough resources, or perceived resources, to maintain a family. When there are enough resources or even more, then people will again make children.

      Problem now is though that the perceived resources are much lower than what people think is needed for a family. For example, people say children are expensive, but buy an iphone every year and other stuff they don’t need or because they want to buy all the latest tech for their child or hire someone to take care of it etc. it all costs money and a lot of it. But you don’t really need that much money to take care for a child, you don’t need all the latest tech and other things.

      Then there’s also the problem that if you don’t buy all those things for your child, he’ll probably be bullied at school because he’s not as well off as the others. And then there’s also the stress factor that can come in if you don’t hire anyone else.

      Because in these days where people are always so stressed and hyper and want to get stuff done fast, taking care of a child for 18 years and having the patience for it is not something most want.

      If it was like before in USA, say 20-30 years ago or even in other countries, where only the man could work and still maintain his wife and a house with 3 kids, then stuff would be much more different. Now if you’re at the beginning of your career, you barely have enough to get by yourself, caring for a whole family is impossible.

      So yeah imo, it’s pretty obvious why people don’t really have enough children, especially in the west and it’s because of perceived resources and consumerism driving it down.

      • Adding to this, this is kinda what feminism does as well. It increases the perceived resources as being higher than needed to take care of a child. Every article they put out scares future mothers because they make it seem like a child is a huge burden on them not only money wise, but also emotionally. And for the men, it makes them think taking care of a woman is much, much harder than it is and that they should be 10 times better than she is to deserve her. Now imagine taking care of a woman like that AND having a child. The perceived resources for a family are crazy high.

        This is what i kinda mean when i talk about the perceived resources, emotional and finances. Not only that monetarily there is a lower buying power than it was before, real and perceived (because you need a lot more things to buy to have a good life), but also that emotionally the resources that are required for having a family are much higher, even if they are only perceived.

  5. During Obama’s first term Joe Biden made a brief passing comment once that by 2030, the US could easily accept 300-500 million black Africans. I took his words, not as a passing comment but as dropping a few crumbs for the white sheeple to digest and accept.

    Carpet bombing Africa with neutron weapons might help the current crisis

    • Good idea art. Maybe just need to seal off Africa using many of the worlds military. Navies and air forces will sink all vessels leaving Libya packed with human cargo, with no rescue. No food in to Africa which is not paid for and the same for medicines.
      No work, no food.
      Contraceptives, exception, unlimited free supply which is marked however so can not be reexported by crooks. Abortions all free and paid for by the West.
      Nobody is allowed to leave Africa without documents like passport and visa. Those that do leave to go to the UN or a business trip, must always return to Africa. Anyone smuggling drugs out of Africa to be executed. Some planes from South Africa to London have 1/3 of the black passengers smuggling ganja!
      Africa should be quarantined now before it is too late.
      The whole continent should be seen as plague infested – which it is – a human plague. Sterilizers added to water supplies might work.

  6. There are not enough comments on this article. Chatting about blacks attacking whites, or mud sharks popping out mulattoes is rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.
    There is a planet the size of the moon going to strike the earth with devastating consequences and in less than 100 years from now. This planet is the black African population bomb.
    Most white people do not care enough to realise this is more important than all the issues about the jews or Donald Trump or LGBT wedding cakes and signs on toilet doors.
    The whites are saving the Africans to breed and paying for their food and medicines – not the Jews.

    Farmers and Govts in white countries do not wait for locusts to swarm. They cunningly poison intense concentrations of grasshoppers before they grow wings and turn in to locusts. Hit ’em early and hit them very hard and brutally. This requires great vigilance, brains and scientific effort. Trying to stop or poison billions of flying locusts is a futile endeavor.

    Same for the fast breeding, swarming and invading Africans. They must be stopped and they must be stopped right now, this year, this decade. Not 100 years from now.

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