Le Pen blasts ‘STUPEFYING VIOLENCE’ after pupils SET SCHOOL ON FIRE and run riot in Paris

This news about Muslim and black violence in Paris comes in the wake of news that Marine Le Pen has fallen behind in the race for the French presidency.

Apparently, Parisians find migrant violence preferable to having a “racist” president.

Excerpt from express.co.uk

MARINE Le Pen has attacked the French government for losing control of the country after dozens of teenagers rampaged through north Paris suburbs in an unprecedented wave of riots.

Armed with iron bars, more than 50 youths ran riot through the Saint-Denis suburb, throwing stones at police cars as well as starting fires and setting off smoke bombs in three sixth form colleges.

The rampage forced teachers to lock themselves in their classrooms to escape the attacks. Local authorities have estimated the cost of the damage could be in the set taxpayers back more than £60,000 (€70,000).

Furniture was set ablaze and explosive devices were set off as around 80 protesters ran riot through the suburb.

On Wednesday, 55 people were arrested by police although just eight are set to face charges, the Telegraph reports.

Marine Le Pen condemned the riots and said: “It is not tolerable that thugs threaten the future of our country and put teachers and pupils in danger.”

She branded the violence “stupefying” and accused the socialist government of a “minimal reaction” while calling for a zero tolerance policy on crime.

In a statement, the Front National leader said: “As usual, the government was satisfied with a minimal response, through the voice of the Minister of National Education.

“The Prime Minister is probably too busy campaigning against my candidacy to worry about what is happening in the country!”

She added: “It is only by strong measures and applied without weakness that the Republic will again be respected everywhere.”

In response, French prime minister Bernard Cazeneuve told Le Pen to stop trying to “provoke and stoke disorder” to win support ahead of next month’s first round of voting in the country’s general election.

He added: “This is not a service to our country.”

Le Pen’s presidential rival Francois Fillon tweeted: “This situation is not tolerable. I will not tolerate it! Policemen, security forces and teachers must be better supported.”

Diversity always leads to conflict. Increasingly, we see that it must lead to violent conflict unless the darkies are reined in. France appears hopeless, but let us not forget the old maxim, “It’s darkest before the dawn.”

Obviously, even a relatively weak nationalism such as promoted by Marine Le Pen cannot be tolerated by the (((globalists))) who wish to keep the EU intact and the flood of nonwhites into Europe flowing at full speed.

5 thoughts on “Le Pen blasts ‘STUPEFYING VIOLENCE’ after pupils SET SCHOOL ON FIRE and run riot in Paris

  1. “In response, French prime minister Bernard Cazeneuve told Le Pen to stop trying to “provoke and stoke disorder””
    You really could not make this up.
    Satire is dead. Reality has gone beyond it.

    • The Prime Minister is blaming Le Pen for niggers rioting. The nig nogs are all too young to vote so what would they know or care about politics? i doubt that any off their parents told them to do this. They are just acting as chimps do everywhere without strong fences and controls. Chimping out.

      Black children in South Africa did the same thing after Independence – when blacks were at last in charge and free of the strict but benevolent governance of the Voortrekkers. The black kiddies burned down and destroyed their own schools. many were never rebuilt because Coons don’t give a shit about education.

  2. Sad, but there are French citizens who are awake and aware and can see what is happening to France. They think that because someone like Marine Le Pen makes the right noises about French nationalism that she will be the one to lead France out of the wilderness and back onto the right path. This is a fallacy. The majority of Frenchman have been cucked by the Jew Matrix and do not support anything as icky as nationalism or even just their own survival. They are ready and willing to be muslim-cucked slaves. Regards Le Pen, first off, she is a woman. Apparently in all of France, there is not one man to stand up and lead France. Secondly, her brand of nationalism is very weak. Unless the French people back her rock-solid, she will cuck out and shrivel up. France, like the USA, and like most European countries now, is jew-infested. Just like in the U.S., jews in France control the government (President Hollande is a jew as was Nicolas Sarkozy before him). (((They))) control the ministries, banking/finance/academia/entertainment/law/judiciary and the French media. Because of their wealth, influence, and control, the average Frenchman is like the average Englishman or American. If anyone dares to challenge the jew libtard/leftist orthodoxy of open borders, unchecked immigration, and diversity/multi-culturalism, that person is hammered and denounced as the usual intolerant racist/bigot/xenophobe/homophobe. The scariest part of all of this (and this applies to the U.S. too) is that either the goy citizens can not or will not admit to themselves that the only solution to the madness is to forcibly deport or exterminate the aliens in their midst. I keep repeating on this blog and many other similar blogs, that to us civilized, Christian Caucasians, the thought of having to spill blood seems too icky and repulsive to consider. But, the only other possible outcome will be us Caucasians being genocided or living as frightened slaves afraid to come out of our own homes or walk our own streets. This blood-letting would also apply to our politicos and their supporters and enablers. It is our own government at this time, unless things change radically under The Trumpenfeuhrer, that is our enemy and seeks to see us evil YT’s destroyed. Again, unless our Glorious Leader can lead us back onto the right path, there will be blood.

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