Barack Hussein Obama’s Kenyan Birth Certificate Finally Surfaces

Malik Obama, the alleged half brother of former American president Barack Obama, has Tweeted an unauthenticated copy of President Obama’s birth certificate.

The place of birth is shown as Kenya.

There is a baby footprint visible on the birth certificate, which if shown to match the president’s footprint, would prove that Barack lied about being born in the U.S. state of Hawaii.

The birth certificate that Barack Obama provided to the American people shows Barack’s birthplace as Hawaii. If the Kenyan certificate can be authenticated, then the Hawaii certificate must be a forgery.

Most Americans are aware that current U.S. president Donald J. Trump was demeaned as a “birther” prior to and during his run for the presidency. Sheriff Joe Arapiao of Arizona also investigated Obama’s birth and determined that the Hawaii certificate is a forgery.

15 thoughts on “Barack Hussein Obama’s Kenyan Birth Certificate Finally Surfaces

  1. Obama > Fraud. So why didn’t Malik release it 8-9 years ago?

    FOTM also posted about Malik’s tweet. And for historical purposes, below their post is a list of their older articles on the subject:

    See also:

    –British National Archives show a son was born to Obama Sr. in 1961 in Kenya

    –In 2007, Obama’s literary agent still says he was born in Kenya

    –Editor of Foreign Policy says Obama was born in Kenya

    –NPR says Obama born in Kenya

    –Yahoo! calls Kenya “country of Obama’s birth”

    –NBC White House correspondent says Obama’s from Kenya

    –Flashback: In 2006, Obama called Kenya his home

    –Kenyan official says Obama born in Kenya

    –Kenyans say Obama was born in Kenya

    –Former Marine: Obama said he was born in Kenya

    –Anti-Birther Hawaii governor can’t find Obama’s birth certificate

    –Obama releases birth certificate, after 2+ years

    –Obama’s birth certificate is definitely a fake and a threat to national security

    –GOP Congressman: ‘We all know’ Obama’s birth certificate is fake

    –Retired CIA agents say Obama’s birth certificate is fake

    –World Tribune calls Obama’s birth certificate ‘100% forgery‘

    –Obama’s lawyer admits his birth certificate is a forgery

    –Bill and Hillary: The Original Birthers

    So there ya go, no doubt about it. 🙂

  2. Problems I see so far are (1.) how the dates are written in American English, not British. The British use day, month, year. We use month, day, year. I was able to find out that British used to write the date as Americans, but sometime, maybe because of ISO 8601 date and time format in 1988 it was changed to day, month, year.

    (2.) If Kenya was using British Imperial measurements, it would be in inches, feet, pounds, etc. If metric system, then everyone knows what that is. From my research, Brits use everything, the metric system, stones, pounds, and ounces for weight, inches, feet, and yards for length and width.

    The metric system was not adopted in UK until 1965, after Obama was born. Kenya gained its independence in 1963, so it looks like Kenya could have been using the Imperial system which is like ours.

    After checking, the British do tell others the date in this manner “the 4th day of August, 1961.” See that on Kenyan certificate. Although, I have seen that on American official documents, as well.

    So, it looks like the dates, ounces, and inches would have been used in Kenya at the time of Obama’s birth. Good news to find this out.

  3. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that Malik will explain how he obtained this certificate and hope someone with clout, Jeff Sessions, will investigate it. How difficult would it be to verify it from this hospital or Kenya if requested by the U.S.?

  4. I believe that Owmyballs was born in the U.S. I think that what the real controversy is is that his birth certificate shows that either the father is unknown or someone other than the African savage who has been touted as his father. All of this is just more National Enquirer weirdness associated with this cretinous wretch. We actually know more about George Washington’s life (and he was born almost 300 years ago) than we know about our mulatto Manchurian Candidate. His family, from his Communist, nigger-loving grandparents to his mud-shark teen Commie whore mother, is a freak-show more strange than the cult horror movie series “Basket-case”. I cringe and get mad with a white-hot fury when I think that for eight years, this wretch was our president and that millions of cucked YT’s were responsible for his half-breed ass getting elected.

    • I saw Basket Case first release at the movies and liked it. Nowadays I would not like it. Horror mixed with strange comedy and family love.
      Basket Case describes Obamas background quite well. Americans never again should vote for such an undocumented freak. Just having that Commie mother was bad enough.

  5. The Hawaiian lady clerk who ended up (lyingly) verifying to media that Hawaii did indeed have a BC for Obama ended up dead in a small-plane crash thereafter. I forget her name now.

    As for the rumors re Obama’s possible real White father, he was supposedly one of those Commie/hippies from the ’60’s, Marshall Davis(?) I can’t remember that name for certain either.

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